Chrom!Brady should be allowed to inherit Lord class from Chrom.

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  3. Chrom!Brady should be allowed to inherit Lord class from Chrom.

User Info: qwertyman2002

4 years ago#1
Considering Maribelle is the only noble out of Chrom's suitors (correct me if I'm wrong), it would've made sense for Brady to be the only sibling of Lucina to be able to inherit Lord.

Would make for an awesome Brady too. Limit Break/Luna/Rightful King, Aether, Aggressor, Galeforce, Lifetaker
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User Info: Honzou

4 years ago#2
Maribelle, and Sully come from low nobility. Sully being from a house of knights, and I don't know but I thnk Sumia, Olivia and Robin (well at first) are the only choices for Chrom that aren't of nobility.
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User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

4 years ago#3
Yeah, that would be nice, especially since he could use the extra options (and Chrom only passes LOLarcher to him).

btw, I believe Sully and Sumia are nobles too. Sully I know for sure (harvest scramble clearly states that, as does Donnel x Sully supports), Sumia idk.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#4
Gaius calls Sumia "that oddball nobelwoman" in their supports. She may be of low nobility like Sully, though.
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User Info: Rezkeshdadesh

4 years ago#5
Any child of Chrom's should get Lord just by being his kid. It doesn't really matter who the mother is.
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User Info: Lil_Puddin

4 years ago#6
Knights have their own ranking of "nobility" as it would seem. So Fredrick is also probably a noble. That's the only way they'd be able to consort with someone of such a high position, anyway. . .

Maribelle is the daughter of a duke. In other words, she is basically second-hand royalty. Or of "moderate" nobility, thus making her children lord-worthy.
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User Info: SwordMasterEX

4 years ago#7
Well in Sully's supports with Vaike she states that she could have laid down and been fed grapes all her life and still been considered a high noble but she feels she needs to prove herself as one (hence her constant training). Basically Sully and Maribelle are the only noble's he can marry.
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  3. Chrom!Brady should be allowed to inherit Lord class from Chrom.

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