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User Info: gotsomeqs

4 years ago#1
Hey guys,

So I'm up to Chapter 11 and still fairly early in the game from what I can tell, but I'm wondering what are some other stand-out characters from the ones I'm currently using.
I find myself consistently doing the following pair-ups:

(level. class)
Chrom (12. Lord) -> Sumia (4. Dark Flier) [Married]
Nowi (3. Manakete) -> Donnel (7. Hero) [Married]
Lon-qu (10. Myrmidon) -> Cordelia (20. Pegasus Knight) [Married]
Kellum (12. Knight) -> DLC Marth (4. Assassin)

... And then steamrolling the map with those four characters, although most of them - especially Donnel/Marth - could probably handle it solo. So, who else should I be using?

I've heard good things about Kellum, should I train him up into a General (I've also heard people saying to move him to Thief first to get +1 Movement)?
And what about these newly acquired characters Libra and Tharja?
Should I move Cordelia into Dark Flier or Falcon Knight?


User Info: Kitoari

4 years ago#2
Kellam himself is not that great - he just gives +STR/+DEF, which a few units want bad.

User Info: gotsomeqs

4 years ago#3
Kitoari posted...
Kellam himself is not that great - he just gives +STR/+DEF, which a few units want bad.

Looks like you're right, apparently his caps are pretty close to Frederick's. Cheers for that.
Turned him into a General, got him up to level 11, now I'll just be using him solely for pair-ups/training new units thanks to his DEF.

Anyone else worth looking into?

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