CYOA: Age of the Sun (Part 3)

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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#1
(I didn't even realise it was at 500 holy cow.)

This is a continuation of my CYOA(s) on this board.

Topic 1:

Topic 2:

The Story so Far:

You are Prideri. Once a Shaman from the mountainous country Vredain, you now lead an army as a strategist. Vredain and Iwernia were once allied nations, strong and renowned. That all changed when the cult of light, a group who adopted the contrarian teachings of the Southern dragon worshippers started an insurrection, killing the Iwernian King Bran and the Vredaini King Poile. Although Vredain survived due to the efforts of the Hero-King Padraig, a new nation was remade from the fallen borders: Luhnag. Lightning strikes twice, and twenty-four years later Vredain fell in its entirety, leaving you a young man to join the liberation army with the young prince Mirthin and the experienced general Garth.

To restore your shattered nation, you set out to the neighbouring country Bregjar. The Great Dragon Gotha is their King, a stern and tacitern man who leads the North with his power and wisdom. He promises you aid in the form of the Knight Oswald and his battallion and as a first mission you manage to drive the Luhnag away from their attack on the border of Vredain and Bregjar, Badon.

Heading through the island nation Ynnes Manodan, you befriend their prince, the courageous and fun-loving Galahan. Leaving his country to the shifty advisor Cullough, he promises you aid and joins you in the assault on Luhnag. You successfully take Fort Hibernia, carefully preserving the lives of its general Joachim and his wife and daughter. Your considerate tactics earn the attention of Luhnag's emperor, Constantin, who kidnaps a host of your closest friends.

In the capitol Oshianna, you go to exhange prisoners of each side with Constantin, however before hand you meet Taliesin, a Bard who you met once before on your travels. He reveals his identity as the Great Dragon Lobelin, reveared in Vredain and abroad as the shepherd of humanity for his knowledge and teachings. He also reveals himself as your great-grandfather, explaining the circumstances of your birth. With his help, you manage to convince Constantin to be sceptical of Rajha's words, and he leaves to have an audience himself. He also reveals another piece of information: That this war, like the ones of legend, are a ploy to kill off mankind, preventing the fall of the Great Dragons.

You decide to take the Southern route back to Bregjar in order to regroup, passing Ynnes Manodan again, only to find that Cullough has surrendered the country to the Southern nation Pharus, installing himself as the puppet King. You have successfully taken the capitol, Widrinn, from Cullough, but now the Pharisian King Diomedes marches to your gate. While you prepare your army, you've decided to take on a few challenges...
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User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#2
Darn, I missed my chance to vote in the 2nd part D=

Anyways, A. bombardment tactics ftw =D
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#3

Prideri: The main character. He was raised by a royal magister named Griffith in the temple of Vredain. He was found under the corpse of a nurse maid, although his clear relation to Taliesin proves that he is in fact the legitimate son of the former King Poile. He is in a relationship with his childhood friend Rhea. Average height with short blonde hair and green eyes. 24 years old.

Rhea: Prideri's childhood friend, who has promised to be his wife. She's a slight tomboy with a gift for magical prestidigitation and hermeticism. She is beginning to open up to more friendships. Slightly small build with long silver hair and blue eyes. 22 years old.

Griffith: Prideri's foster father. He's gone through many positions as a servant in castle Vredain, and treats Prideri like his own. He has shoulder length dark hair and blue eyes, he's very gaunt faced. 47 years old.

Mirthin: The prince of Vredain. Although he was once timid and meek, he is beginning to show strong qualities and capable leadership. He aspires to be like his father, Padraig, and be a Knight worthy of protecting his homeland. He is slightly on the short side with puffy red hair and the beginnings of a beard. Almost 18 years old.

Garth: The strongest general in Vredain. He was born a foreigner in sovereign Iwernia, however in his early days as a Knight he encountered some trouble when he tried to rescue his princess, the enigmatic Tara. Although he's been everywhere and loves to speak of his travels, he remains tight-lipped on that one subject. Short blue hair with a well kept beard and sideburns. 43 years old.

Erin: A knight of Vredain who specializes in Lances. She has a calm, somewhat spacey personality and has trouble forming sentences due to an unusual childhood. She has become more outgoing since her best friend was killed. She has shortish green hair and green eyes, fairly tall for a girl. 26 years old.

Emily: A former knight of Vredain who specialized in Swords. She was outgoing and friendly, with a determined attitude. She wanted to succeed Garth as the general, but she was killed by a group of Pharisian Pegasus Knights and Halbierders sent to assassinate Galahan. Had red hair in pig-tails with red eyes, short for her age. Died at 25 years old.

Arth: A Warrior known as the Bear of Vredain. He's loud, boisterous and somewhat obnoxious. He's very fond of war and chaos, although he ultimately fights to uphold peace. His brother is the Priest Morphanz. He has curly red hair with blue eyes and a large stature. 39 years old.

Norwenna: A good natured Dark Flier from Vredain who was a trainee in Iwernia when the rebellion happened. She tries to make herself appear proper and lady-like, but there's a lot of things she isn't very good at hiding. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Very attractive for her age. 39 years old.

Morphanz: A Priest from Vredain who was best friends with Prideri. Although he's fairly slack about the teachings of his trade, deep down he really wants to help people. He has curly red hair, blue eyes and a handsome face. 25 years old.

Ketil: A Berserker from the icey cold Northern nation Jotlend. He's brash and arrogant, but he has a thoughtful and caring side as well. He wields the legendary Axe Merovignius, a symbol of his right to title of his country's King. He has longish blonde hair, blue eyes and a beard. Very tall and strong. 44 years old.

Anja: An overly boy-crazy Sniper from Jotlend. She was branded a traitor to her country by the new King Guthred and nearly assassinated. Ketil saved her, and nursed her back to health. She has pink hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. 17 years old.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#4
Bernard: A Thief from Bregjar's capitol Gothasverg, whose family was killed for the machinations of the demon Formortiis. He fell out of practicing magic and sword at the temple and knights' quarters, finding little talent in either and turned to petty crime. Light brown hair with an orange outfit and feathered cap. 21 years old.

Hanna: A Cleric from the temple of Gothasverg, who attempts to sway Bernard from his thieving ways, although she looked past it when he needed food. She's very timid, but tries to help people out like a Cleric does. Long dark hair parted to one end, with deep purple eyes. 20 years old.

Oswald: A Great Knight who serves as commander of Bregjar's Knights. He's modest and well mannered, very loyal to his position. He may have picked up a gambling problem on the road... Long, wild green hair and a scarred face. 33 years old.

Wilhelm: A stoic Wyvern Lord from Bregjar who has an affinity for animals. He values strength highly, possibly due to issues from abuse in his past. Medium silver hair in a long ponytail. 27 years old.

Finan: A Swordmaster known for his dual-sword style, he believes that the strong should protect the weak. His parents founded the cult of light, but he rebels against their ways. Long brown hair with brown eyes and a thick moustache. 42 years old.

Lir: A Shaman raised in a parish in the Vredaini countryside. He and his best friend Meurig were like brothers, when Formortiis tore them apart. Lir was used as a pawn to kill Meurig. Now he's traveled with you a while, and Formortiis has been suspiciously silent... He has short white hair and one blue eye, one green. 16 years old.

Najin: The leader of the Radiant Dawn Mercenaries, a foreigner from the other end of the world. She has a very curious personality and occasionally strange mannerisms, but she's strong and dependable. Dark hair in a ponytail and a strong build for her size. 29 years old.

Galahan: Prince of Ynnes Manodan, a Wyvern Lord who loves nothing more than to have fun. Although he acts light-hearted, he is capable of being very mature and orderly. He is very generous to his people. Long, slick blue hair with dark brown eyes and a strong build. 24 years old.

Seren: A Trickster from Widrinn, the capitol of Ynnes Manodan. She has trouble getting noticed, although Galahan shows her as much love as he would anybody else, which she takes rather well to. Short black hair with green eyes, draped in white. 29 years old.

Magnes: A peasant from Ynnes Manodan who rose through the ranks to becoming Galahan's champion. He was apparently an accomplished hunter before he joined the knights. 29 years old.

Ishtar: A Wolfkin enslaved by Galahan's father Uther. Prideri buys her freedom, and she winds up falling in love with him, although she knows that he belongs to Rhea. She was exiled from her pack by her jealous brothers. Long silver and black hair wolf ears and a tail. 78 years old, looks 25.

Rory: A Paladin from Luhnag who you captured in Badon. He is impressed by the efforts of you, Mirthin and Garth to end things peacefully, and gladly joins you to keep watch when Constantin leaves to the South. Short brown hair with blue eyes. Tall and broad build. 22 years old.

Karen: A Swordmaster from the Remani Empire. Fiercely loyal, and fond of her new home in Luhnag. Her parents are the famed warriors Joachim and Gunhild, and she's proud of her heritage. Long red hair in a laurel-crown braid with green eyes. 21 years old.

Nuada: A Eu-Daemon, a devious otherworldly fiend who takes positive emotion in the air and absorbs it through killing. He has a quirky, spritely manner of speech to lighten the mood. Spiky purple hair, with varying builds and features. Age unknown.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#5
Eileen: A Falcon Knight from Luhnag who puts too much thought into material goods. She really cares about her best friends, Rory and Karen. Medium blonde hair with blue eyes. 21 years old.

Sinead: A snarky General from Luhnag who's good at impersonations. She pretended to be a Bregjar Knight and infiltrated your army to spy for Constantin. She has short blonde hair. 22 years old.

Gideon: A Druid from Vredain who trained Prideri. He takes it upon himself to investigate the Fae and the ancient treasures that they protect, with hopes of restoring the glory of old. Long gray hair with a longer grey beard and a fierce expression. 64 years old.

Taliesin: An unassuming, if handsome Bard who is actually the Great Dragon Lobelin. Master of Magic, wisdom and secrets, he is also Prideri's great grandfather. He wishes for Prideri to lead his cause to victory, but doesn't wish to force or manipulate him. As a human, long blonde hair with strong, handsome features and green eyes. Well over 200,000 years old.

Theodore: A Bishop working at the library in Gothasverg who promised to reserve a book for you. He's probably more important than he let's on. Oily green hair with a daft expression. 32 years old.

Padraig: The previous King of Vredain, Mirthin's father. With a small force, held Constantin's rebels out of Vredain and was crowned King for his achievement. Died in the second attack at 49 years old.

Constantin: The Emperor of Luhnag, and Rory's father. A famous warrior who wields the spear Gae Bolg. He was brought into the cult of light as tempt of power, although he valued Southern culture as well. By appealing to his pride in his ancestry, Garth convinced him to question Rajha's motive. Short brown hair with blue eyes. 53 years old.

Maeve: Constantin's wife, also his cousin and a fellow minor Bheithir blood. She seems to have her own motives for marrying Constantin. Long brown hair with green eyes. 44 years old.

Liath: Constantin's daughter, a confident and strong Falcon Knight who stayed at Oshianna with her mother. With the legendary Lance Bheithir, she will guard the capitol. 28 years old.

Cullough: The scheming, dastardly head servant of Ynnes Manodan, who betrayed his King and usurped the throne with the help of Pharus. You and Finan killed him recently. He had short, graying hair with a snide expression. Died at 54 years old.

Tristan: A recently promoted commander of Ynnes Manodan who betrayed Uther and Galahan with Uther. He has short orange hair and red eyes. Currently missing. 36 years old.

Gotha: The Great Dragon representing darkness and the night. He's stern and involved in some nasty business. Bald with crimson eyes and thick grey mutton chops. Well over 200,000 years old.

Rajha: The Great Dragon representing light and day. True to your idea of the evil dragon, he is involved in a totalitarian scheme. You've never seen him. Well over 200,000 years old.

Galatea: Magnes' younger sister, currently helping you hunt the Legendary Tiger. Long dark hair and dark eyes. 21 years old.

Gwenevar: Seren's older sister, head spy of Ynnes Manodan. She can have a commanding presence. Long black hair with green eyes, draped in white. 34 years old.

Vitos: A Sniper, town guard of Widrinn. He betrayed Cullough and let you in, but was cut down by his underlings. Sky blue hair in a ponytail with red eyes. Died at 35 years old.

Morta: Vitos' twin brother, an Assassin who always obeys his King. He looks almost identical to Vitos. 35 years old.

Diomedes: King of Pharus, capable of wielding Chronos, the Sword of Time. He's marching to your castle now. 48 years old.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#6
(And now back to updating.)

You and Morphanz immediately attack the Legendary Tiger with your Magic, darkness and light paradoxicalle striking it in tandem. It hisses in pain, but shrugs off the attack. Sinead meets its slowed pace relatively easile with her shield, smacking the creature in the jaw as Galatea looses an arrow from her Silver Short Bow. She hits the first time, but it clatters uselessly from the creature's hide. She curses and fires another one, pulling the string further than you thought it would go, but not after spinning the arrow for good luck. It embeds itself in the tiger, causing it to turn and face her.

Sinead takes the opportunity to shove her Lance into the creature's left foreleg. Unfazed, it continues its charge, actually snapping her Lance in half. She blocks another strike with he shield, heaving her Axe into the creature's side as she begins to tumble over. You and Morphanz refrain from casting because you don't want to hurt Sinead, and you've drawn your Killing Edge, not hesitating to run at the beast.

"Get away from her!" You yell, swinging your Sword at its neck. "I won't let anyone down!" The creature shifts, taking a sizeable gash to its shoulder and it turns around begins circling you and Sinead, who was hurt pretty badly.

Suddenly, an arrow hits the creature dead in the eye. It roars in rage trying to find the source of the shot. Magnes steps out of the trees, loosing a second arrow that hits the Legendary Tiger's second eye. "Brother!" Galatea yells admiringly.

"What are you doing here with these folk, Galatea?" Magnes asks worriedly. "Don't tell me you've been trying to hunt this thing."

Galatea sits there with a sorry look on her face, until she's woken up by another roar. The tiger jumps at Magnes, but he simply slides below it, cutting across its belly with his Sword. The beast falls over dead behind him and he doesn't even bother looking back. "Sorry, brother..." Galatea hugs him. "It got the jump on us, I didn't mean to worry you."

"It's alright, Galatea." Magnes says. He turns to you. "I'm taking this girl back home. Why don't you load that body onto Sedrig?" You nod, taking one side of the limp tiger as you wait for Morphanz to finish healing Sinead's wounds. Magnes leaves, while you make a mental note not to cross him.

"I'm thinking it's hands off Galatea." Morphanz remarks dryly.

"No kidding..." Sinead adds.


Morphanz and Sinead part ways with you, taking the Legendary Tigers' corpse and agreeing to add the reward to the treasury, although you allow them to each take 1000 gold to spend on what they want. You figure that if one bill was this hard, most will probably be a challenge, and look for someone to accompany you. It doesn't take Taliesin long to ask you himself.

"Have you heard of the Old Gods' Tor?" He asks you suddenly when you enter the castle.

"I have." You confirm. "It's where the man who created the Outrealm Gate presided, with the heroes who some worshipped as gods in ancient times... There's also a mad wizard holed up in there right now."

"I know." Taliesin says. "And I intend to kick him out. There is nothing of value left there, but I still wish to preserve the location."

"I was planning on going myself." You admit. "But I knew I'd need some help..."

"And help you will get." Taliesin smiles. "I will show you what I can do."

(Continued next post.)
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#7
Cheesepower5 posted...
(And now back to updating.)

Morphanz and Sinead part ways with you, taking the Legendary Tigers' corpse.


Err... I mean... Tiger rug.
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#8
Ooooh, does anyone know what time it is? It's... Taliesin Time! Lo and Behold, a true Dragon of old.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#9
"Alright." You say. "I'd be glad to go with you, Taliesin... Maybe I can see a Great Dragon in action."

Taliesin chuckles. "It would probably be unwise of me to assume my true form." He tells you. "But if the need arises... Still, what we also need is one with skills in infiltration."

"I know just the man." You say confidently. "And I have an idea of where to find him."


You meet with Bernard in the girls' quarter. He's there with Hanna, as he has been most of the time since the battle. They don't appear to be doing anything, so you ask if he can help. "Hey, Bernard." You greet. "How are you and Hanna holding up?"

"We're all good." He says cheerfully. "I still can't thank you enough for saving Hanna."

"If you hadn't come between Rory and I..." She begins meekly. "Well, I don't think I'd have made it."

"It was just a split second descision." You say bashfully. "Anyway, I was hoping I could ask for some help..."

"Ask away." Bernard welcomes you.

"There's a wanted man locked up in a nearby tower." You explain. "Taliesin and I are going to kill him, but we need someone who can help us with the locks and traps inside."

"Then I'm your man." Bernard smiles. "I'd be glad to help ya', boss man!"

"Yeah, don't call me that." You snap. Bernard chuckles a bit, but doesn't press the issue.

"I want to go too." Hanna requests suddenly. "Please take me with you..."

You look at Bernard, who shakes his head. "I don't want to see you endangered every time." He says. "This is a wanted criminal, who knows what he'd do to you.

"But you need a healer!" She argues. "None of you can use a staff as well as I can."

"Why don't you stay outside..." You suggest. "That way, if Bernard or I come out in distress, you can teleport us out with your Rescue staff."

Bernard's eyes widen. "I could live with that..." He decides. "She'll be safe, right?"

"Sedrig will keep her safe." You conclude.


The Old Gods' Tor is a surprisingly short journey away, the mist-cloaked tower becoming visible after just ten minutes of flying. It's fairly low key, at least in comparison to Oshianna's exuberant Emerald Spire. The clay brick building is covered in moss and vines, little sign of any serious activity in the area. Ancient windows look readily available to land in, but you don't know where Goire is inside. Should you land in a window, or start from the bottom?

A. Climb in the window at the top.
B. Walk in the door at the bottom.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#10
Das Bump

Anja and Galatea: You've only seen the tail end of Gale Force, when Anja killed two Soldiers with head shots. Of course, anybody killing and moving on would be unremarkable. In this, Galeforce's activation means a string of perfectly timed and placed kills and such speed can only be attained by certain, skilled individuals. Few have it innately. So why does an ordinary village girl know it...? In fact... Why do two?

(That's a rhetorical question.)
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