Think of an Awakening quote.

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User Info: destroyah898

4 years ago#21
"For the blue flame"

User Info: AmicusNintendi

4 years ago#22
"[laughs] I'm gonna kill you"

Then I cast a hex on the chair so that when the switch is flipped, the restraints break and the electrons flow through the switch, frying the executioner.
My username is in Latin.

User Info: Asher_Zawodniak

4 years ago#23
Pick a God and pray!

I died happy.
From: CJayC | Posted: 6/3/2003 |
GameFAQs isn't going to be merged in with GameSpot or any other site. We're not going to strip out the soul of the site.

User Info: Teh_Maimed

4 years ago#24
"What a loser!"


User Info: 1998_z

4 years ago#25
"I am your omega!"

The switch was broken, then I managed to escape and saw the facility exploded from outside.

OP tomes, high Res, and skills be damned; I won't use Sorcs.
O furious and insane gods! Send me ten-nay, TWENTY of your finest cakes!

User Info: Enfusionist

4 years ago#26

"I love this part!"

Oh, how very wrong I was...

User Info: Thatkid227

4 years ago#27

*Smashes chair and escapes*

User Info: Zhihark

4 years ago#28
*Noire laugh*

User Info: Lan915

4 years ago#29
"I was almost scared."
"I lost but breakfast was fantastic" - Rutledge Wood

User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#30
"I challenge my Fate!"

Fellow inmates on the death row suddenly tackle the executioner and free me as we make a bold escape to lands unknown.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
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