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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#61
"We're heading back to Terranus tomorrow, huh?" Taika wraps her arms around Agni's neck.

"Yes, it would appearing so."

"It feels like just yesterday we were on a ship setting out on our journeys... We've learned so much since then. I have, at least," she adds playfully, letting Agni go. "So, do you think the archsage will approve you?"

"I... am hoping so. Being with these people for so long, I have seen quite much, and I am feeling they are rubbing off on me. They are... good people. How to describe it?"

"They're good for the soul. Just being around them is cleansing. Their dedication is refreshing, y'know?"

"Dedication, hm? That is a good word. I like it."

"Hey, Agni. I just realized, we haven't really spoken since we met up."

"Well... part of the point of the journey is the separation from what is known. If we spent all our time together, would this not be defeating the point?"

"Huh. I suppose you're right, Agni. Well then, I suppose this is the end of our journey, so we're free to spend some more time together, right?"

"All of life is a journey, Taika."
You spot Wendy in the common room of the inn, and decide to speak with her for a bit. "Hello, Wendy. How's your arm?"

"Much better, thanks. I should be able to fight again in a day or two."

"Well, just make sure you don't try to do too much too fast and hurt it worse."

"You're right, June. Don't worry about me. If worse comes to worst, I'm sure Bud will take care of me."

"Oh, I never congratulated you! Bud's a great guy, I've known him all my life. He'll be good to you."

"I'm sure! He's such a sweet man. We still haven't decided what we'll do after all this is over, but I'm sure we'll work it out."

"He really loves you, Wendy. I'm sure he'll be happy, so long as he's with you."

Wendy tries to hide her smile. "Thank you, June."
Syrene tends to her mount, brushing his coat. "We've really been pushing ourselves to get here, haven't we...? Well, you'll have a nice, long rest once we set out tomorrow. In fact, you'll probably get a little sick of resting..."


"J-Jessup? How long... when did you come in?"

"Oh, I was just looking for you. I noticed you didn't eat much during dinner."

"O-Oh. Just... worried... concerned... anxious. Anxious. About the trip."

"You're having trouble with words again? You were fine talking to your horse."

"It's not the... It's different. With animals. They aren't expecting you to... use the right words. So, I don't have to... think so carefully about what to say."

"So, you think your stutter is something about... panicking?"

"W-well... Maybe?"

"I see... Though, I noticed you don't normally stutter this bad around me. Not since we were children."

"Oh, really? I... I don't think anything has... changed... Has it?"

"Maybe I'm imagining it." Jessup excuses himself. "Oh, and make sure you eat a good breakfast tomorrow, alright?"


Jessup bumps into Alyssa patrolling the inn's perimeter. "Oh... Alyssa. I... want to ask you. Do you think love can bloom, even on the battlefield?"

Alyssa looks thoughtful for a second. "Yeah. I do. I think at any time, any place, people can fall in love with each other. But if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them."

"Oh... Thanks, Ali..."

Alyssa waits until Jessup is out of earshot. "I'll always protect you, Jessup..."

User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#62
Aha, excellent way to make Jessup hesitate there. Well done.
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#63
Your friendly neighborhood One Winged Angel presents...

JunexPaen, the official Advertisement for the Once and Future Dark Queen of Carcina

To start off with, here are the cold, hard facts.

JunexPaen Pros: Allows June to become the Dark Queen of Carcina. She'll have her own Black Dragon Armor, and likely her own unique class Dark Queen. Aside from simply sounding more BA than any other class in existence, June's Dark Queen class will likely have access to Dark Magic, and the broken Nosferatu Tome, and be ridiculously powerful. If CDM decides to do a Sequel, then June's children will not only be royals and heirs to the throne, in terms of raw stats, they will be gods, especially if CDM has June's children stats vary depending on who the other parent is. Also, June being Queen of Carcina opens up a whole new world of possibilities for CDM as an author. And since June's parents were killed by Risen, she would be the perfect Queen for Carcina, as she would lead it into a new Golden Age, dare I say, into the light. She will have access to both Axes and Dark Magic. Helswath and Nosferatu anyone? June will go down in history as a legendary Queen of her time, perhaps the most legendary of all. And honestly, I haven't even broke the surface of all the gameplay/story pros this pairing provides, my own personal bias aside.

JunexPaen Cons: There are none, that I can think of, Gameplay wise. Story wise? Minimal, if any.

JunexHaley Pros: Aside from being different, the first same sex partners in any CYOA to my knowledge, absolutely Nothing. The pairing is different and, story wise, they might be cute. Gameplay wise? Probably the worst pairing possible.

JunexHaley Cons: Gods, where do I begin... First off, because CDM mentioned Junes children inheriting skills when he talked briefly about the sequel, I assume he will be using Awakening's child inheritance mechanic, or something similar. While I don't know what Haley's character mods are, I do know this: Haley's potential skill list, class list, and the mods said classes provide not only don't compliment June in any way, they also limit her children. All you have to do is look at Haley's class list and you'll realize I'm right. Now on to the other cons... Makes June a nobody pleb, exactly where she started out, and thus completely destroys the hero's journey aspect of June's character.

Example- June starts out as a nobody farmer, undergoes terrible hardship and tragedy, saves the world, only to end up as a lowly knight? Romantic, maybe. Stupid and underwhelming? Absolutely. Now June becoming a celebrated Queen on the other hand...

JunexHaley Cons continued: No special armor, weapons, or classes other than what she already has on her own. So not only does this pairing limit June's children, it also Limits June herself. She won't have access to Dark Magic, unless CDM decides to allow her to reclass to Dark Mage tree to placate the readers. No Helswath&Nosferatu abusage. With this pairing, and June's unfortunate limits because of it, she will not be nearly as awesome as my Trail and Trail will win the Title of most OP/BA main character in any CYOA uncontested. Again, I'm barely scratching the surface as to why this pairing is horrible. I would go into more detail, but I'm exhausted and have to get up in a few hours.

JunexFerris Pros: decent class mods, probably decent character mods, and okay class inheritance for June's children.

JunexFerris Cons: Again, there are many. But because I'm running out of room, I'll simply say this: See above.^
No unique anything, still Limits June in my opinion, and makes her a mere wandering freelance mercenary/knight.

Yeah... JunexPaen wins hands down. Enough said.
JunexPaen in C_D_M's CYOA is my OTP. The official Bahumut of everything. What, you say I'm not?! Megaflare!!!

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#64
John notices a white tail bobbing behind the inn's counter. He walks over. "...Fumiko?"

The tail goes straight up for a moment, then Fumiko stands up. "Oh, hello. You're Mary's friend, aren't you? John, was it?"

"Yes. Um... What are you doing?"

"Cleaning up behind the counter. It's a bit of a mess. Don't worry, I got the innkeeper's permission. He's taking the night off."

"Oh, that's quite nice of you."

"Well," Fumiko says, scratching the back of her head. "I'll admit I have selfish reasons. I couldn't sleep knowing how filthy it was down here." She grins sheepishly.

"I see... Still, I'm sure the innkeeper appreciates it."

"Ah, I suppose. Would you like to help? I mean, some people think of cleaning as a chore, but I enjoy it, so don't feel obligated."

"Ah... Cleaning keeps the soul humble. I... very well, then."
Sproing, sproing, sproing, sproing...
Oh, that infernal squeaking... Walt forces himself out of bed. Jayce sleeps soundly next to him, somehow able to ignore the irritating noise coming from the adjacent room. Walt makes himself decent, then goes to knock on his neighbor's door. To his dismay, the short red-head answers the door. "Yes?" she asks.

"Oh... Haley. You're in this room... Of course."

"Is something wrong, Walt? You seem upset."

"No, I just... Could you stop bouncing, please?"

"Bouncing? Oh! Sorry. I'm just really excited about tomorrow. I'm practicing for sailing by imitating what a boat's going to feel like."

"Imitating...? You mean you're bouncing to imitate the rocking of waves?"

"Yep! Though it's not quite right. The bed's too hard. I'm going to have to wait, I guess."

"Yeah, I guess so. So, you'll stop?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry!"

"Thank you. Well, good night. I'll see you in the morning."

"Later, Walt!"

Walt returns to his room, returns to bed. Practicing for sailing... Walt lies in silence for a few moments, before bouncing on his bed a few times. He hears a giggle through the wall. Walt quickly stops, his face flushing.
Mary stands on the inn's balcony, watching Charon dance. Charon twirls one last time, marking the end of his routine. "So..." he says begin pants. "Do you understand now?"

"...No, not really..." Mary says.

"What? But... I put my heart into that dance! My soul! How did that not touch you?"

"I said I don't understand. Not that I don't feel touched. How can simple rhythmic movements inspire such emotions?"

"How should I know? I just do the dancing! You're better off asking a philosopher. Like that Agni guy!"

"Hm... Maybe I will."

"...So... About our deal?"

"Our deal?"

"Remember? You said if I could prove dancing inspired people, you would wear a dancer's outfit?"

"Did I? I don't recall."

"Aw, that's no fair! I worked so hard on that dance, too. Choreographed it just for you!"

"It would be a bit silly for me to just wear a dancer's outfit, don't you think? Just strolling around, casting magic while half-naked? The outfit's just to help accentuate your movements. Tell you what... Teach me to dance, and there would be a reason, wouldn't there?"

"Ah... Fine! We start right now. Copy my movements. Ready?"
Charon learned Forest's Promenade!
Increases effectiveness of dancing while in wooded areas

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#65
Jessup is Otacon! Charon is Mog!

Walt is... Surprisingly adorkable. And we all know Mary secretly wants to wear the Dancer outfit.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#66
Since Neo explained his reasoning above, here is mine.

The JunexFerrisxHaleyxJune perfect love triangle is seriously tearing these characters to pieces for me. Ferris not so much I guess, but for June and especially Haley, it is really pushing it. Narrativewise, I am having a problem with this. Ferris has always seemed a little torn over which of the two women he likes better. It was set up from the very beginning. For June, well all of a sudden her sexuality just jumped off of a cliff. I have only been shown to like guys and nothing has hinted this whatsoever, but this one girl (I will be getting to her shortly) happens to like me, so I will now reveal that I have been secretly bisexual the whole time! And Haley, oh don't get me started on Haley.

For all of book one, and the majority of book 2, she shows that she has feelings for Ferris to the point of fighting June for his attention and time. She cries because she thinks that June is going to win him over her. She gets some relationship advice.

Now chuck above out nearby window set in on fire and stomp on the remains. Haley has an epiphany and realizes that June is the real catch. Her conversation with Rain is literally the inversion of her previous conversation with Wendy. A complete 180 in her affections which, frankly, makes no sense. Suddenly she thinks that she is battling Ferris for June's affections. Then she gets very familiar relationship advice from Rain, in a similar situation as above. This is without any life changing experience that makes her no longer like Ferris, she just no longer thinks of him that way. Except, that isn't true since they are still marriage candidates. She does think about him like that, but her dialogue doesn't show that, she just drops Ferris in favor of June. She doesn't seem that shallow.

Anyway, this triangle is trapping Ferris in the friend zone with both of his marriage candidates that he has shown interest in for two entire books, June spontaneously comes out of a nonexistent closet that never existed beforehand (yes it is redundant. My redundant redundancy is to express how nonexistent, June's nonexistent closet was for an entire two books), and Haley comes out as having a severe mental disorder, or an incredibly petty, shallow personality. It doesn't matter how you look at this, but HaleyxJune ends with everyone being screwed. There is no middle ground.

Ferris is royally NTR'd for what? Novelty?

June spontaneously becomes bisexual. It doesn't matter how good you are, she has showed no signs up to a short while ago, if this pairing does occur, spontaneous development of a personality trait, especially since we are in this character's head, is utterly unbelievable.

Haley is utterly ripped in half. Actually no, she is pretty much ruined. Any more supports with these two will just smash her into more pieces.
Her seemingly utter devotion to Ferris is magically turned into utter devotion to June. She is broken up over both of them and considers both of them rivals to the affection of the other. They are completely conflicting personality traits.

The reason that supports in FE:A don't show affection until S rank is for this very reason. So love triangles don't occur. This is the worst kind of love triangle. She is in love with both of them, but considers both of them to be rivals for the other's love. I hate to inform you, but Haley is broken and no longer believable for me.

Also, you miss out on two children.
Ooh, sorry about turning you into a cat. Well, you are no longer bald I think that is an improvement. Ack, don't hiss, I'll change you back. Hopefully.

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#67
Wait, when did Haley start showing affection for Ferris? I was under the impression it started when they were sizing each other up as opponents. It seemed to me like she went for June first...

Although it would be kind of a 180 on June's part, since she clearly showed affection for Ferris first. Still, if you're bi, it doesn't mean you're always thinking about both sexes sexually. June never showed lust for any guy before Ferris, so doing the same for Haley isn't that hard to believe. Straight is just the 'default', so it's easier to wrap our heads around June suddenly realising she has a crush on Ferris.

So nobody else wants Walt to polish Haley's Mighty Lance? ):

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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#68
Osranger posted...

Also, you miss out on two children.

No, you'd get them both, but they'd be "adopted," assuming I actually go through with the sequel. Neo said something about stat modifies, and I'd point out that June/Haley means you get two kids with June's modifiers, even if Haley's are a bit... crap. June/Paen would give you a really strong kid, and June/Ferris would give a really fast kid.

As for the other stuff you mentioned, all the narrative/characterization stuff... Yeah, having not written Haley as bisexual from the beginning - or June - is causing problems. Honestly, I don't much care for either June/Haley or June/Ferris, but that's what everyone wants, so... Ugh. Writing love triangles is hard. I really have no idea how I'm going to handle the S'ing, no matter which way it goes. I knew how to salvage it back in SS's finale, but people went with Haley/Ferris A instead, and now... Well, I'll figure something out. I think I'm going to go re-evaluate how some other CYOA's have handled love triangles - Thio/Lindy/Matthew, Ishtar/Prideri/Rhea, Athena/Trail/Kanis...

I will say, the person who inspired Haley is bisexual, but that doesn't mean it makes narrative sense. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY!

User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#69
Haley was after June from the start though. Before that she was after no one, unless I forgot something from that training session before Lane died.

But I agree it would mess things IP because June wasn't written that way.

Honestly I think I'm going to jump ship for the HaleyxFerris. Makes sense to me. Love is a battlefield, and love blooms on the battlefield. They fight each other over June, then suddenly, bam.

Of course before that I wanted Walt and Haley, especially after that last support.... hmm...
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#70
Cheesepower5 posted...
Wait, when did Haley start showing affection for Ferris? I was under the impression it started when they were sizing each other up as opponents. It seemed to me like she went for June first...

Although it would be kind of a 180 on June's part, since she clearly showed affection for Ferris first. Still, if you're bi, it doesn't mean you're always thinking about both sexes sexually. June never showed lust for any guy before Ferris, so doing the same for Haley isn't that hard to believe. Straight is just the 'default', so it's easier to wrap our heads around June suddenly realising she has a crush on Ferris.

So nobody else wants Walt to polish Haley's Mighty Lance? ):


Conversation with Wendy in book 1, their conversation is about Ferris. She is crying, and it is about how she knows that June likes Ferris. Immediately afterward, Haley snatches Ferris away from June once their support conversation is done and challenges him to a sword fight.

You are entirely right. Straight is default. In fact, same sex relationships weren't originally included. Also, clearly showing affection for a guy singularly with no shown attraction for anyone else established her personality as straight. She was not a person who existed before this and her personality is being revealed to us as we go. There is no beforehand because there literally is no beforehand. Then it is justification with no founding. She liked Ferris and no one else for two books. That established her sexuality as straight. There is no thought in her head that would say otherwise. No memory. Nothing. I am not saying that it is impossible for her to be bisexual, but the window for that to be established gracefully has passed long ago, back in book one, where she was shown to be starting a relationship and establishing her character traits. Her traits are already established. We have a grasp of the character. Unless are grasp was wrong, which is highly unlikely since we have been in June's head, it is a problem.
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