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User Info: ToBy8888

4 years ago#1
Has it been set in stone yet? I restarted the game a day or so ago for my +mag - str lunatic run and I just finished it. I want to prepare for TSON and the other hard DLC maps. I've only wed Chrom x Olivia so far. This is what I may do - i'm looking for suggestions for the rest of my units.

Chrom: Olivia
Lissa: Libra
Sully: Vaike
Maribelle Henry:
Sumia: MU
Cordelia: Stahl,
Cherche: Frederick
Panne: Gregor
Miriel: Lon'qu
Tharja: Donnel
Nowi: Gaius

I was going to do MuxTharja but since I did +magic instead of speed i've read that it really wasn't worth it - so I figure I just wed Sumia with MU to free up Henry to pass him down for Brady. So, thoughts?

User Info: ToBy8888

4 years ago#2
Wow, I totally half assed that explanation. I forgot to add that Sumia adds the few more points to speed for Morgan to get 46, and i'm sure Cynthia benefits a lot from mu's genetics. Dat 46 speed 49 magic.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#3
Outdated Sazuke's Draft

Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#4
MU is IMO best at +mag-lck

The simplest way to make it "better" is Lon'Qu into Cord and Cherche getting Stahl, Fred into Panne, and gregor into Miriel

Or I can refer you to Hipster set up, but that's radically different fron this despite a rather simmilar draft

Yeah there's basically not much to fix from your set up
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: ToBy8888

4 years ago#5
Not to be annoying... But what does the change do? That and with that will my team be good enough to take TSON on? I don't want to sound like a broken record, but back when I asked if the asset/flaw system mattered and people said no - I winded up restarting to change that... haha

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#6
Let's start with the suplementary stuff here

- luck obviously reduces luck by 3. Since you bought DLC, I assume LB acess. With LB, luck become the most useless stats in the game outside setting up a Miracle Set up

- Before 55 mag is reached, mag and str by extension is the next most useless stats in the game.

- Sumia already has 3 spd, which means you only need 2 to become the amazing +6 spd, for 46 Sorc, 46 GM. So go with +Mag

- for that matter - luck means +2 Ignis damage and +1% chance to proc Ignis over - STR

All of them resulted in +Mag - luck being optimal

For the other parent, wait for me to get home to type em up. However it sums up into the resulting Childrens being more ballanced beetwen Main unit and Support units

As for TSON, the enemies are kind of a joke most of the time. Heoanreo made quite a good essay for speed benchmarks which is a useful data for TSON
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: ToBy8888

4 years ago#7
That's definitely informative, sounds good. I'll check back waaaaay later for some of the other parents, and i'll have to look for heoandreo's TSON essay. Hopefully with this i'll finally be comfortable with the pairings so I can start getting the children and doing postgame shenanigans.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#8
Click Tharja in search bar and go into tw1g topic, near the last pages
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: HeoandReo

4 years ago#9
Doing Avatar/Tharja is actually fine, and I'd argue it's more optimal than Avatar/Sumia in most situations. Important mods are actually identical, (-2 strength, 4 magic, 6 speed, and she gets positive defenses out of the deal) and Noire really wants the Avatar if she's going Sorcerer.

The problem is that even though it fixes Sumia's marriage problems, Cynthia wastes a lot of really good skills that the Avatar can potentially pass onto someone else. Dual Guard+, Luna, Galeforce and Tomefaire are all top tier skills that a lot of kids would really like. Noire still wastes Luna/Dual Guard, but she loves getting Galeforce and Tomefaire, and Avatar is the only parent who gives her all four of Vantage, Armsthrift, Galeforce and Tomefaire for a great all-purpose Sorcerer and who doesn't murder her caps. (Wrath/Counter is a bonus) Cynthia only really gets Vantage and Armsthrift, and if you put a gun to my head and ask me which one of those is more beneficial, I'd say that I'd rather have Vantage than Armsthrift. Cynthia doesn't need it if she's in a support role, though, hence why it's arguably a waste.

+Magic/-Strength is actually not bad. It's what I have for my main file that I don't want to restart because everything else looks optimal to me and restarting for asset/flaw seems silly because I can fix my problems with All Stats+2. With All Stats+2 and a tonic, you can double everything as a Sorcerer on TSON with proper pair-up and rally use anyway though the problem is finding a slot for it in the first place.

Here what I've determined to be optimal for all-purpose utility, for the record. (Main campaign, TSON, Streetpass, etc.)

Sully/Donny (Sully/Vaike)
Miriel/Lon'qu (Miriel/Gregor)
Panne/Gregor (Panne/Kellam)
Cherche/Frederick (Cherche/anybody, really)

*Do Sully/Vaike and Donny/Tharja if you want to marry someone else, or if you're female. Keep in mind that Kjelle loses Galeforce and Renewal and Noire ends up much, much worse out of the deal. Like barely even viable for postgame DLC level worse. (That 1 speed and no Tomefaire...)

Doing this, here's what you get:
-Optimizes Galeforce and Vantage
-Balanced set of offensive + support characters, most of the characters can be hybrids
-3 Armsthrift Aversa's Night abusers who can reach the 75 speed benchmark (Noire, Morgan and Severa. Laurent can do this if you give him Gregor, but he won't reach 75 speed unless he gets an Assassin or Swordmaster pair-up. Even then just barely.)
-3 Aggressor/Luna users (4 if you do Panne/Kellam)
-2 Pavise/Aegis/Renewal tanks who can reach 66 speed for TSON (Although Gerome just barely does it)
-4 Longbow Lethality Snipers to troll Streetpass with, 2 with Rightful King

Cordelia/Stahl, as well as being Severa's best physical pairing, is arguably a better magical Severa than Lon'qu!Severa because of Luna's existence, though that magic growth is painful. You can still run All Stats+2 with a Tonic to have her double everything on TSON with Aversa's Night if you want to.

Sazuke usually suggests Miriel/Gregor, which is inarguably Laurent's best pairing, but Lon'qu gives him 3 speed, which is important if you want him to double on TSON. Gregor!Laurent can only do that as a Sage unless he uses Forseti, which is kind of pointless because really who uses Forseti?

As a general rule, I would do Miriel/Gregor and Panne/Kellam on most circumstances, or go with the above setup for 4 situations:
-If you want to have Laurent double enemies on TSON
-If you want to have a full-on frontliner Yarne
-If you want to have Laurent do support (He can run a set identical to Henry!Gerome)
-Or if you're doing third generation Morgan so that you can have Lon'qu!Laurent!Morgan, who is probably the best third generation character by a long shot.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#10
"because really who uses Forseti?"

Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

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