CYOA: The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Three

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User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#1
Before I begin to post the next part of this story, I would like to thank everyone including all the people who voted and who has participated in this Second oldest CYOA on the boards. I really cant believe we made it 1000 posts too. For those of you who want to see the previous two threads to catch up on the story, here they are.

(Part One)

(Part Two)

Now that's been settled I minus well give out the character updates too like in everyone else's CYOA's.

(Insert your name here)
Level 14 Sorcerer
Skills: Awakening, Vengeance, Ignis, Hex, Anathema
Items: Nosferatu x2 , Elwind, Ruin, Concortion
Married to Sophia.

Level 12 Ministel
Skills: Vocalist, Ignis, Galeforce, Run Through
Items: Javelin, Silver Lance, Steel Lance, Concortion.
Married to (Insert your name here).

Level 2 Hero
Skills: Armsthrust, Paitence, Rightful King, Galeforce.
Items: Steel Sword, Strength Tonic, Concortion

Level 20 Mercenary
Skills: Armsthrust, Paitence, Galeforce, Astra
Items: Killing Edge, Strength Tonic, Speed Tonic, Concortion.

Level 10 Sage
Skills: Rally Magic, Galeforce, Magic+2
Items: Elwind, Elthunder, Mend, Hammerene, Magic Tonic, Defense Tonic, Concortion.

Level 11 Warrior
Skills: Vantage, HP+5, Zeal, Outdoor Fighter
Items: Steel bow, Dread Scroll, Tailsmen, Concortion.

Level 9 Swordmaster
Skills: Vantage, Astra, Outdoor Fighter, Avoid+10
Items: Killing Edge, Speed Tonic, Strength Tonic, Concortion.

Level 25 Manakete
Skills: Odd rhythm, Wyrmbane
Items: Dragonstone+ x2, Strength Tonic, Defense Tonic, Concortion.

Level 10 Trickster
Skills: Movement+1, Locktouch, Despoil, Lucky Seven
Items: Levin Sword, Mend, Concortion.

Level 13 Sage
Skills: Rightful King, Tomefaire, Miracle, Aegis, Dual Support +
Items: Arcthunder, Magic Tonic, Defense Tonic, Elixir
Married to Alm.

I am going to post the next part of the story real soon. Anyone who is interested in still voting on my latest post, please do so now. It is on Page 50 on part two.
I liked this Story....

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#2
Since there was no response, I guess it is safe to assume that "A" has won this round.

Right after your response of not giving up the match, Chrom would be very impressed yet very surprised to see those red eyes of yours. He didn't say anything at first but he began to charge straight towards you while you simply did the same thing while gripping the Nosferatu tightly in your hands. Just as you got extremely close to him, instantly cast the spell a lot more faster and Chrom would suddenly take a hit in response of this but he lands a hit on you as well just like in the dream.

While the fight was still continuing, You would suddenly hear your group cheering. It would of course make you smile a bit but it rather turned quite serious when you were still focusing on Chrom's attacks. About fifteen minutes later in the fight, You and Chrom are both seriously injured like in the dream. In your point of view, you felt like if you took another hit from Chrom's attack, you wont be getting up. You would also notice that Chrom was really panting from all those attacks he had received from you and had assumed that he was feeling the same way too like the dream has predicted.

Knowing what is going to happen next, You would suddenly charge straight towards Chrom for one last attack while he would look straight towards you and do the same exact thing which would shock the crowd a lot. When the two of you had gotten close to each other, Both you and Chrom would have the hits from each others weapons and collapse on the arena floor like the dream had predicted.

Now that both you and Chrom are currently knocked out in the arena, Basilio and Flavia would show themselves once more and announce that whoever gets up on their feet first will win the title of being Flavia's champion and have the right to face Basilio's champion. After that little announcement the Crowd would remain cheering for the two knocked out contenders to get up. Even the group was begging you to get up on your feet while your still outcold.

Meanwhile in your point of view in a knocked out state, you appear to be standing in a dark void with a blank look on your face. While standing there for a moment, you began to hear faint voices telling you to get up but out of all the voices you could hear most clearly is none other than your wife Sophia and everyone else in your group.

Everyone in the Group: Don't give up (Insert your name here)! All you need to do is stand up !

Sophia: *Appears to have a worried voice even though you cannot her face in the void.* Please get up (insert your name here) ! You have this !

Right after hearing those certain voices, Your blank look would suddenly fade away as it turn into a very serious one. Just from gaining that serious look the black void would fade away and you began to immediately gain your consciousness and began to get up slowly with a fading away look on your face. Once you had gotten up, you would turn around and notice that Chrom was still not up yet and you would notice the same cut wound that was on your stomach like it was predicted in the same dream. Also now that you were up on your feet, the Crowd began to beam even more loudly in excitement that you had won this match and Flavia would show yourself to you to announce that you are now her champion and you will now be facing Basilio's champion tomorrow. Right after hearing that, you suddenly feel like you didn't deserve the title after what you had been through but on the other side you felt like you should carry on with Robin and Chrom's ambition for the alliance. What should you do ?

A. Tell Flavia to give your title to Chrom since he needs it more before regrouping with the others in your injured state. You feel like its the right thing to do.

B. Carry on Chrom and Robin's goal and go regroup with the others in your injured state.
I liked this Story....

User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#3
A. the title shouldn't belong to us and plus I'd rather not alter history, the Dark Mage should be feeling some sort of disturbance in the time space continuum as of now.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#4
I'm Insane! Who wants cookies?!
As far as I'm concerned, Humanity's totally screwed

User Info: ImDaHiTmAn

4 years ago#5
I'll go with A on this one. Although having a alternate timeline is nice, I would much rather stick with the regular game's storyline more than anything since Chrom was supposed to win in the first place.

User Info: Thatkid227

4 years ago#6
A, b would've been cool though but I'd rather not change the future

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#7
Bumping the thread. I am going to post the next part of the story very shortly if anyone is interested.
I liked this Story....

User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#8
Awakening has enough time paradoxes as it is.
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User Info: davidledsma

4 years ago#9
A. Agree with above.
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User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#10
I think It is now a good time to post this after hearing no more responses. From the looks of things, "A" has clearly won this for sure.

As soon as Flavia had announced you as her champion, You would look straight into her eyes and give out a response to her in a respectful way while your blood starts to drop little by little from Chrom's last attack.

You: Flavia, I do not wish to be your champion. I feel like I do not deserve the title at all.

Flavia: *Appears to be quite surprised* Why is that ? You so earned it after what you had been through.

You: I know...but I feel like I cannot fight for you against the other champion tomorrow. Knowing that you would need a Champion, why not let Chrom be your champion ?

Flavia: Why should I let Chrom become my champion after seeing this match myself ? He is in no condition to fight either.

You: You are wrong, I feel like Chrom can actually win this for you if you believe in him of course. During the match, me and him were on par to par with each other. I felt like we were going to cause a stalemate if this continued. If you don't believe me, Ask him when he wakes up.

Flavia:*Lets out a sigh* Suit yourself but I hope you know what you are doing is right otherwise, I'll be coming after you next.

You:*Blood continues to drip from your stomach while you were talking* I'll keep that in mind.

After your response, you would turn away from Flavia and immediately leave the arena while she corrects her announcement saying that Chrom will be her champion since you had chose to give it up for him. This would of course surprise everyone in the crowd including your group. About 10 minutes later, You would finally regroup with the others but everyone would be asking why you had given it up but in response towards all of this, You told them that you had kept that promise towards Robin that you will be helping him in anyway. Soon after they would understand and respect you for what you had done.

Right after you told them about the promise, Your vision would start to get blurry after losing a lot of blood and the first person to catch on about it was Celica since she has seen this most of the time. Celica would then inform Trish to use her Mend staff right away on you since you were about to pass out at any given minute. By the time Trish had pulled out her Mend Staff and heal you right away, you suddenly lost consciousness and was now out cold for a very long time.

About three hours later after being knocked out due losing constant blood, You immediately wake up in bed in some sort of room and notice Sophia was sleeping on your chest while sitting on a chair by your bed alone. Just looking at her would make you smile but would also make you care for her even more since she was your lover. To show that you were now awake, you take one of your hands and place it on her hair lightly and pet it in a smooth and gentle way. Simply doing this would wake her up in the process and she will notice that you are now awake from your recoveries.

Of course this would make her smile greatly but that's not all she does. Sophia would immediately hug you close to her and kiss your lips softly while tears rolled down her eyes slowly. Shortly after that, you take your hand and wipe those tears away before giving a response. What should you say to Sophia ?

A. You: Sorry that I had worried you Sophia, I really didn't mean to pass out right in front of you. (Relationship with Sophia will increase a lot more.)

B. You: I'm sorry that had just happened to you my love, I hope you can forgive me. How are the others doing ? Are they alright ? (Everyone's support will increase because you had thought of them.)

C. Remain silent and let Sophia talk first instead since you don't know what's going on to begin with.
I liked this Story....
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