Rate the Character, Chapter 2: Mariabelle!Lucina and Olivia!Lucina

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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#1
Hope will never die, but Lucina's spotlight ends here.

BlueDryBones1, We are rating based on 'best children'. And guys, remember to forget about Inigo and Brady, they don't matter here.

Model_Omega, thanks!

*Default Lucina:
Classes available: Lord, Great Lord, Cavalier, Paladin, Great Knight, Archer, Sniper, Bow Knight, Bride.

Skills Available: Dual Strike+, Charm, Aether, Rightful King, Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Defender, Aegis, Luna, Dual Guard+, Skill +2, Prescience, Hit Rate +20, Bowfaire, Rally Skill, Bowbreaker, Rally Heart, Bonds, All Stats+2, Paragon, Limit Break.

New Classes Available: Troubadour, Valkyrie, War Cleric, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Dark Flier, Mage, Sage, Dark Knight.

New Skills Available: Resistance +2, Demoiselle, Rally Resistance, Dual Support+, Rally Luck, Renewal, Speed +2. Relief, Rally Speed, Lancefaire, Rally Movement, Galeforce, Magic +2, Focus, Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Slow Burn, Lifetaker.

+5 Luck.
+3 Skill and Magic.
+2 Speed and Resistance.
-1 Strength.
-3 Defense.

New Classes Available: Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Assassin, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Dark Flier.

New Skills Available: Avoid +10, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Lethality, Pass, Speed +2. Relief, Rally Speed, Lancefaire, Rally Movement, Galeforce.

Special Inheritance: Luck +4.

+3 Skill and Speed.
+2 Strength and Luck.
+1 Magic.
-1 Defense and Resistance.

Mariabelle gives Lucina a good reason to lead (Galeforce) and a bad one (negative mods). Galeforce is all Lucina REALLY needs to be a good lead, since she already has other skills from Chrom. Renewal can be a small fix to her negative Defense, somewhat. Oh, she can also try to main Tomes now!

That being said, she also gets faires for being a Dark Flier support, and that's all she needed to get to make her a nice full-time support, since the rest she gets from Chrom. Galeforce helps there, nonetheless. Balanced, so, B Rank.

Olivia gives her decent offensive mods, although that's the best Lucina can get normally. You can get two faires for support as a Great Lord/Paladin, and Galeforce is always good. She also works as a cool lead, thanks to that. She is considered the best offensive Lucina, but I think she's just the best physical support as Olivia's daughter. I prefer to make sure there's enough defense to consider the character a good offensive unit... A Rank.

Character Ranking:

S Rank: The very best pairings, Avatar notwithstanding.

A Rank: Great pairings, can't go wrong picking those.

B Rank: Good pairings. Can work decently

C Rank: Average and limited pairings.

D Rank: Awful pairings. Cripples the kids, or are useless.
Confession Time!
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#2
Just when I finished the write up


- As a mother:
Shes a freaking Dancer. You are better off not using her for Lucina's fodder. As a fodder she has DF Assassin, and SM. 3 fine classes and a Galeforce.

- Unit Wise:
Olivia basically gives a completely Superior Clone of Chrom, having a superior stats in every area, except Def and Res which she ties with Chrom. 3 SKL and 3 SPD is enough to do the job, and 2 STR. As I said before, STR and Mag is the least important stats in the game before a certain point.

And by certain point, I meant when Sumia!Lucina and Olivia!Lucina attacked a disarmed Capped Lunatic+ General who have Pavise+ and Defense +2, both of them unpaired, has no skill, and wield Javelin. Olivia!Lucina will 40HKO while Sumia!Lucina will 80HKO. It should be noted that the General also have SPD+2 so Sumia!Lucina did not double

Olivia only give 2 class, but its aguably the best class out of the other marriage candidates put into one. Pegasus means Lucina can wield Magic, gets Galeforce, and have a Tome wielding class, which is cool.
Olivia gives Myrmiddon line for that awesome Vantage and a huge maybe for Astra

Anyway, Olivia is hyped as the best Physical Lucina. In reality, Olivia is actually more like best Magical Lucina, with Sumia as the best for Physical. Its all about that Vantage. As I said in previous topic, the best way to use Vantage is if you have a 1-2 Range(which Sully missed). Magic gives you Brave 1-2 Range.

Anyway heres a useful Calcs from Mattster:
“ Let's say you're smart and use Dark Flier + Celica's Gale. Let's say Astra and Aether are instant kills anyway:

1-(1-(.21+.79*.32+.79*.68*.32))*(1-(.21+.79*.32+.79*.68*.32)) = 86.65% chance of killing anything

Now, if you use Limit Breaker:
1=(1-(.23+.77*.37+.77*.63*.37))*(1-(.23+.77*.37+.77*.63*.37)) = 90.60% chance of killing anything

Vantage is the best defensive skill in the game.”

As for other class sets, Olivia’s Vantage are not as attractive in Great Lord, and she missed the 45 bencmark for Palladin.
Lucina also make a cool support, so that’s something, although I won’t recommend that

Olivia!Lucina is a good example of a unit who do ONE thing and only good at that one thing, and it happen to be enough at it. This is actually pretty rare in this game, with Lon’Qu Severa as the other example that comes to mind.

Overall: A. I don't give S Rank unless that unit is exceptional, and everybody know which unit is exceptional for me

With every other pairing taken into acount: S. Inigo with RFK and Luna is manly
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#3

- As a mother:
Sumia MK.0.5 Now lacking Dual Guard+ and speed.

- Unit wise:
The first thing to notice in this pairing is that almost useless and overkill +5 Luck(thanks to lack of Armthrift, not like it will help or anything). After that, its comparatively terrible Physical defense parameter and highest MAG and Highest Res. Also the lowest speed, and lowest non Maiden SKL(tied with Olivia) as well.

Class wise, Maribelle offers the Mage Line and Troubador Line, giving Dark Knight and Valkyrie over Sumia. Oh, and Galeforce.

So, how does this play out?

For starter, as a Physical unit, Lucina missed the 45 benchmark for pretty much everything not named Great Lord and Falcon Knight, the former having 39 STR, the latter have 37 STR(does not matter much, STR is relatively unimportant). Maribelle gives Lancefaire, so Lucina can basically play out the exact same sets as Sumia when it comes to offense

As a Magical Unit, AS+2 salvaged any Speed Issue you will ever face outside of using Dark Knight. Valkyrie reach 45 Speed without AS+2, however its not reccomended to use Valkyrie thanks to its defense.

You can use support Lucina with DS+, but I don;t like DS+ so I won't take it into acount

One reason to use this pairing, is to abuse Galeforce + Lifetaker combo allowing you to go mad against anything as long as you kill them(not as Hard, with Brave Weapons + Aether or Luna or something), before using Galeforce to escape or something.

Just in case you want to talk about Brady:

Overall: B

Other pair taken into acount: B. Brady is that kind of unruinable
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#4
Aw Sumia!Lucina missed the S D: now Olivia!Lucina is gonna get that chance to tie and god forbid get S rank.

Anyways in terms of how good the children are compared to others.

Marribelle!Lucina B

Often reffered to as the worst Lucina but its actually not that bad.

Best support Lucina AND best Magical Lucina.


Defender, DS+, DA+, DG+ are all really good options.


Luna, Galeforce, Tomefaire, Sage/DF and +3 Mag.

Not too bad. 2 Spd isnt too amazing but she'll still double everything she has to as a Sage/DF.
Olivia!Lucina n/a

All I can say is that its REALLY overrated. As Demise said that +2 Str means nothing unless a situation like that is presented. Why on earth would you not be using pair ups or skills anyways? Anyways General!Lucina has better caps at everything than Great Knight Olivia!Lucina anyways.

I cant give a serious rating to this because my views on Sumia!Lucina in comparison will influence the result.
Dry Bones+Magikruiser FTW in MKW ^-^

User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#5
Dry Bones+Magikruiser FTW in MKW ^-^

User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#6
Maribelle!Lucina: C
Olivia!Lucina: A

Since this is basing it off on min max purposes and only about Lucina and no one else (meaning excluding Brady from the equation), this pairing for Lucina is almost worse in every way for Lucina.

In TSON (which is why people min max) you do a whooping 1 more damage pet hit than Sumia!Lucina, but Sumia offers an extra 3 speed which could benefit her to being able to double more enemies which would mean double the damage. Better defensively as well because of Pavise which about 66% of the enemies will use one of those weapons instead.

Olivia!Lucina is better than Maribelle because of Vantage which makes her slightly more defensive and has +1 speed over Maribelle as well which could potentially be the 1 extra you need to double some enemies.
I mainly do this pairing for Inigo not so much Lucina since she is going to be good almost no matter what.
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User Info: emblemmaster99

4 years ago#7
Maribelle!Lucina- C
Having a +3 to magic and a -1 for strength means Lucina works better in a magic class, +5 luck isn't that useful(even with Armsthrift it isn't that good) +3 to skill is okay, but -3 defense could hurt her later on.

Olivia!Lucina- A

Definitely a good pairing, she gets good mods(the highest possible strength mod for her,outside of avatar),the myrmidon tree,which has Astra and Lethality, both of which benefit from RK, and the two -faire skills that correspond to Great Lord(sword and lance Faire).

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#8
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6

User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#9
Maribelle: C. Gives Galeforce... but is otherwise kinda meh on the whole.

Olivia: S. Sure, Lucina's only getting two classes from her, but they're myrmidon and Pegasus- the two things Lucina would want most. Obviously Galeforce, but also swordmaster skills, and Lethality too (somewhat nice when paired with Rightful King).
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User Info: Col_Mobius

4 years ago#10
Maribelle is fun if only to trick out Lucina's support functionality with DS+, the other DS+, and DG+. With that Mag +3, she'll be a good Dark Flier support. Pretty fun, so I'll go with B.

Olivia's an A. I like her less for Lucina's mom than Sumia, but there's no denying she's still good.
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