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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#1
This is a continuation of CYOA: Southern Storm ( When we last left off, our hero was awaiting her friends in the small port city of Mala.

(Name - Class - Combat rating - Skills)
June - Holy Knight - 58 - Tactician, prevail, mount
The main character. A farmer from the town of hearthstone. Her adventure began when Risen destroyed her town. She has a strong sense of justice, but doesn't let it stop her from making hard choices. Her horse is named Marth.
Supports: Rowan, Lane, Jessup, Dan, Walt, Mary, Fumiko C; Alyssa B; Rain, Bud, Haley, Ferris A

Rowan - Soldier - 16 - Underdog
June's father. Died in chapter 4x: Into Darkness.
Supports: June, Rain, Bud C

Rain - Dark Flier - 56 - Relief, Healtouch, Rally speed, Lancefaire, Rally Move
A Holy Knight in service of Valeria. Doran's most trusted captain.
Supports: Rowan, Alyssa, Agni, Dan, Walt, Doran, Charlotte C; Haley, Wendy B; June, Holland A

Bud - Sniper - 49 - Underdog, Prescience, Hit+20, Bowfaire
June's childhood friend. A large man, with no love of violence. He recently proposed to Wendy.
Supports: Rowan, Alyssa, Jessup, Syrene C; June A; Wendy S

Haley - Falcoknight - 51 - Deliverer, Rally Speed, Lancefaire
A red-haired pegasus knight under Rain's command. Energetic and excitable, she loves flying. Recovering from a severe wound she received in the last mission. Her mount's name is Fare.
Supports: Jessup, Agni, Walt C; Wendy, Ferris, Rain B; June A

Wendy - Dark Flier - 52 - Tantivy, Focus, Rally Move, Galeforce
A pegasus knight under Rain's command. Calm and collected, though she becomes excitable in the presence of animals. Recently accepted a marriage proposal from Bud. Her arm was broken in the last mission.
Supports: June, Agni, Dan C; Rain, Haley B; Bud S

Lane - Mercenary - 26 - Focus, Vantage
A mercenary obsessed with self-improvement. Died in Chapter 6: Exodus.
Supports: June, Ferris C

Ferris - Swordmaster - 53 - Luck+, Relief, Astra, Swordfaire
A mercenary hired by Doran. He loves napping, fighting, and saving money. He spends most of his free time sparring with the others and helping them refine their technique.
Supports: Lane, Walt C; Haley, Alyssa B; June A

Alyssa - Assassin - 56 - Darksight, Vengeance, Shade, Parry, Lethality
A young woman from the mining town of Voluth. Betrayed the town after her "brother" was kidnapped, helping bandits capture it; they promised not to harm the villagers, but they did lock them in the mines. She tends to call people 'brother' and 'sister.'
Supports: Bud, Walt C; June, Ferris, Syrene B; Jessup A

Jessup - Bishop - 48 - Miracle, Radiance, Prayer
Alyssa's younger brother. A bit of a scaredy-cat, but unwilling to stand by while his friends die.
Supports: June, Bud, Haley C; Syrene B; Alyssa A

Syrene - Nomad - 47 - +Knife, Patience, Canto, Snapshot, Quickswap
A childhood friend of Jessup and Alyssa. Has difficulty speaking. She was trapped in the mines of Voluth, where she watched the entire town's population die.
Supports: Bud, Dan C; Alyssa, Jessup B; Agni A

Agni - Sage - 49 - Sol, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
A wandering scholar from Terranus. His journey is a requirement for him to become a sage. Was in Voluth at the time of the slaughter.
Supports: Rain, Haley, Wendy C; Syrene A

Dan - Wyvern Lord - 49 - Strength+, Luna, Quick Burn, Swordbreaker
A Carcinan knight, he warned the Valerian garrison at Trine of Carcinan's invasion. He is a man of honor, but not very good around people. His wyvern's name is Shard.
Supports: June, Rain, Wendy, Syrene, Holland C

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#2
Walt - Halberdier - 52 - Pavise, Sentry, Brace, Impale
Jayce's partner, and one of the sole survivors of a Risen ambush. A dedicated, loyal knight. Jayce wishes he would loosen up.
Supports: June, Rain, Haley, Ferris, Alyssa C; Jayce B

Jayce - Paladin - 47 - Renewal, focus, luna, dual guard +
Walt's partner. A bit of a cut-up, but very serious when it's time for combat. Walt wishes he would straighten up.
Supports: Walt B

Holland - Great Knight - 48 - Counter, charm, rally defense, pavise, luna
The former trainer for Antea's town guard. He trained alongside Rain, Charlotte, and Doran. Has a giagantic beardstache, his pride and joy.
Supports: Dan, Doran, Charlotte C; Rain A

John - Bishop - 50 - Illumination, Purge, Prayer
An inexperienced priest from Antea. Because he so rarely left the temple, he tends to have a narrow world view.
Supports: Mary B

Taika - Sage - 48 - Luck+, Acrobat, Focus, rally magic, tomefaire
Grew up alongside Agni, training to be a sage. She is also on her journey.
Supports: None

Mary - Druid - 53 - Tomebreaker, purge, hex, anathema, apothecary
An orphan adopted by Fumiko and Vine. Her adopted parents have been training her as the future guardian of Sefa Forest.
Supports: Jun, Charon C; John, Vine B; Fumiko A

Vine - Bear - 42 - Howl, Provoke
The former guardian of Sefa Forest. Died in Chapter 12: Dead of Night.
Supports: Mary B; Fumiko S

Fumiko - Fox - 53 - Demosoille, Darksight, Sentry, quickclaw
A fox laguz whose parents were killed by hunters. She was sold into slavery, but rescued by Vine. A bit of a neat-freak.
Supports: June C; Mary A; Vine S

Charon - Dancer - 49 - Rally Heart, Bond, Beau, Luck+
A dancer from the Carcinan town of Yuna. Joined June's band after she saved the town from a Risen attack. Always cheerful, he inspires those around him.
Supports: Mary C

Cynbel - Great Knight - 49 - Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Luna, Patience
A knight from the former Carcinan territory, Meridia. Horatio recommended he be added to your group, but he seems nice enough...
Supports: Dan C

Doran - Grandmaster - 57 - Ignis, rally spectrum, charm, ???
The commander of Trine's garrison. A confident, competent tactician. He keeps his things in utter disarray, but never has trouble finding anything.
Supports: Rain, Holland, Charlotte C

Paen - Baron - 54 - Rally defense, lifetaker, pavise, rightful king
King of Carcina. An imposing man, even without his black dragon armor.
Supports: None

Claudia - Wyvern Lord - 54 - Vengeance, lancebreaker, quick burn, counter
Paen's captain of his elite guard. Surprisingly kind, until she gets angry.
Supports: None

Charlotte - War Cleric - 54 - Miracle, Renewal, Healtouch, Brace, Aggressor
Captain of Antea's town guard. A very prim and proper woman with a deep, imposing voice. Left behind in Antea during the Risen attack in Chapter 13: Dark King Paen. Fate unknown.
Supports: Rain, Doran, Holland C

Saul - Saint - 57 - Miracle, Healtouch, Radiance, Prayer, Corona, Ignis
Archbishop of Antea. A kind-hearted man, much younger than most men to take his post.
Supports: None

Horatio - Grandmaster - NPC
(Former) general of the Valerian army. He betrayed the party during chapter 13: Dark King Paen.

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#3
Chapter 14: On the High Seas
You awaken on the outskirts of the town of Mala. Saul seems only mildly dazed, but Claudia and Wendy are unconscious. Paen supports himself against a tree. "Guess you shouldn't use warp powders... back-to-back like that..." he mutters.

"This... may be a blessing. I need to set her arm before I can start healing it..." He stands beside Wendy. "Lady June, a hand, please? Just hold her arm here while I... well, snap it in place. If she were awake, this would really hurt."
A few days pass. Every day seems to drag on, made longer without knowing if your friends are still alive, if they managed to escape from Tartarus. You are especially worried about Haley - you can't stop remembering holding her while blood gushed from the hole in her chest. You also spend some time thinking about her and Ferris... You knew Ferris was interested, but you had no idea she felt that way about you. It's strange, finding out one of your most trusted friends is interested in you, especially one you never even considered as... Well, she is really cute...

Finally, you hear a familiar screech. Running outside to the inn's balcony, you see a wyvern circling the town, with another following close behind it. Claudia, standing beside you, literally vaults from the balcony with a cheer. The second wyvern seems to see her, and swoops down, slamming into the road outside of the inn. He playful nips at Claudia as she wraps her arms around his neck. Several townspeople are gathering and looking out of windows, but she ignores them. The second wyvern lands, and Dan dismounts. You call down to him.

"June! So, you made it after all... Is the archbishop safe as well?"

"Yes, I'm just fine." You hadn't heard Saul join you. His voice startles you.

"Excellent. I'll ride back and tell Doran the good news. The main group should be here by sundown, why don't you warn the innkeeper?"

As he starts to takeoff, you call back to him. "Dan! Is everyone... Is everyone alright?"

He gives you a thumbs-up as he takes off.

True to his word, Dan arrives again just before sundown, this time with the rest of your friends in tow. You run to greet them, only to be intercepted. Marth dashes ahead of the others, not slowing until he nearly slams into you. He refuses to let you pass until you've stroked head several times, then he steps to the side to let you pass - though he still follows you.
It's a reunion party! 10 supports.

June/Wendy B
June/Syrene C
June/Agni C
June/Jayce C
June/Holland C
June/Paen C
June/Doran C

Rain/Haley A
Rain/Wendy A
Rain/Dan B
Rain/Doran B
Rain/Walt B

Bud/Taika C
Bud/Syrene B

Haley/Wendy B
Haley/Agni B
Haley/Walt C
Haley/Holland C
Haley/John C

Wendy/Jayce C
Wendy/Agni B
Wendy/Dan B

Ferris/Taika C
Ferris/Mary C

Alyssa/Holland C
Alyssa/Charon C
Alyssa/Jessup S

Jessup/Agni C
Jessup/Syrene A
Jessup/Mary C

Syrene/Charon C

Agni/Dan C
Agni/Jayce C
Agni/Taika C

Dan/Taika C
Dan/Paen C
Dan/Claudia C

Walt/Holland C
Walt/Taika C

Jayce/Cynbel C

Holland/Doran B

John/Taika C
John/Fumiko C

Taika/Charon C

Mary/Charon B
Mary/Cynbel C

Fumiko/John C
Fumiko/Doran C

Charon/Cynbel C
Charon/Claudia C

Cynbel/Jayce C
Cynbel/Dan C

Paen/Claudia C
Paen/Saul C

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#4
Rain/Doran B
Rain/Walt B
Haley/Walt C
Alyssa/Charon C
Jessup/Syrene A
Dan/Claudia C
Walt/Taika C
Jayce/Cynbel C
Fumiko/John C
Paen/Saul C
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User Info: ryugin55

4 years ago#5
At first I was like, "oh! a new story that I can actually follow from the begining", then I started reading and I was like "well s***"
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#6
I'm Insane! Who wants cookies?!
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User Info: LanceGT0

4 years ago#7
When I saw June skillset, she only has 3 Tactician, Prevail and mount. I wonder if she will get additional skills as the story progesses?

I pick:
June/Wendy B
Rain/Haley A
Rain/Walt B
Haley/Agni B
Mary/Charon B
Paen/Saul C
Alyssa/Jessup S
Dan/Caludia C
Cynbel/Dan B ( May I ask, I saw Cynbel support with Dan is C in the list)
Fumiko/John C
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#8
1June/Wendy B
2June/Paen C
3Rain/Haley A
4Rain/Dan B
5Rain/Walt B
6Haley/Walt C
7Jessup/Syrene A
8Agni/Taika C
9Dan/Claudia C
10Paen/Saul C
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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#9
LanceGT0 posted...
When I saw June skillset, she only has 3 Tactician, Prevail and mount. I wonder if she will get additional skills as the story progesses?

She'll get one more when she promotes to tier three, then I'm going to need to figure out a way to let her gain new skills...

May I ask, I saw Cynbel support with Dan is C in the list)

Yeah, seems like there's always one that's listed as the wrong letter.

It's my friend's birthday tonight, so I won't be posting until pretty late, if at all. Here's where we stand now.

Paen/Saul C 4

Rain/Haley A 3
Rain/Walt B 3

June/Wendy B 2
Haley/Walt C 2
Jessup/Syrene A 2
Rain/Dan B 2
Mary/Charon B 2
Alyssa/Jessup S 2
Dan/Caludia C 2
Fumiko/John C 2

Rain/Doran B
Alyssa/Charon C
Walt/Taika C
Jayce/Cynbel C
Rain/Wendy A
Wendy/Haley A
Holland/Doran B
Cynbel/Jayce C
Paen/Claudia C
June/Paen C
Agni/Taika C
Dan/Claudia C
Haley/Agni B
Cynbel/Dan B

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#10
If nobody else votes, we could hold a vote on which x2 to kick, which would put it at 10.
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