Best of their Class Day 12: Sage/Mage Knight

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User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#1
Who would win in a wizard duel? - Results (145 votes)
Wendell (FE11)
1.38% (2 votes)
Wendell (FE12)
0% (0 votes)
11.72% (17 votes)
5.52% (8 votes)
1.38% (2 votes)
37.93% (55 votes)
6.21% (9 votes)
Calill (FE9)
1.38% (2 votes)
Soren (FE10)
26.21% (38 votes)
8.28% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Paladin: Seth
Runner-up: Frederick

Bow Knight: Astrid (FE9)
Runner-up: Inigo (Bow Knight)

Warrior: Nolan
Runner-up: Boyd (FE9)

Berserker: Ross (Berserker)
Runner-up: Gonzales

Sniper: Shinon (FE10)
Runner-up: Noire

Falcon Knight: Cordelia
Runner-up: Elincia (FE10)

Dracoknight: Haar (FE10)
Runner-up: Cormag

Hero: Severa
Runner-up: Gerik

Swordmaster: Ginger Lewyn
Runner-up: Mia (FE10)

General/Halberdier: Nephenee (FE9)
Runner-up: Oswin

Bishop: Libra
Runner-up: Moulder the Boulder

Like previously, I pick a candidate from each game (besides Gaiden since not enough people have played it) to be voted for. Don't get mad that a character you like isn't on there as the candidate probably contributes more to their game.
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User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#2
Wendell (Shadow Dragon): This guy will double things for a long time with his nice speed base and he can use Excalibur right off the bat. More importantly, he has a D rank in staves, meaning he is one staff rank away from using the overpowered Warp and Physic staves. This is his main advantage over Merric, since Merric will likely never touch these staves and being a good staffbot is better than being a good fighter. Shadow Dragon throws a lot of stat boosters at you, so they can fix Wendell's low growths.

Wendell (New Mystery): More or less the same, but the enemies are tougher now. He still has the advantage of being a great staffbot once he hits C rank. Etzel kind of steals his thunder, though.

Arthur: If Lewyn is his father, he basically becomes a demon. Forseti increases his speed by 15, and his speed growth is 110%, so he is nearly untouchable. Forseti also increases his chances of using Critical and Adept by a large amount. Said broken tome also has 30 might. Arthur's main advantage over Lewyn!Ced is that Arthur exists a lot longer and gets a horse when he promotes, and having a horse in FE4 is one of the most important things in that game since the maps are ginormous. Give him the pursuit ring and he will one-round everything. He's great at taking down tough bosses like Blume, Ishtar, and Areone.

Asvel: Thrones are ridiculous in FE5, giving +10 defense. Asvel is by far the best boss killer in the game thanks to his sky high speed growth (70%), good magic, and awesome personal weapon, Grafcalibur. This beauty of a tome has 13 might, 40 critical, and almost no weight. Combined with Asvel's PCC of 3 it means that Asvel will kill almost any enemy on the second hit with a critical. I guess you could call him mage Rutger. He also gets a D rank in staves when he promotes, so that's always nice.
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User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#3
Lugh: His competition consists of a slow, frail mage and a somewhat expensive mage that joins late. No contest really. Lugh himself isn't too bad thanks to his good speed and decent magic, keeping his offense nice. He's also a pretty good a Wyvern-slayer with Aircalibur. Don't expect him to boss slay like Asvel since Binding Blade thrones give +5 resistance. He's also on the frail side, but not as much as Lilina.

Pent: This guy right here is all you want in a mage. Great stats, high tome and staff rank (both A's), and decent durability. His base speed let's him double most of the game's enemies, and his growth in that stat isn't too bad either. He can also fulfill the role of a staffbot using lovely things like Warp, Physic, Berserk, Rescue, and Sleep. He even has a con stat so he that tomes won't weigh him down as much. Pent can basically replace Erk (who won't surpass him on average) and Nino will never contribute as much because she joins late and crappy and will never have his staff rank.

Saleh: Basically Pent-lite in an easier game. He doesn't have that glorious A in staves, but his C rank still nice since it's only 1 away from most of the good staves. He also has a really good Light rank if you're lacking in light mages. His main draw over Lute besides his awesome weapon ranks is his good durability (which Lute has non of), and very strong start. He can still one round most of Sacred Stones' enemies since they are slow and pathetic. He actually doesn't lose speed from using Excalibur, unlike Lute.

Calill (Path of Radiance): Again, amazing weapon rank, but sadly no staves (stupid knives). Still, her combat is excellent as she can use thunder magic very well and she has enough strength to not lose speed. Her avoid and defense are better than Soren's, as well as her attack speed since Soren has no strength. She's also flat out better than Illyana in most stats. Only Tormod gives her competition, but he requires a BEXP dump to be good. Her main perk is that she can use all of the siege tomes, and very well at that. She could spend most of her time just bombarding enemies with Bolting, Blizzard, and Meteor from a safe distance.

Soren (Radiant Dawn): It's so stupid that Sages can't use staves until promotion. Anyway, Soren doesn't have much competition. Calill has availability issues, Tormod has massive availability issues, Bastian doesn't exist for too long, and Illyana just sucks. Soren can deal strong, single hits, but won't double often since Sages have crappy speed for some reason. He does have a strength stat in this game, though.

Miriel: Her offensive growths are really amazing, as are her reclass options. With her offensive growths being all 60%, she can one-round enemies very handily with a few level ups. She's beats Lissa in most stats and growths, while Brady and Laurent will be too busy playing catch up to compete. She still is pretty frail though, and she won't be a staffbot unless you make her level up as a Troubadour. Ambush spawns in particular are mean to her.

I go with Arthur for being one of the first characters to trivialize Gen 2 in FE4. Horsety is also really awesome.
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User Info: davidledsma

4 years ago#4
REALLY need to say Arthur.
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User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

4 years ago#5
Erk. Normally my first FE7 promotion.

...Fine, Soren.
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User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#6
Soren, since Arthur's variable. If Levin's his old man, okay, 2nd gen is utterly BUSTED, but if not, he ranges anywhere from good to bad. Soren, aside from being always good, is pretty much the only useable mage RD has (Ily's pretty much bad, Calill's with the CRK, Tormod doesn't exist for half the game, Bastian for even less). That Soren's also good (though not the only useable one) in PoR is bonus points.
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User Info: Misha-Heart

4 years ago#7
Soren? Really? In a game where mages are at their worst?
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User Info: ArcherRhys

4 years ago#8
Man, Ilyanna was straight beast on both of her games,especially in PoR where she one rounded enemies with ease, and RD messed up thunder magic so she isn't as good but give her blossom and she will cap all her stats, better than Soren to me and she has the best availability out of all the characters, isn't that a sign that she is awesome??
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User Info: jonnovision1

4 years ago#9
ArcherRhys posted...
but give her blossom and she will cap all her stats

so... kind of like almost every unit?
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User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

4 years ago#10
Seriously, Erk is best Sage.
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