CYOA: The Unnecessary Balance II

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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#1
For all those who want to catch up on the story here's the link to the original topic. Http://

Now, let the Voting Continue!!
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User Info: ventus_wind

4 years ago#2
A. :)
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#3
Time for an update on the Characters we've met so far.(not a status update that will come soon)

Trail: The main character of the story, a Manakete who seldom interacted with humans until a normal expedition to his favorite ruins becomes anything but normal, sending him spiraling down a path towards redemption, fate, love, war, and the greatest darkness he will ever face: the darkness of his past and the darkness inside himself. He now leads the Drakkian Empire in it's war with the Kingdom of Midgard. He is 1970 years of age.

Kanis: The princess of Drakia and daughter of the imposing Emperor Garm. Extremely skilled with a blade, cheerful, and very intelligent, she is a natural born leader. She is close friends with Trail, though some rumors suggest they are more than just friends. She is 20 years of age.

Emperor Garm: The Dauntless Emperor of Drakia. Respected by his people as a great leader and feared by his enemies as The Harvester of the Battlefield. While he is actually the one who instigated the war with Midgard by stealing the nation's royal treasure, he claims it was done to prevent the treasure from being
misused. He is 50 years of age.

Doctor Hyde: An enigmatic doctor with a love for dragons who always seems to be everywhere at once. No one knows anything about him, not even Emperor Garm. Age unknown.

Gawain: Former Grand General of Midgard. He became a captain in Drakia's royal guard after a terrible tragedy befell him. He is 47 years of age.

Searra: Lieutenant of Drakia's Air Force. She is a good natured cheerful woman with a knack for both animals and warfare. Although she can be a bit OCD when it comes to her beloved Pegasus, Tia. She is 28 years of age.

Lahar: The current Grand General of Midgard. He was tasked with the recapture of princess Kanis but failed due to unexpected interference, despite his inhuman level of power. He and Azrael seem to know each other. Age unknown.

Azrael: An enigma who appeared to aid Trail in his time of need. Called the Angel of Death, and with good reason. His skill with his twin blades is unrivalled.
Age unknown.

Cole: A young Thief who enlisted Trail's aid to help rescue his childhood sweetheart from bandits. He is unnaturally good at cards and has only lost once. He's not bad at picking locks either. Age 16.

Nene: Cole's childhood sweetheart, though she'd never admit it. She is strong willed for her age and is a deadeye with a bow. Age 17.

Sirius: The Captain of Athlantia's Calvary. He is a proud man with a strong sense of justice. He almost never cracks a smile, unless it's at his wife Karen. Age 37.

King Nemoy: The longtime King of Athlantia and Kanis's godfather. He is an odd
man who enjoys wearing swim shorts in court and painting on the beach but he is a much beloved monarch. Age 53.

Karen: A former mercenary captain who was betrayed by her troop. Despite this,she has a great sense of humor. She is peerless with a sword. Age 33.

Athena: An enigmatic Sage who joined Trail's group in order to survey supposedly mythical ruins beneath Athlantia. She has a fondness for jokes and a flair for theatrics. She can hold her liquor better than most sailors. Age 28.

Helga: A redheaded merchant with a great many sisters and a booming voice louder than a Foghorn. Always seems to have the best goods in stock. Age unknown.

Gallagher: A talented Grandmaster and veteran strategist in Drakia's army. He is always business oriented. It is said when he's not sleeping or eating, he's looking at his collection of maps. Age 43.

(Will be continued next post)
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#4

Lance: A crimson cavalier in Drakia's army and elder apprentice to Gallagher. He always seems to be hungry and is considered by most to be a hopeless slob. Gallagher saw something in him and decided to teach him the ways of war.
Age 26.

Felix: An emerald cavalier in Drakia's army and youngest apprentice to the Strategist Gallagher. He reads just as much as he trains and is often found in the library. Unlike Lance, he is the very definition of a clean freak.
Age 22.

Thorn: Former High General of Midgard, also called the Wyvern General. Cunning and ferocious, she has been the bane of many foolish opponents who underestimated her because of her gender. Cold and calculating, and yet she has a surprising, if not outright extreme, love for cats. Age 24.

Leah: A rogue caught snooping around The Rothgar Plains Fortress. Apparently a runaway. She gets defensive at the drop of a hat but is kind and gentle at heart. She has a somewhat extreme love for all things sparkly though. Age 19.

Ephidel: An ominous druid only spoken of in hushed whispers. Apparently used Gawain to further his own goals. Age unknown.

PS: I'm pretty sure that's all the named Characters we've met up til now. If I'm missing anyone let me know.
Darkness and light. Chaos and order. I will be the sword that severs the balance. Behold, the glimmering new world.

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#5
I'll go A on this one. Congratulations on reaching 500 posts on your previous thread Neo.
I liked this Story....

User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#6
So I guess A wins.

Chapter 8: Clash of Wills

"Alright," you concede much to Gallagher's surprise and dismay. "I am willing to pay 5,000 gold for your services Leah, no more, no less. And that is providing your information proves true. That is acceptable, I trust?"

Leah beams and nods exuberantly. "Agreed! I won't let you down General, I promise."

"Let's hope not," one of the soldiers laughs. "Otherwise the General will simply eat you!"

Leah stares at the man than back at you. "He's not serious... Right?"

Everyone laughs while you role your eyes. "Okay, okay. Enough joking around. I want everyone to get some rest. We set off for Fort Breigar at dawn."

Your command is met with quite a few huzzahs, and you yourself don't waste anytime. You remember the promise you made to a certain someone and set off for the top most room in the Fort. The general's quarters are not that difficult to locate, the enter at your own risk sign hanging above the door certainly helps. The door swings open without a fuss and you stroll inside. It is a sparse but comfy room with only a bed, dresser, and private bathroom. It only takes you a couple seconds to grab a brown wool blanket and to remove Thorn's necklace from her dresser. You make your way back the way you came, down several flights of stairs and down the main hallway. By the time you reach Thorn's cage on wheels and dismiss the guard, she is fast asleep. You pull back the curtain and unlock the single door. The poor woman is lying in an awkward position, since her right hand is still cuffed to the bench. Well, at least she's eaten you think to yourself, noticing the empty tray.

You gently wrap the blanket around her shoulders and as you do so you notice her amber eyes are open a bit.

"Sorry," you apologize. "I didn't mean to wake you. Here." You hand her the necklace and she grasps it tightly to her chest with her left hand. You then turn to your attention to her bound right hand. "If I uncuff you, can I trust you won't do anything foolish Thorn?"

She yawns. "How stupid do you think I am?" She asks groggily. "I wouldn't get very far exhausted with no weapon against ten thousand plus soldiers."

You take that as confirmation and unlock her binding. She immediately retracts her hand and rubs her wrist gingerly. "Thank you," she says grudgingly. "Now get lost."

You don't need to be told twice. After alerting the guardsman of your actions you head to your own quarters. You don't feel comfortable sleeping in Thorn's bed, so you find a spare grunt's room with a spare bed. Even in a bed that felt like it was made out of rocks, you were exhausted to the point you didn't have any trouble drifting off. Your are asleep within minutes


The next day's march progresses smoothly. Your army clings to the paths seldom traveled to avoid scouts and the weather is perfect for a long day's march. It is a cloudless sky on a bright sunny day. A cool breeze rustles through the tree tops as your army trudges down the mountain path. For most of the day you are discussing strategies with Gallagher or listening to Leah's vivid explanation of the tunnel's layouts. Towards evening you find you have some free time and decide to speak with your allies.

Who should you talk to?(builds support)
A: Kanis
B: Searra
C: Gawain
F: Athena
G: Sirius
H: Karen
I: Gallagher
J: Thorn
K: Leah
M: Felix
Darkness and light. Chaos and order. I will be the sword that severs the balance. Behold, the glimmering new world.

User Info: Grayjack72

4 years ago#7
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"

User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#8
A. Let's get that S Rank already =)
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#9
Dragunov_Zero posted...
A. Let's get that S Rank already =)

If you pick A you'll unlock Kanis and Trail's S Support after the next battle, assuming they pair up or at least fight together. Also, Bump. Need more votes.
Darkness and light. Chaos and order. I will be the sword that severs the balance. Behold, the glimmering new world.

User Info: odessyfox

4 years ago#10
A - must S rank kanis :D
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