Which child needs MaMU the most?

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User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#21
Not sure why people care for Anathema so much in support role. It helps that's for sure, but if anyone's actually paid attention or looked at enemy data, most enemies have around 100 avoid and your hit rate will usually be around 220 or so with rallies, pairup and Limit break on.

The only case you probably won't be getting near 100% hit rate is if you are using a weapon triangle disadvantage and probably using an axe.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#22
10% crit

Personally, i have considered to throw the thing for Agressors or Faires after seeing the limited skillslot
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#23
Unless you are stacking crit, your crit rate is going to be near 0 either way still.

Due to the fact that crit rate assuming no crit weapons or skills is just skill/2 and critical avoid is just enemy luck.

Most enemies in TSON have 55 luck, meaning with Anathema, let's just subtract 10 from the 55 luck so they have 45 critical avoid.

That means you need at least 90 skill without any weapon with critical or skills to even break even.

Most characters even with rallies and pairup will only reach around 70 or so skill.

EDIT: Forgot to consider support bonus, even then, it's +10 critical (assuming S rank and no Dual support+ with no one else standing next to the character) which is equal to about 20 skill. Meaning your crit rate is still going to be approximately 0 without a crit weapon or skills that add crit.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#24
nice infodump man
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User Info: Roark17

4 years ago#25
It isn't just about Galeforce. Which child needs MU the most, to me, is about how good/bad the mother's skill set is and how much use the child can get out of having MU as father.

Lucina is out, because we're specifying MaMU. Severa, Inigo, Cynthia, and Brady are out because their mothers' inheritable class sets and skills are so good, that even if the mother reproduced asexually, the child would still be amazing. Owain is very close to Brady, but he can put MU to better use. That being said, Owain doesn't need much else to be amazing, so let's leave him alone for now. Gerome, Laurent, and Yarne can all make great use of MU to become frontline units, but because they are male, you get less skill variety (e.g. Galeforce) than if MU was having two daughters.

So that leaves Sully, Noire, and Nah. Sully starts out with 4 class trees so you can argue that she needs MU the least out of these three. Noire and Nah are left. Both of their inheritable skill sets from their mothers are largely incomplete and because they are female, they can inherit a male-only skill from MU and have access to full line of female-only skills.

The subject is very debatable, so this is of course, and opinion, but I'd say that who needs MU more: Noire >= Nah

User Info: Uryvichk

4 years ago#26
Noire is the answer. Nah has Kellam, Gaius, and even Vaike; all provide her with more than enough skills to be amazing. She also has Manakete, a class that's practically great without any skills at all. Kjelle gets more default class sets than anybody and they're all good. She just wants better stats or Galeforce, and she can easily get either from multiple places.

Noire will never have Tomefaire, Vantage, and Galeforce all at the same time without Avatar-M. It's literally not possible through any other father. These are skills she would very much like to have. Nearly every other child can acquire a "full" skillset that does everything they want to do without compromising on their father, either because their mother already gives them good things (Brady, Cynthia, Severa, Inigo, Kjelle more or less) or because they have fairly simple needs (Owain, Gerome, Yarne, Laurent, Nah, Lucina).

Out of all of these kids, only Noire has to compromise, is forced to compromise, when the Avatar isn't her father. Everybody else can say "if I just had [dad], I'd have everything I want." Sometimes [dad] is competitive (i.e. Gregor), but it's still something that child can claim fixes all of their issues. Nobody fixes Noire's issues 100% except Avatar, ergo, Noire needs him the most out of all of them.

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#27
Noire actually depends on which sets that you want her to run

That being said, Noire can only run the Top 2 of Sorcerer build(AT PG filler, VV AT filler) with MU as a father. In comparison, Gregor!Laurent and Frederick!Severa is already a complete set

Also Kjelle actually started with a rather shaky skillsets despite having 4 starting class. Of course, she have Vaike and Donnel to go with
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User Info: CostanzaK

4 years ago#28
Here is my line up, and the reasons for it.

Chrom x Sumia:
You get a Lucina with positive growths, and a Cynthia with access to Aegis to combat that weakness to bows that pegesi knights get. She also has a high speed and an even strength to double tap any enemy and get that Galeforce going. Also, it just feels like the game really wants Sumia to be the royal bride and I have no reason to deny it when Chrom's genes are less useful elsewhere.

Stahl x Lissa: NOT OPTIMAL
I did this pairing because I wanted a physical Owain, and the other physical fathers are being used elsewhere. Stahl gives a positive Str growth, but Owain is naturally inclined towards magic, so Libra or another magic daddy would be better served.

Virion x Olivia:
Inigo will turn out to be a beast no matter what, and Virion's modifiers give him positive growths, and access to 3 new class trees. Virion is a lesser father for other children, but a first stringer for Inigo, so enact some conservation by using the charming duke.

Henry x Maribelle:
Positive magic, dark magic classes, and a pair of parents that are completely batty. Brady is easy to mess up, but Henry gets the most classes and options for the kid.

Vaike x Sully:
Since this is a "No MaMU" guide, Kjell is the 1 out of the 3 non-Galeforce Girls that won't be "Optimized." Vaike's parenting a daughter gives that girl the Merc/Hero class, which will allow Kjell to be equipped with the best physical weapons luck or money can obtain. She'll also have high strength, skill, and speed, making her a melee powerhouse and her automatic access to the Knight classes will give her the more survivable skill trees, allowing you to leave her hanging in the open without her untimely demise.

Lon'Qu x Cordelia:
Severa comes out awesome just about no matter her parent, and Lon'Qu gives access to the more finesse related sword classes, like Swordmaster and Assassin. The high skill and speed will resullt in double hitting anything that moves and giving higher procs on special attacks.

But for my play throughs I marry Cordelia to MaMU for love. Like I said, this is a non-MaMU list.

Fred x Cherche:
Flying rock wall. The resulting Gerome will have highly survivable classes, skills, and enormous Strength and Defense modifiers. Fly him into the choke points and no one will be getting past him. In other words, he's a fast moving General.

Gregor x Panne:
Really, the only way to get a worthwhile Yarne. If you need Gregor elsewhere, give a crap daddy to Panne and leave Yarne benched. You'll end up not with a Taguel Yarne, but one using legendary weapons that wont break on him.

Ricken x Miriel:
Laurent already has access to the magic classes, and he's already predetermined to be a caster, so give him the best genes to do so as Ricken results in the highest Magic modifier for the kid, closely followed by Libra and Henry.

Donnel x Tharja:
Grants access to Galeforce and Armsthrift, which is exactly what is needed for a Sorceress as the more powerful Dark Tomes are REALLY rare and have low usages. The resulting magic mod is still pretty positive, good defense, and the ability to class out into other classes if you want to shake things up in terms of her combat role while still retaining those two key features to make the girl a frontliner. Galeforce and Armsthrift.

Gaius x Nowi:
For one, I can imagine their coming to love one another through their love of candy. Then there is the Galeforce connection, and the fact that Gaius gives Nah that rare thing for her, a positive Speed modifier.

So there is my list of who and why. If it helps you make some choices for yourself, god speed.
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User Info: Col_Mobius

4 years ago#29
CostanzaK posted...
Gregor x Panne:
Really, the only way to get a worthwhile Yarne. If you need Gregor elsewhere, give a crap daddy to Panne and leave Yarne benched. You'll end up not with a Taguel Yarne, but one using legendary weapons that wont break on him.

Donnel!Yarne is pretty satisfactory. I realize most people have other things they want to do with Donnel, but Gregor isn't the ONLY way to get a good Yarne. In general, focusing on getting Galeforce for the three girls has given people some weird fixations. Kjelle doesn't need it at all, and Nah could really go either way. So there's no reason Donnel couldn't be free for Yarne depending on your pairings.

Stahl!Yarne is a good supporter as well.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#30
Theres no such thing as "not optimal" when your father is Stahl and Frederick(and by extension, Henry, Kellam, and Ricken). Those dudes are essentially their own children by themselves
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