What did Laurent mean about Lucina? **spoilers**

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  3. What did Laurent mean about Lucina? **spoilers**

User Info: JJ2036

4 years ago#21
He he wanted to find his mom y didnt he just travel to Ylisse?
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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#22
fatty_ya posted...
Why didn't Laurent or whoever else arrived earlier than Lucina tell Chrom about what will happen in the future?

It's not like Lucina had this grand Save-Lissa, Save-Chrom, Ferox-Arena thing all planned out already while jumping inside the portal.

If the kids had decided to go back and change the past, it seems like the most logical thing to do was to do it ASAP and not wait years for Lucy to show up.

I don't think they were waiting for Lucina to show up, I'm pretty sure it's a combination of the kids arriving at different times and being lost due to being thrown on a continent they may not be familiar with(Valm). Or somewhere they are not familiar with.

JJ2036 posted...
He he wanted to find his mom y didnt he just travel to Ylisse?

He got lost :E

No, seriously. They don't have GPS, and Laurent was in a mirage village in the middle of a desert.
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User Info: Sentinel07

4 years ago#23
parKb5 posted...
GSSAGE7 posted...
parKb5 posted...
GSSAGE7 posted...
In the B-rank, Laurent explains that he accidentally went back 3 years farther than Lucina did.

So all the other kids went back to the same point in time, but Laurent miscalculated and wound up going back three years further?

LOL I thought that he was the smart one. So he basically just sat around for three years doing nothing to change the future?

None of them went back at the exact same time. We even saw Lucina show up alone. As for what Laurent has been doing in the 5 years since he showed up, it seems that he was trying to find Miriel by going through the research she hadn't done yet.

But wasn't it Naga's magic that sent them back in time? What would have been the purpose of sending each child into a different time and place only to have them pretty much sit around until Lucina and the Shepherds come to "pick them up"? Naga pretty much just opened a gate into the past, wouldn't it have been a lot easier and used less power to just do them all at once?

Flawed plot is flawed.

I believe they all went back at once. In Laruent's B-support with his dad, he essentially said that time travel is unpredictable. So they ended up in different places and (in Laurent's case) in a different time period.
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  3. What did Laurent mean about Lucina? **spoilers**

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