Why does everyone hate Ricken?

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  3. Why does everyone hate Ricken?

User Info: azn_boy150

4 years ago#21
I don't know about everybody else, but I hate kids. Also, his class options suck.
"This is the one time I've ever lost an argument."-Westbrick, to me.

User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

4 years ago#22
hes a scrawny little wimp, thats why

User Info: goodgirl11

4 years ago#23
He is a horrible unit.

User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#24
I don't hate him.
I like him a hell of a lot more than Miriel, that's for sure. (Screw sorcs, I can't stand her)

As a unit, Mage with base Defense!? Mage with ways to get MORE DEFENSE? Well, I'll be. He gets access to Aegis, which makes him a solid Mage-killer Mage (Him + Superior Jolt + Aegis + Luna = lol enemy casters) and Luna, which is an extremely solid proc skill. And well, Tomefaire. Can't go wrong with that. (Yes, Archer is totally useless, who cares? I've seen people suggest he's worse than Virion, they're straight up wrong. Ricken is an Actual magic character, with Tomefaire and Luna. Virion is tilted physically, and has Wyvern Rider (No Skills), Mage (No Physical Skills), Archer (No Skills).)

As a father, he passes Aegis/Luna, access to Cav (Aegis, Luna, DG+) and Mage (Tomefaire, Lifetaker), and is a solid father for Noire (Granting her access to Tomefaire and Double Shields) and Laurent (Who has Aegis and Luna to gain from this)--- and in both cases gives them a +6 MAG modifier.

User Info: Tisroero

4 years ago#25
GoldenEyeRa posted...
Rickon is the most annoying character in the books, duh. He just talks smack all the time, he's a freakin five year old or something, everything's gotta go his way. I mean, Shaggydog? What is that junk? If I were his father, I'd just name the thing something cool and tell my spoiled son to go suck a lemon.

No idea how he's portrayed in the show, but I'm sure it's just as bad.


Rickon is the scariest Stark now and you damn well know it. After all he's the one who'll be running the show when all is said and done.
What's the point of living if we're all just born to die?

User Info: roytheswordguy

4 years ago#26
He reminds me of Rickert from Berserk, so I like him for that reason alone.

User Info: Fireseal32

4 years ago#27
I wouldn't know, I never got to know him very well.

He was a kid, unfit for battle, and Chrom rightfully didn't bring him along. Then he decided to come anyways, and play hero.

Chrom was right. Ricken died on the map he appears, and I never looked back. Shoulda listened to the adults, Rick.

User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#28
I like him and think he's pretty adorable, the way he protected Maribelle was kinda cool, but pairing him up with the girls feels rather odd. I was wanting to go Ricken!Laurent, but am considering changing my mind just because it feels off. >_<

Mine seems better than my Miriel, I find how fragile she is to be a pain. Maybe the RNG was unkind to her (possibly as a punishment for attempting to seduce Ricken XD).

User Info: DrunkenWhale

4 years ago#29
Used to like him... Disliked Maribelle... Like Maribelle... Disliked Ricken... Seeing the the error of my ways, like both Ricken and Maribelle, but Miriel is getting on my nerves.

My first playthrough, before I restarted, Ricken was amazing. I liked his voice (Yuri Lowenthal) and the kid kinda grew on me.

Then second playthrough came, and he kinda screwed me over a few times, so he ended up benched after I couldn't take much more of his "I want to be respected but don't because of my baby face and I'm short" talk any more. He was replaced with Miriel until I could not stand her any longer. They ended up outclassed by Sage Lissa and MU.

So in my second copy, I opted for Vaike who I benched.

In my Lunatic playthrough, my main playthrough, I'm opting to use Ricken more, as well as Vaike. Miriel will be there for Laurent recruitment...
I really never use signatures to be honest, but I figured I would put one here anyway.

User Info: Emmy_Altava

4 years ago#30
He comes after Miriel and the Avatar with inferior reclass options and generally worse stats except defense (which is less important than speed, which the other two *should* have.)

And if you do decide to use him? Right when he becomes decent, bam, Tharja.
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  3. Why does everyone hate Ricken?

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