Rate the Character, Chapter 29: Gregor!Gerome, Libra!Gerome and Henry!Gerome

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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#1
Welcome to my Series, Rate the Character! Here, we will be analyzing each and every combination of 2nd generation characters, and giving them a rank of D (lowest), C, B, A and S (Highest). These topics usually will last just a single day, so be careful not to miss them!

There is a list of the currently rated characters with a small intro to each rank for you to use as a base, if you are having trouble. But first, what do we use as a base for ranking the kids? What we SHOULDN'T consider? If you are not sure on how to proceed, take a look here:


About Revote Paralogues:

You can nominate previously rated pairings to be brought back and re-discussed. There are more details in this topic, make sure you read it if you are nominating:


Low traffic is LOW. I ain't expecting much out of the next 8 Chapters too. Just because they can't Galeforce it doesn't mean they should be ignored!!!

And I, somehow, forgot about Ricken's Mage line. I guess that Gerome naturally getting Sage messed with me...

Character Ranking and Nominations:

S Rank: The very best pairings, Avatar notwithstanding.
*Sumia!Lucina (0/0 !A)
*Olivia!Lucina (0/0 !A)
*Ricken!Owain (0/0 !A)
*Frederick!Inigo (0/0 !A)
*Libra!Inigo (0/0 !A)
*Lon'qu!Brady (0/0 !A)

A Rank: Great pairings, can't go wrong picking those.
*Ricken!Inigo (1/4)
*Gaius!Brady (1/4)
*Gregor!Brady (1/4)
*Gaius!Kjelle (4/4)

B Rank: Good pairings. Can work decently.
*Stahl!Owain (1/4)
*Libra!Kjelle (2/4)

C Rank: Average and limited pairings.

D Rank: Awful pairings. Cripples the kids, or are useless.
Confession Time!
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#2
*Default Gerome:

Classes Available: Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider, Fighter, Warrior, Hero, Priest, War Monk, Sage, Dread Fighter.

Skills Available: Strength +2, Tantivity, Quick Burn, Swordbreaker, Deliverer, Lancebreaker, HP +5, Zeal, Rally Strength, Counter, Sol, Axebreaker, Miracle, Healtouch, Rally Luck, Renewal, Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Resistance +10, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Paragon, Iote's Shield, Limit Breaker.

Special Inheritance: Resistance +2, Demoiselle, Rally Resistance, Dual Support+.


New Classes Available: Mercenary, Bow Knight, Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Assassin, Barbarian, Berserker.

New Skills Available: Armsthrift, Patience, Rally Skill, Bowbreaker, Avoid +10, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Lethality, Pass, Despoil, Gamble, Wrath, Axefaire.

+6 Strength.
+4 Defense.
+2 Skill.
0 Magic, Speed and Luck.
-3 Resistence.

The most amusing dad for Gerome's parent support. Good mods, outside of the low Speed and crap Resistance (par for the course). Swordfaire allows Gerome to be a good support Assassin, and can be used instead of Axefaire as a support Hero. The latter is also useful for a support Berserker.

He also gets Vantage to help him in the frontlines with Sol, and Astra for a proc. Very good, but only an A rank.


New Classes Available: Mage, Dark Knight, Dark Mage, Sorceror.

New Skills Available: Magic +2, Focus, Slow Burn, Lifetaker, Hex, Anathema, Vengeance, Tomebreaker.

+4 Strength.
+3 Defense.
+2 Magic.
+1 Skill
0 Speed, Luck and Resistance.

The Dark Mage skills can be used for supporting, Vengeance and Tomebreaker can be made useful thanks to Gerome's low Resistance, in different ways. But he is hardly a good Sorceror.

His good Strength and Magic allows him to make some use out of Dark Knight, and he can try to be a Sage support too. He doesn't have the best tools and mods for those jobs, though. C rank.


New Classes Available: Dark Mage, Sorceror, Dark Knight, Thief, Assassin, Trickster, Barbarian, Berserker.

New Skills Available: Hex, Anathema, Vengeance, Tomebreaker, Slow Burn, Lifetaker, Locktouch, Movement +1, Lethality, Pass, Lucky Seven, Acrobat, Despoil, Gamble, Wrath, Axefaire.

+5 Strength.
+4 Defense.
+2 Magic and Skill.
0 Speed.
-1 Luck.
-2 Resistence.

Gets the same uses of Dark Mage as Libra!Gerome, but Vengeance can be made more useful through Wrath (Although it's too risky to use that without Vantage, you can try to use Miracle instead). Assassin is cool, but faireless.

Berserker and Hero are where this Gerome excels at, thanks to the good mods and Axefaire. You can opt to use Sage, though... or Dark Mage. He has the mods to make them work decently. B rank.
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6

User Info: Hanier

4 years ago#3

I don't really see that much of a difference between Henry!Gerome and Libra!Gerome.

I'll nominate Gregor!Brady again.

User Info: papita69xxx

4 years ago#4
Gregor!Gerome: well this one is a great pairing. Axefaire is a gosend to Gerome and even though it lacks the OMG +7 STR factor that Vaike has it doesn´t make it any worse than it. It also offers Armstrift if you want to use Regalia instead of forged braves as he has the skills to tank and +4 defense help in that regard. I gave Vaike!Gerome an S and this one only loses +1 speed which only matters against apotheosis Anna so this one deserves S as well

Libra!Gerome: well i guess you could go magical with this one but a mixed Dread Fighter set seems the way to go with this one. I´ll give it a C since it doesn´t offer anything other than Sorceror and magic mods both of which Gerome can´t put to good use.

Henry!Gerome: this one is a lot better since it doesn´t hamper Gerome´s strength that much and he can use tomes as well but now he has axefaire to complement his physical side that much better. Axefaire Gerome is never a bad Gerome right? And he can pull off the mixed Dread Fighter set much better than with Libra. A rank

User Info: burgerkong

4 years ago#5
Gregor: A
Libra: B
Henry: A

User Info: Hanier

4 years ago#6
Wait, I just realized that Gregor!Gerome can pull of VVW with the Vengeance axe.

So I guess he could have:

Limit Breaker

Not a bad setup. I'd like to switch my score to S for that.

User Info: HeoandReo

4 years ago#7
Gregor!Gerome: S
Probably the best frontliner Gerome you can get. Vantage/Sol, Armsthrift for Helswath abuse, and Axefaire. (And Swordfaire too) Misses Aegis from Stahl!Gerome, so he's not quite as tanky, but this is still about as good as it gets.

Libra!Gerome: C
I was going to call this the worst Gerome, but even Libra gives more than Donnel does. So I guess it's the second-worst, then. That aside, Gerome gets nothing from Mage he can really use, and doesn't really make a good Sorcerer aside from Sol and Tomefaire. It's not bad, but nothing compared to say, Vantage or Pavise/Aegis or Armsthrift, I guess he could use Miracle and Renewal, so I guess it's passable.

Henry!Gerome: B
One of the better Geromes but also one of the most overrated, in my opinion. It's basically just a better Vaike!Gerome. The traditional set that was used with him involving faire/Dual Support/Anathema/Deliverer is very easy to replicate even unintentionally and even improve on by replacing something with Dual Guard or something else like that. (Henry!Cynthia, Henry or Libra!Kjelle, most Severas and Laurents, etc.) However, access to Assassin and Berserker does come in handy for a support-type, though using those niches is probably the only reason you should do this pairing. I guess he can make an okay Sorcerer with a set of Sol/Tomefaire/Miracle/Renewal/LB, though he does the job worse than others. If you do Henry!Gerome, play to its strengths, or don't do it at all.

User Info: Im_Gregor

4 years ago#8
Gregor is swell sword, no?

User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#9
Gregor!Gerome gets an S since it's Vaike!Gerome with Myrmidon skills, and Myrmidon is one of Gerome's most wanted classes. 56 Strength as Berserker is also awesome.

Libra!Gerome gets a C since Gerome doesn't really need Sorcerer that badly.

Henry!Gerome gets an A because it's like Vaike!Gerome with Sorcerer thrown in for fun.

Nominating Stahl!Ricken
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User Info: Hanier

4 years ago#10
Also, can I ask why Chrom!Cynthia is lower than Sumia!Lucina? They're literally the same thing, except Cynthia doesn't get access to Great Lord and Rightful King. Is that really enough to bump her down a rank?
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