Marrying Chrom to Olivia

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User Info: grrCHOMPd

4 years ago#11
Play however you want, BUT don't let any of the girls you get (Sumia/Sully/Maribelle) stand on a square next to Chrom's.

I kept Sully paired up with Vaike, Sumia with my avatar, and Maribelle with Kwllam; but you can do whatever really. Just do NOT let them stand next to him.
[also, remember to NEVER let Maribelle Heal Chrom!]

Then, in Ch.11, pair up Chrom and Olivia.
You don't even need to dance or kill EVERYBODY with Chrom. I sure as hell didn't.
I just let them kill some people in the middle of the map while the rest handled the left and right side of the map.

And keep in mind that you can save on another file if you get too paranoid. : \

User Info: yzman

4 years ago#12
From: Arkyron | #003
Chrom marries automatically after chapter 11, the chapter which introduces Olivia. If all of his other potential suitors are dead or taken, he will then marry Olivia.

You may also have him marry Olivia by simply not getting ANY support convos (not even C rank) with his other suitors. It then becomes a contest of who has grown closest to Chrom via pairing up, standing next to each other, etc. Anything that makes the heart effect. Pairing Olivia with Chrom in chapter 11 nearly guarantees she will be Chrom's bride assuming these conditions.

This isn't totally true. If someone is dead, he will still marry them. If you gain support with NONE of them, he will marry a random maiden. You want minimal supports with the others and then to use a seed of trust or gain a lot of support with Olivia during that chapter.
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