Strongest in the army?

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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#21
JadeDragoon7 posted...
Walhart. Kjelle seems to steamroll everyone in her support conversations though.

Indeed. Kjelle is even able to defeat MU once she learns how MU fights.

Though Kjelle does say that as a Manakete Nah is stronger than her.
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User Info: KevinCC

4 years ago#22
Sully's above Stahl unless they S-Support.

Vaike's good, but below Chrom.

Olivia, Noire, Yarne, and Brady would be low (BLOOD AND THUNDER Noire would be higher, though).

Not sure what to do with Donnel - his characterization is that he's weak but picks up anything super fast, so he's likely somewhere in the middle.
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User Info: Rockman47

4 years ago#23
I'll just put the top 4 for both gens IMO.

For Gen 1 characters storywise:


Honorable mentions: Basilio, Gregor, and Tiki

Gen 2 supportwise:
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

4 years ago#24
Chaos_fire posted...
Inigo saying something that Kjelle is stronger than Chrom.

Kjelle and Chrom clash in their introduction, and Chrom's shown in a greater light, kind of like how Robin beat her attacks easily for the most part.

Chrom acknowledging Lucina as the better fighter.

Where's this said? He says that she's better than she lets on, but he never says that she's better than him.

and Robin beating Kjelle in a duel.

Kjelle eventually overcomes him.

Chrom should be at the top, since he had to overcome Walhart and Priam to recruit them. Walhart, Priam, Kjelle, and Lucina should be around the top as well, but Chrom's shown to be superior to them. Robin's around those guys' level as well. The manakete fighters should also be among the strongest too.

User Info: Chaos_fire

4 years ago#25
I think after its the Regna Feroxi leaders. And then after that it seems like Lon'qu and his supports set the bar for the next strongest people.

Gregor > Lon qu
Lon qu > Sully, Vaike, Cordelia
Lon'qu = Robin? (It seems Robin definitely progresses the most throughout the story, so in the beginning it could be that Robin and Lon'qu were equal once, then Robin became much better)

User Info: NanayaSReborn

4 years ago#26
Priam and Walhart, IMO.

Chrom himself says that he's nowhere near as powerful as Walhart, and that it's the bonds he has with his friends that helped him get this far.

Yen'fay acknowledged Priam as the single most powerful member of the army in their Hot Spring Scramble conversations. He also happens to be the only warrior that Walhart takes an interest in fighting other than Chrom.

The rest of the Sheperds' strength is left fairly ambiguous, but no doubt these two are at the top.
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