So, teach me how to play this game.

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User Info: Milennin

4 years ago#11
-Sumia seems to get crazy good level ups for me, as long as you keep her away from archers, she should annihilate almost anything. Dunno about Virion, I've never liked archer classes in Fire Emblem, so haven't used him at all.
One more thing to keep your units alive is to pair them up (preferably with an unit they can support with). For example, pairing Sumia who has low defences with an unit that'll give her extra defence really helps a lot. Or pair Sumia who has good speed with a slower character to boost their speed and chances to double strike.

-Best units are the ones you end up training. It doesn't really matter, pretty much any unit can get usable if you put enough effort into training it. My favourite units so far are Sumia, Cordelia, Gaius, Vaike, Stahl and Nowi.

-To be honest, I haven't played enough with Seals enough to really say what's best, but if you play on Normal and don't care about min/maxing just go with whatever you like. You can use the Master Seal on any non-promoted unit at level 10 or above to promote them to an upper tier class. The Second Seal is used on any unit of level 10 or above to change their base class. For example, if you like a certain character, but want them to be a different class, you can do so by using a Second Seal on them.

-Level ups are random as far as I know. It's just a Fire Emblem thing. Some units just get crazy good level ups, while others will suck. But in another playthrough you might get completely different results.

-In the support menu, look at who your characters can support with. Then pair them up in battle to easily unlock more support conversations for those characters (usually takes 1 or 2 missions if you keep them paired up during the whole mission).

-Mt means Might I think, yeah. It means how hard the weapon hits. The only way to re-gain uses on your weapons is by using a Hammerne spell on it, but as far as I know, those are rare finds, so don't count on them. You'll have to replace low use weapons with new ones, that's just how it works.
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