Does anybody else favoritize certain pairings?

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User Info: Czech_Sasquatch

4 years ago#1
For example, people seem to agree that Owain is best with a magic class, but I really like:

Donnel x Lissa or Gregor x Lissa
(Owain was destined to be an Armsthrift Swordmaster)

Chrom!Inigo is also one of my favorites, as Inigo just feels like a good fit for Chrom's son to me. I realize this one is actually pretty optimal though.

Plus, my Avatar pretty much always marries Cordelia, which I realize screws over a lot of children characters sometimes.

To be honest, I don't care about Yarne, Nah, or Laurent at all and might not even use them on some playthroughs. This tends to effect my choices a lot as well.

Anybody else have some good examples? I'm pretty curious.

User Info: MIssDeviling

4 years ago#2
Chrom x Sumia or Olivia (I like blue hair on both kids)
Maribelle x Vaike or Gaius... used to always pick Gaius, but Brady looks great blond.
Used to pick Sully x Stahl but now I do Donnel cuz purple-haired Kjelle. That and Stahl deserves better.
Miriel x Laurent
Cherche x Virion
Cordelia x Freddy

The others vary.

User Info: HeoandReo

4 years ago#3
I always do Miriel/Lon'qu and Henry/Sumia.

No, not just because of eugenics. (Though that's the reason I tried those pairings the first place.) I find it works really well with their characters, as well as their children. And then you marry those children together, and have them solo a map. >:D

-Miriel pretty clearly has some feelings for Lon'qu even as far back as her C Support. (Increased heart rate, loss of focus, all that jazz.) It's also pretty easy to imagine Lon'qu tolerating Miriel because she doesn't come across as conventionally 'feminine', instead more as a gender-neutral sort of sterile scientist. Laurent also pretty visibly has a bit of Lon'qu in him, due to his natural stoicism and detachment. It also explains how he got Barbarian in his class tree, if Miriel and Lon'qu moved to Regna Ferox and Basilio or someone else might have presumably tried to have Laurent go back to Ferox's barbarian roots.

-With Henry and Sumia, I always imagine Sumia falling into depression after Chrom gets married, but eventually finds herself drawn to Henry and eventually falling for him after giving her new experiences to live through. Cynthia's C Support with her mother also make more sense if you can imagine Sumia giving Henry permission to swap bodies again as a treat every now and then...

User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#4


Than marry her to Morgan, the son of Chrom!

Hector x Farina - OTP of FE.

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#5
Chrom x Female Avatar - Yes it's blatant wish fulfillment, but I don't really see the Avatar as "me." Even if the actual changes to the script are slight, the whole tone of the game feels different to me. It's also the only way a female Avatar can get two children, and I love both of them.

Gaius x Sumia - I find their supports funny and cute. Yes it's wastes a Galeforce user, but it gives Cynthia awesome speed. That and Gaius shade of red/orange hair really suits Cynthia's cheery personality.

Sully x Stahl - Come on, it's the Cain and Abel Archetype as a married couple! Their supports aren't very romantic, but a relationship built on mutual respect turning to love and bettering each other is nice, too.

Tharja x Henry - It's hard to resist pairing up the two creepy Dark Mages. Not terrbily terribly, but they may a highly entertaining duo, with Henry's manic cheeriness upsetting Tharja's perception on how a Dark Mage should act. Also, Henry doesn't seem to mind being second place in Tharja's heart. Even if there's much overlapping in classes, Noire is awesome with Henry as her father.

Nowi x Libra - Started off as a quirky pairing for me, and over time I came to really like it. Their supports are really sweet and it makes an odd sort of sense for a monk devoted to Naga to fall in love with a Divine Dragon. Libra also fits as Nah's father, considering her devotion to Naga. Libra may be far from the most optimal father for Nah battle-wise, but I like the shade of blonde he gives her.

Ricken x Maribelle - I'm a sucker for a cute rescue romance. I don't find pairing them up to be awkward, as I would with Ricken and Miriel, Tharja, or Cherche (though that's likely because by my guesstimate, they're only about 2-3 years apart in spite of Ricken's appearance). That and Brady makes an awesome sage with Ricken as his father, though their C support is baffling.
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User Info: Arachnius435

4 years ago#6
Miriel x Virion is my favorite support conversation. Can't explain why.

Also Lissa and Henry supports.

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#7
i do that frequently...

Lon'qu X Lissa not only a good pair, but i like the purity for a physical owain

Tharja X henry they are both so creepy, together they are like Gin from bleach (one of my favorite bleach characters.)

Tharja X MU tharja is so obsessed with him, so they deserve to be together

chrom X olivia for the obvious reasons. - My book of poetry
The Eloquent Misanthropy, Volume 1 (availible on Amazon) It's good stuff. You should read it.

User Info: MMaestro

4 years ago#8
Hell yeah, gotta love Sully x Stahl.

I don't play on Lunatic (yet?) so I'm not worried about having to mix/max/optimize the children.

User Info: almostexactly

4 years ago#9
I do favor hair color sometimes.

Like Cordelia x Lon'qu for black hair and Sully x Donnel for purple hair (to match purple armor). Though those are still pretty optimal.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#10
I always do GregorxLissa, for two main reasons. The first is eugenics, in a sense; Gregor cancels out Lissa's bad Strength mods while also providing Owain with Armsthrift, a skill that essentially guarantees I'll never bench him. The other is that, when I look at their supports, I don't really get a "romance" vibe from them, even at S rank; therefore, I can recruit Owain without feeling like I've compromised my support of LissaxMaribelle.

I also always do KellamxMiriel. Again, part of this is eugenics, though a lot of people would argue that there are better husbands for this: Kellam has 0 Magic and 0 Resistance, meaning he doesn't negatively impact either (unlike most potential husbands), and he also provides access to the War Monk class, meaning Miriel doesn't need to pass Renewal herself. On top of this, I really like their supports, especially (as I realized earlier today, in fact) their A support, in which Miriel speculates that Kellam can no longer disappear for her because a bond has grown between them, and in the end requests to hold his arm again even though she doesn't need to anymore.

I also really like DonnelxTharja, partly because I like purple-haired Noire and she gets some really nice skills from him, and partly because I like their supports, in which Donnel gets her anything she demands while asking nothing in return, and Tharja demonstrates that she's actually a good person (and doesn't want people to know it).

And finally, VirionxCherche. This one has nothing to do with optimization; I always pair them because they've already known each other for a long time, and I'm a bit of a sucker for leader-and-retainer pairings (examples: RoyxRiza in FMA, LynxFlorina and RavenxLucius in FE7, InnesxVanessa in FE8). Furthermore, I can't really imagine pairing them with anyone else.
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