Does who you marry affect the main story scenes? *spoilers*

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  3. Does who you marry affect the main story scenes? *spoilers*

User Info: monkeybananayum

4 years ago#1
So, I have a file and I'm at Chapter 17. I had Chrom marry Sumia, but later I regretted it since I would rather have had my FeMU marry him. I know that there are a few scenes that differ, like baby Lucina's birth, and later the reuinion with her parents in like Chapter 12 or 13.

Are there any other main scenes after this that would be different had I married Chrom? Like do you get any special conversations, scenes in the end if you're his wife? because if there are, I'll start another file on normal/casual to see them. Don't be too specific though, since I haven't beaten it yet and don't know the ending ;)

User Info: GSSAGE7

4 years ago#2
Only the scenes involving one of the Lucina's are effected by marriage. That's all I can say without spoiling.

User Info: Lil_Puddin

4 years ago#3
In the DLC conversations change a bit, but overall you do not miss out on much. I suggest you finish this file "just because" so you can have more Renown Points and also have more supports. Personally, I think FeMU was slightly underwhelming, but it did make the ending feel a bit more "charged" despite there not being much difference in the dialogue.

Sumia is probably the best 3rd wife for Chrom, and best dad for a physical-attacking Cynthia. Olivia is the 2nd best and her "special scenes" as "mommy and waifu" are pretty funny. MU is better off elsewhere for the other children OR even the 2nd generation. EX: Marrying Yarne gives you a half-bunny-kid and ridiculous caps in every stat but magic.
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User Info: soma2035

4 years ago#4
After the final boss, one of the options results in a special scene with your wife/husband and child(ren).

Other than that, there's the scene where you reunite with Lucina, and there's a second scene involving Lucina. The first is different for each of Chrom's potential marriage candidates, and the second is modified if you're married to either Chrom (as a female avatar) or Lucina (as a male avatar). It really only changes a couple lines and doesn't really leave much of an impact though.
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User Info: monkeybananayum

4 years ago#5
OK, cool thanks guys. Good point on the renown thing too.

For my first playthrough I'm just focusing on pairing people who I like story-wise, not really focusing on skills or abilities. Hopefully my children characters dont suck.
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  3. Does who you marry affect the main story scenes? *spoilers*

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