Why does everyone hate Miriel?

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User Info: Im_Lucina

4 years ago#1
I got a Time Turner for my birthday. I didn't notice, but then I went back in time.

User Info: raz1001

4 years ago#2
The whole "So smart s/he lacks any sort of social skills" is a bit overplayed.

plus she's kind of terrible
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User Info: Misha-Heart

4 years ago#3
Nobody can understand her language. She's a pretty good unit otherwise.
Yuri/Shoujo-Ai is the purest love. No questions asked.
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User Info: Is_Corrupted

4 years ago#4
No development. Always the same thing in every support conversation. Boring. Her reason doesn't make up for her being a pain in the ass in all her supports.
Marcus is the answer for anything except "best unit who isn't Marcus," but even then he is a strong contender. - PokeAMon

User Info: SwordMasterEX

4 years ago#5
I don't hate her. She usually ends up being my wife.

That said her lack of social skills can be a bit overplayed.
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User Info: mudkip72

4 years ago#6
Don't hate her, just found her uninteresting. On my first playthrough she got ignored even more than Kellam - she pretty much served her purpose of just giving Vaike his axe back and I had MU rob her of her Fire tomb when Thunder was low and I was too lazy to use a shop.

User Info: Dragonball9899

4 years ago#7
I love her and Laurent. Some of the best characters in the game, imo.
Anything can change!

User Info: S1ppy_cup

4 years ago#8
I like her. She basically says "**** yo bag".

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#9
i like miriel, i just wish my laurents didnt always suck SO MUCH. no matter who is father is, even if i say "f*** the sorc overlap" and give him a magic father, i always end up having a crappy laurent :(
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User Info: Zeta8890

4 years ago#10
Shes my fav wife,always has a serious look on her face but goes around analyzing everything like a newborn so cute.Didn't seem anti social to me just that some people couldn't keep up with her always going off about what she learned.
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  3. Why does everyone hate Miriel?

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