marthsheretoo's "story runthrough" playthrough thread (rules inside!)

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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#1
Hello, regulars, trolls, RP accounts, lurkers, and government monitors!

Lately, I've had a playthrough idea kicking around in my head, mostly prompted by my lukewarm response to this game's story. Many criticisms have been raised, but I think something that hasn't been covered nearly enough is how heavily the gameplay mechanics strip away any sense of immersion one might conceivably feel. To combat this, and to hopefully really get myself caring about my ragtag group of adventurers (who I had really been treating like min-max machines, which killed my connection to them faster than a picture of Donald Trump kills my sex drive), I will be playing through the game and documenting my travels -- hopefully in a more narrative-esque way than playthrough topics usually are -- , using the following rules.

-Hard classic -- I want my characters to feel like heroes, not like children that Frederick has to babysit. At the same time, I want an actual challenge, so normal mode is out. I can't fathom playing casual and caring abut who lives or dies, so classic it is.
-"Iron Man" (no resets) -- in real life, you don't get second chances. I normally reset for fallen characters, but this time, dead really does mean dead.
-If I get game over, I fail -- if a character died on a map, I might be tempted to be more reckless with Chrom or Avatar in the hopes that s/he might die and force a restart. This rule eliminates that option.
-Pair-ups happen through convenience (with one exception -- see below) -- optimization sterilizes the phenomenon of bonds formed out of necessity on the battlefield.
-Do every support as it becomes unlocked -- no forcing two units not to succumb to their passion because a runner-up suitor results in a better child.
-Do every paralogue as it becomes unlocked -- events are happening whether I'm there or not, and if I hold off, it will be too late. Naturally, the chapters must be completed with haste to avoid this fate.
-No skirmishes -- we're trying to save the world; there's no time for these. EXCEPTION: A total of three skirmishes may be completed between chapters 11 and 12, as the shepherds need to keep their skills sharp during their two year hiatus from plot-relevant exploits.
-No buying items in chapters I've already cleared (except the most recent.) -- there's no time to traipse around the map for that one weapon you need when the world is in danger. This will play more like old-school FE, where armories appeared on the maps themselves and you either bought the items you needed or went without and had them break on you. Once again, an exception will be made between chapters 11 and 12.
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#2
-Can do every DLC map once. -- Time passes differently in the Outrealms, making it possible to journey there for possible otherworldly aid. However, repeating missions makes no sense in the context of a story, and will not be allowed. This means, yes, one lucky unit will be allowed to reclass to dread fighter. Same with bride. Similarly, an even luckier unit will gain the ability to break limits.
-No bonus box/renown awards. -- These make no real sense and will be discarded.
-No class changes unless they make sense in the context of the character. -- This is mostly a judgment call, but I can tell you now that Kellam is going to second seal into a thief/assassin at some point. Second sealing into the same class at level 20 is A-OK.
-Speaking of class changing, Chrom is required to eat a Master Seal at the end of chapter 11, and no earlier/later. -- Remember when promotion meant something? Now you just mass-purchase the generic all-purpose promotion item from a store. It's like how instead of hunting game, we buy steak-umms at Wal-Mart. Chrom's promotion at the end of chapter 11 is a physical manifestation of his accomplishments, as well as his newfound responsibility.
-Regarding barracks: If two characters offer to team up, I field them and they spend the match paired up. If a character gets a surge, I field them. -- Promises made between allies should not be reneged.
-Forged weapons receive a name. Always. They cannot be traded once bestowed. --Yay signature weapons!

Any suggestions for additional rules are appreciated, so I can make final additions/subtractions before I start the playthrough. Remember, I'm not looking to make this particularly challenging (though some of the restrictions, such as the weapon-buying rule, might turn out to be frustrating as hell), so base your suggestions off of how I can better immerse myself in the game, rather than how I may balance certain aspects.

I'll likely begin my playthrough tomorrow. By that time, I hope to have the gender of my Avatar set... which is for you to decide!

So, male or female?
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#3
Alright, I can see there's going to be a lot of interest in this thread. >_>
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User Info: SwordMasterEX

4 years ago#4
Male Avatar for the bromance, and also regarding the outrealms won't the traveling to and from take away some immersion? Sure time moves differently there but you still have to journey there.
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#5

Male. Chrom has Sumia influencing his story, so no room for FeMU.

Could possibly do Lissa, as a first girl wins thing...
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User Info: TheBeastWithin

4 years ago#6
Instead of Chrom/MU death=fail, just make it that if any unit dies before them during the chapter, you are required to get that unit killed during the chapter upon restart. It would be really lame for this playthrough to be cut short by that rule. If you were just doing this on your own that's one thing, but if you're doing a runthrough topic on this you should avoid problems like that. Otherwise the rules are cool.
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#7
I like that last suggestion, so that's what I'm going to do. Still going to avoid death of main characters as much as possible.

I'm going to say that portals to the outrealm can appear suddenly and without warning, even if the game has a set location to the gate. Besides, with wibbly-wobbly bulls***, you can even have an adventure in an outrealm and come out earlier than you went in. Or something. I dunno.

Looks like MaMU is the consensus, which makes sense. No blowing through the game with Chrom!Morgan, I suppose. So here we go!

Male MU.
Build 01
Face 04
Hair 05
Hair color 09
Voice 01
Name: Robin (almost went with Mark -- I tried to make him look kinda like Mark anyway)
Birthday: 6/15 (For a nice barracks birthday surprise a good ways down the road)
Asset/flaw: MAG/STR (to play up MU's focus on magic in the cutscenes and to contrast with Chrom's swords)

Here we go!
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#8

As Robin lies collapsed in a field, his mind dreams of strange events... of himself and a man named Chrom fighting for their life against the evil sorcerer Validar. Chrom runs in with Falchion, allowing Robin to take the rear and blast Validar with a powerful bolt of lightning. Validar stumbles back, distracted, and Chrom takes the opportunity to strike again. "Have another!" he shouts, and Validar falls, his blood staining Chrom's blade.

Validar rises again, eyes burning with hate, and unleashes a final spell. Luckily, Robin is able to deflect it away from Chrom. It seems as though the pair has won, but suddenly red flashes across Robin's vision and he hits Chrom right in the chest with the lightning bolt. Chrom looks at Robin, the life leaving his body, and is adamant that it is not Robin's fault. Then he falls as laughter rings in Robin's head.

What could it all mean? Robin has no idea.
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User Info: Airship_Canon

4 years ago#9
Spitz_of_TFF posted...

Male. Chrom has Sumia influencing his story, so no room for FeMU.

Could possibly do Lissa, as a first girl wins thing...

Looking at it from a story PoV, you'd want to avoid glaring plotholes, so Lissa is right out.
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#10

As the vision fades, Robin is awakened by a female voice. He opens his eyes to discover a young girl and a man who looks like Chrom from his vision. Chrom pulls Robin to his feet, but is convinced by a serious-looking knight that he may be a threat. Chrom resolves to take him to town and sort things out there, as Robin realizes he can't remember as much as his own name -- until he suddenly does, seconds later. They exchange introductions. Chrom seems bemused by Robin's odd-sounding name, and Robin is introduced to his small retinue -- his sister, Lissa, and his guardian, Frederick.

Moments later, Lissa announces that the town is under attack by bandits! Chrom, Frederick, and Lissa rush to their aid. Robin, after a moment's thought, follows. The four arrive, decide to work together, and battle is joined!

Frederick shadows Chrom's every movement, keeping him safe from harm as the two move northward. They strike in tandem, slaying a bandit before he can lift a finger to defend himself.

Robin, for his part, pulls out a Thunder tome -- not quite as powerful as the Thoron he was using in his vision, but mighty enough to deal with these pathetic bandits. He sends a bolt at the head of a ruffian behind a market-stall, but the ruffian jerks back, unharmed. More bandits close in and Lissa runs to a corner to avoid being overwhelmed.

Eventually, the rush of bandits fades. Robin's been hurt by some bandits and Chrom by a lone mage, so Lissa runs in and heals their injuries. As the team prepares to strike at the second group of bandits, Chrom notices something that was knocked from a stall -- a Catharsis staff.

Chrom: This could come in handy.

Chrom and Frederick are an unbeatable team -- Chrom can't even be physically damaged and his attacks are usually followed by a brutal thrust from a Silver Lance. Mages are quickly eliminated and the bandit numbers dwindle, though Lissa is sliced with a blade and complains about it loudly.

Robin: You know, I'm not too comfortable with this sword. Why don't you give it a swing, Frederick? It's not as valuable as that lance you have -- you really want to be wasting that on these fools?

The team advances on the leader, who has planted himself in front of a house. Robin picks up a discarded weapon. It looks like a peasant tried to use it on a bandit and failed miserably. It's a bow, but it's awfully poor quality. It's slack and unbalanced.

Chrom: I'll take him out. Robin, cover me.

Frederick: Allow me, my lord. It's my job to protect you.

Chrom: With you guarding me, I don't get enough opportunities to stretch my muscles. I'll be fine, Frederick.

A short battle later, the bandit chief lies smoking in the dirt. The villagers thank Chrom and the shepherds, and they are soon on their way.

(Note: One of Robin's levelups was +1 HP. I almost restarted... but I think I'm going to make restarting for levelups against the rules as well)
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