How important is the Golden Pack DLC for Lunatic?

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  3. How important is the Golden Pack DLC for Lunatic?

User Info: effha

4 years ago#1
I'd love to do a Lunatic run but I'm not sure if I want to shell out the cash for DLC. However, if it means I'll keep my sanity from significantly shortening the grind, I'll do it. I figure I could just grind by summoning Spotpass teams, but I guess weapons would eventually wear out and then I'd have no gold, which is where Golden Gaffe would come in...

User Info: Lil_Puddin

4 years ago#2
Best money I have ever spent on a game~

For Lunatic it is not necessary at all, but it DOES mean you will have a VERY hard time using a lot of units. It also means your child units will be unusable for the most part since grinding is very difficult otherwise without DLC.

Lunatic+ it is almost mandatory. You can TRY to beat Lunatic+ without it, but you would be lacking in plenty of skills that are required to counteract your enemies' broken skill sets.
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User Info: Natatteru

4 years ago#3
Without the Golden Pack, Lunatic is pretty much MU+Chrom killing everything. If you want to use more units and have a team, the Golden Pack makes it soo much easier.
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User Info: CeaseYourSalad

4 years ago#4
As the others have said, you don't need it, but it does make it much easier. Easy experience and fast access to large amounts of cash means that your units will be stronger and much better equipped. Of course, use it within reason, as it can easily break the game, at which point it kind of nulls the purpose of playing on lunatic(unless you want to rush through lunatic to get lunatic+)

User Info: Mephantom

4 years ago#5
You can't grind with Spotpass teams in Lunatic, as killing enemies in Spotpass battles only give 1 exp (regardless of your level).

You also cannot grind with skirmishes, because all skirmish enemies are high level and near capped stats right from the beginning.

Basically for Lunatic, no DLC = no grinding. You can buy better weapons from Spotpass teams though.

User Info: Tables

4 years ago#6
I'm at chapter 13 in Lunatic having used a team of ~3-4 characters up to now. Only non story/side story levels I've done were the Champions of Yore 1+2. I'm not that great at Fire Emblem.

So basically, it's not needed. It makes things MUCH easier if you use it, but considering the hardest chapter is like, chapter 2 (before you get DLC)... eh.
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User Info: Vascela

4 years ago#7
Just beat Lunatic today. I had so much trouble using any units. It ended up being Frederick carrying Chrom the whole game.
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