Do I got this right?

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User Info: basketheadx

4 years ago#1
To get the needed skill for the children, do the parents must level up first to acquire the skill for transfer? Also I notice that not all of the skill will be passed on to child. So how am I suppose to know which skills can be transferred?

User Info: Rikashi

4 years ago#2
The last skill of the parent will be passed down. You can go to the Equip Skills menu and reorder them so you can choose whatever skill you want to pass down.

User Info: Dlordflash

4 years ago#3
certain classes have certain skills, if you want to pass the skill down you need to learn it first (chrom is an exception but I'm getting to that later) the skill that is passed down is the last equipped skill on your list(not the list that holds all of your skills just w.e. you happen to have at the bottom of your currently equipped skills) chrom is an exception as he always passes down aether to daughters and rightful king to his sons whether he has the skill or not. Skills are not passed down until you go into the paralogue and you can only get one skill from the father and one from the mother, when you go into the chapter i advise you to check the child's skills to see if they tranferred properly if not go out of the map rearrange the parents skills then go back in and the child's skills should reset. Also DLC skills can't be passed down so don't try
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  3. Do I got this right?

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