Epic moments you love

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User Info: Barkit

4 years ago#1
What are some epic and rare moments in the game that you love seeing? Would it be…

A partner blocking all five attacks from an enemy with triggered Astra?

Triggering a critical hit with Lethality?

Maybe when you're being attacked by a ranged enemy and when you strike back, your partner literally glides across the screen to the enemy for a dual strike? (Especially if its an assassin!)

Anything else you guys might've seen? Post and discuss! =D

User Info: BM56

4 years ago#2
Dodging all hits from Astra and then retaliating with a critical hit.

User Info: HeroGod

4 years ago#3
Kellam slowly walking across the map in a dual attack and hit.

User Info: davidledsma

4 years ago#4
Watching my friends pissed off face when he got Lethality, but hit one of my characters that had Counter and Miracle.
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User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#5
1st time seeing a general activate luna while using a lance
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User Info: Liefglinde

4 years ago#6
Sent Avatar paired up with Chrom against RnR3 Lloyd.

First hit: Astra - Block x 5, two were crits
Second hit: Astra - Block x 5, one was a crit
Avatar hit: Miss, Chrom double crits with Brave Lance

Thank you for doing nothing, MU.

User Info: Barkit

4 years ago#7
kukingina2 posted...
1st time seeing a general activate luna while using a lance


User Info: EchoPhoenix

4 years ago#8
*Robin dodges Astra*
Robin: *shing!* "Here's how it's done!" *does Astra*

User Info: lady_god

4 years ago#9
when a paired up ally protects you from an attack and you attack the enemy 4 times twice by each party :D oh my god i was in love.

then there was 2 days ago when lon qu was on 8hp and thanks to vengeance he took out at least 4 armoured units :3

then theres the time lucina was low on hp and the finishing move missed so lucina says "I SAY WHEN IT ENDS" and uses aether to obliterate the fool. aaaaaaah memories <3

User Info: KingKracko

4 years ago#10
Having Inigo finish off the final boss on a dual strike crit.
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