marthsheretoo's "story runthrough" playthrough thread (rules inside!)

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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#71
Chapter 25

In case it wasn't apparent, I have discarded the idea of doing any outrealm missions at all. This playthrough doesn't want or need them.

As the army moves out to Origin Peak, Robin tells Chrom he has an idea -- if he kills Grima, Grima will die, since they're technically the same. Naga confirms that this is correct, but that since the two are the same, Robin will die in the process (I have no idea how this makes sense). Furthermore, there is a small, small chance (so, a 100% chance) that Robin COULD survive since his heart is so anchored to his friends (I have even fewer ideas about how THIS makes sense). The Grimleal then descend in force to keep the shepherds from reaching Grima.

The team charges forward to clear out the area below the center mountain range (also to get out of range of the fliers to the side). The four forged weapons prove to be incredibly useful already -- Noire in particular can mow down just about everyone on the map.

Cordelia/Donnel darts forward with Heart to take down the Mire sorcerers so that she can galeforce away without provoking the next wave of enemies, so we soon have a nice little clear area to defend. At this point, the reinforcements start arriving and it turns into "hold the center with rallies and strategic placement" again. Some attacking and retreating happens, but for the most part, the shepherds hold their positions.

Members of the team start hitting level 20 left and right. It looks like IS really nailed the bullseye here -- the penultimate level is EXACTLY when people should be reaching their limits, gameplay-wise. If only second seals were rarer/nonexistent....

Anyway, the shepherds sweep around the right side of the mountain, continuing to lay waste to the enemy. I could probably manage without the forges, but they definitely make things easier and less luck-based. I should have used them earlier (I was too worried about money, I suppose -- I shouldn't have been).

Finally, Sumia and Cordelia fly right across the mountains and deposit Donnel and Kjelle among the remaining Grimleal, who die spectacularly. The only one left now is Aversa.

Aversa, predictably, is one-rounded by a Rally'd Morgan with Arcwind. This is why Iote's shield is a must.

Grima himself emerges now, and everyone panics. Naga informs Chrom that Grima has a weakness on his neck, and that she will warp us onto his back. Now, I have a couple questions for Naga.
1: Why not warp us onto his neck, instead of his back?
2: Why not warp us onto his back earlier, before we had to fight our way through all those thrice-damned Grimleal?

Whatever. I guess she knows what she's doing.

Panne is really fired up! We'll be taking her along next battle.

Robin and Noire's attempts to curb Tharja's hexes have met in failure.

Cordelia repays Donnel's thoughtfulness by making him a giant list of faults. That's kind of a b**** move....

Maribelle asks Vaike if she's snobbish, and doesn't quite get the response she was looking for.

Anyway, I drop my cash on brave weapons, because you can't take it with you! This is it, the final battle!

Ps: EEF chapter called "to slay a god", why no god slain? Thankyou.
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#72

I forge the brave weapons on a whim by selling a bunch of stuff in my convoy. Because why not?

Sumia's Brave Lance -- "Final Hope".

Cordelia's Brave Lance -- "Wellspring".

Donnel's Brave Sword -- "Pig Sticker".

Vaike's Brave Axe -- "Tenure".

I blow all my tonics, confects, etc.

Mini-rant here: You know what this game is missing that other Fire Emblem games aren't? A sense that the main characters are struggling. I can remember chapters like Victory or Death and Darkling Woods where it really felt like things were difficult. To Slay a God was basically "aww man, we have to stomp these Grimleal before we can fight Grima" instead of "Let's hope we can survive these Grimleal long enough to get to Grima". This feeling was absent in FE9 because that was how the story flowed -- the odds were against you in the beginning and you slowly turned them around until you had momentum. But in Awakening, other than in maybe two or three chapters, the shepherds are never in serious danger of failure. Robin's silly plans keep them so far ahead of the enemies that they might as well not even be there. Even Chrom's dialogue in this chapter suggests to me "ugh, let's get this over with so I can make Cynthia with Sumia".

Anyway... rant over.

So the team has teleported right up onto Grima's back, but Grima hits them with some kind of attack that reduces them all to 1 hp, which is a staple of the dramatic fight. Grima offers Robin a choice: join with him or watch as he murders Robin's friends. Robin refuses emphatically, so Grima sucks him into some kind of void.

Robin is in trouble until he hears the voices of his friends echo out to him from beyond the void. (Note: Grima's random capitalization of letters makes him come across as really silly and incompetent). This allows Robin to resist Grima's control and return to his senses! Naga fully heals the party (and does nothing else useful the entire fight), and it's time to end this!

The party runs forward, intent on finishing this fight. Lucina gets on Cordelia's pegasus and Cordelia flies Lucina towards Grima after being rallied, all the while wishing that Lucina was her own daughter. Galeforcing occurs (god I love this skill so much; it's made Cordelia an all-star even though she was dragging beforehand)

Naga warns us that Grima has an infinite number of followers to throw at us, so we need to go ahead and finish this before they overwhelm us. Naga also seems remarkably accepting of our possible decision to not finish Grima forever. Shouldn't she be kind of... insistent that we do this??

Lucina runs in and stabs at Grima. She gets off an aether, but pavise protects Grima from the worst and Cordelia doesn't join in on the attack, so Grima's health doesn't drop too much (Lucina also isn't quite as strong as she should be).

Maribelle casts her rescue staff to the sky and brings Chrom and Sumia closer to her. Sumia rides forth, following in Cordelia's wake and charging through the opening she created. Chrom leaps up, exalted falchion glowing and ready. He gets a clean slice off at Grima, but falters in the face of a powerful blast of energy. He rallies, then delivers an aether of his own. Grima's pavise protects him for the first AND second hit, but it simply isn't enough -- Chrom's attacks have pierced his scales and left him open!

Chrom goes in for the final strike, but... Robin beats him to it! With a final blast of dark energy, Robin strikes Grima with his own power turned against him. Grima dissolves into nothingness, dead at last....

-To be continued-
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#73
Robin, too, fades into nothingness. Chrom stands tall, overlooking the old corpse of Grima... the threat is over, but the atmosphere is mournful. Too many good friends were lost along the way.

Cordelia: Too many times now have I watched loved ones give their lives for me...

:( RIP Stahl.

Tried to count my turns, but lost count. It was definitely over 500, though. The Nah paralogue alone was 67 turns.

Honorable mention: Kjelle (129 victories)
3rd place: Chrom (130 victories)
2nd place: Donnel (143 victories)
1st place: Robin (154 victories)


* -- Killed while attempting to recruit

And so it ends! Thank you to everyone who followed me. I had a blast playing through this way, and it really helped me grow attached to my soldiers! Particularly Vaike, who shattered all my expectations and grew into a truly fearsome warrior.

Until next time, everyone!
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#74

I guess no Stinger ending for the story, then?


Ah well, ya did good kid.
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User Info: SwordMasterEX

4 years ago#75
Your commentary was More moving than the actual dialogue in game.
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User Info: TalesOfGod

4 years ago#76
marthsheretoo posted...
Paralogue 17

Chrom and the shepherds journey to Naga's Cradle, where Tiki is performing a rite to draw forth the divine dragon's power. However, Grima has sent this and sent Risen to kill Tiki while she is helpless. Chrom and the shepherds take arms to defend her!

Say'ri suggests we make a wall of our soldiers, but I don't like that idea. They pair off and await the enemy, as this means they won't attack us.

I suddenly realize how dumb pairing up is on this map. Time to start unpairing, whenever I have breathing room.

Unfortunately, I pay for my mistake with Tiki's death at the hands of the marauding Risen. Suddenly, I have tons of flying units calling for the heads of my troops. I manage to survive the turn and get some defenses up, but I'm not exactly in the best position.

Robin reaches level 20.

Somehow, we manage to fend off the waves of enemies (Kjelle solos the entire right side of the map while Donnel fends off the left, for the most part). Everyone is pretty roughed up. The boss swoops in, but we've weathered the worst by now and Chrom aethers the boss into oblivion.

There's some mourning for Tiki, and then we continue our march. Damn, I was really looking forward to putting that dragonstone on Nowi....

Stahl reassures Donnel that he doesn't need a special talent.

Miriel lectures Robin on a rudimentary theory of gravity, and fails to return the pouch he dropped.

And Tiki joins the ranks of the dead... she survived so much, for so long, only to meet her end while trying to help us.

You $*#&@(@. You ****ing *******!!
When I did a challenge similar to this (lunatic, classic, no restart, fail if MU/chrom dies (but no other restrictions), I literally threw MU in front of Tiki (yup, risking 20 hours or so because she is that important and it worked). You just lost one of the best units in the game and the best 1st gen character (excluding MU). T_T

User Info: TalesOfGod

4 years ago#77
Anyways I read the whole thing and you did a pretty good job! ^.^
Great writing and playing. ;)
It sure was entertaining.

User Info: Lagfile

4 years ago#78
Wow! Great Job!

That was really interesting, I'm glad I got to read this topic!
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#79
Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I'm always trying to hone my writing. And I am truly sorry to those whose favorite characters didn't survive.

I made a dumb mistake pairing everyone up on Tiki's chapter, but after I made it, there was simply no way she could possibly survive, no matter what risks I took. :(

One thing I should mention is that neither Chrom nor Robin ever died, so no forced resets occurred -- which stays true to the original rule I had. Hooray! Also, Donnel is not difficult to raise in hard mode in the slightest -- I had him snipe kills, but never really babied him or had him stab helpless archers or anything, and I was playing with no restarts.

I have to say, even though I found time to criticize the story in my write ups (and criticize it to myself privately even when I wasn't writing those criticisms down), I was definitely feeling it a lot more than usual. Cordelia especially became pretty tragic, since her levelup quote "I would do all this and more to be with him..." took on a darker meaning after Stahl died.

Basically, I gave the characters the freedom to grow the way they wanted to and this made them more organic. This helped them break free from the "anime stereotype" label that this board sometimes sticks them with.
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User Info: Highlygifted

4 years ago#80
Great read, definitely interesting way to play the game. Also, what were the end pairings that you managed to achieve/were in the works?
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