Chapter 11 **spoilers**

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User Info: Shirohart

4 years ago#1
So im up to chapter 11 and i was told that a certain someone automatically marries the highest support female for him? Atm thats Sumia which im pretty happy with. But should i organise for her to get the dark flier skill before they marry? Also, currently MU is mainly a battle mage i guess is the best way to describe him. So recommendations on who to marry him to?

User Info: Matt-Man2010

4 years ago#2
You have time after the marriage to build up skills, so you don't need to grind it right now. In general, you have your leisure of selecting the missions where you get the children, allowing you to make sure everything is ready with skills before they join you
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User Info: Bard of DorAr

Bard of DorAr
4 years ago#3
Sumia can be fine, Olivia is argued as one of the best, but to do that when you already have supports built means grinding to marry off all the others. Not usually worth it.

In terms of your question, Any skills you want passed to the Certain Someone's child you need set before you start Chapter 13. As the other poster said, you have freedom of when you go after the other kids so you'll have plenty of time to prepare.
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