Best Critical/Skill Quote, Day 32: Owain

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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#1
Which is your favorite quip? - Results (257 votes)
9.73% (25 votes)
"Brace yourself!"
6.61% (17 votes)
66.15% (170 votes)
17.51% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
And now, we get to the children characters (aside from Lucina).

In these topics, vote for which of the topic's character's critical/skill activation quotes is your favorite, and let's see how many people agree or disagree.

Today's character is Owain, Lissa's son from the future with an uncontrollable "sword hand":

Chrom - "Anything can change!"; 41.48%, 56/135 Votes
Avatar - "Checkmate!"; 53.9%, 83/154 Votes
Lissa - "Clear a path, everyone!"; 44.63%, 54/121 Votes
Frederick - "Pick a god and pray!"; 93.88%, 184/196 Votes
Sully - "I'll kill you twice!"; 41.3%, 76/184 Votes
Virion - "Die! With magnificence!"; 66.24%, 104/157 Votes
Stahl - "I love this part!"; 69.08%, 105/152 Votes
Vaike - "Looks like Teach just got tenure!"; 83.74%, 170/203 Votes
Miriel - "Begone, foul miscreation!"; 50.25%, 99/197 Votes
Sumia - "I'll end this now!"; 35.58%, 74/208 Votes
Kellam - "Come on, look at me!"; 63.53%, 108/170 Votes
Donnel - "Yeeeeeehaw!" - 51.93%, 94/181 Votes
Lon'qu - "How well will you die?"; 67.84%, 135/199 Votes
Ricken - "Don't look down on me!"; 58.14%, 100/172 Votes
Maribelle - "I promise you, this will hurt!"; 49.26%, 100/203 Votes
Panne - "I smell your fear."; 36.07%, 66/183 Votes
Gaius - "So long, sucker!"; 30.4%, 69/227 Votes
Cordelia - "Out of my sight!"; 47.89%, 102/213 Votes
Nowi - "Errrr...rage!"; 46.12%, 95/206 Votes
Gregor - "Gregor smash!"; 55.56%, 115/207 Votes
Libra - "I am your omega!"; 56.22%, 113/201 Votes
Tharja - "You're already dead." - 42.75%, 115/269 Votes
Anna - "Cha-ching!"; 54.74%, 127/232 Votes
Olivia - "Stop staring!"; 59.73%, 132/221 Votes
Cherche - "It has been a pleasure!"; 40.86%, 76/186 Votes
Henry - "I'm gonna kill you!"; 57.47%, 127/221 Votes
Lucina - "I say when it ends!"; 42.25%, 109/258 Votes
Say'ri - "Submit!"; 65.56%, 118/180 Votes
Tiki - "This might get unpleasant!"; 53.1%, 77/145 Votes
Basilio - "Hot death coming through!"; 58.65%, 122/208 Votes
Flavia - "Let's make a scene!"; 42.17%, 70/166 Votes - My Backloggery
The official Okuninushi of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.

User Info: ventus_wind

4 years ago#2
My sword hand twitches.
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User Info: NobleRoar

4 years ago#3
As an actual line, I like "Hand... hungers ..." but the VA's delivery on "Brace yourself!" is too good, so I voted for that.
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User Info: BedsheetGhost

4 years ago#4
Can't decide between "Hand...hungers...." and "UUURRRAAAAGGGHH". That yell is so awesome.

Owain's another character where every quote is good, just by the VA's delivery.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#5
I like "Behold!:" myself. While "Hand ... hungers..." is a better line, the actor's delivery on "Behold!" is awesome.
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User Info: kukingina2

4 years ago#6
how can you possibly pick the Voice actor did a really great job with him
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User Info: finaleus

4 years ago#7
"behold" is the sexiest thing to ever come out of his VA's mouth (although 'a hero is never idle' sounds pretty dang sexy too).

"hand hungers" is probably my least favorite of his crits

User Info: QJD1381

4 years ago#8
The delivery for the "Behold!" line is amazing.
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#9
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User Info: MagmarFire

4 years ago#10
"Hand...hungers...!" *grabs burger*
What was that, Morgan? "Kill them all"? GOOD IDEA! *Ignis* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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