Why does everyone hate Miriel?

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User Info: IlluminaZer0

4 years ago#21
danmiy12 posted...
Yes she comes in early but she has some of the worse base stats I've seen of a mage...and her defense doesn't get high enough to survive many hits in hard and up...and anything she can do tharja can do better (better bases and is a dark mage)

mirel does finally get good after you reclass to dark mage so she doesn't die so fast and give her the healing tome...but to me she has to endure a lot of levels being a 2-3 shot and not doubling everything for awhile and doing low damage...and even as a dark mage her defense isn't really that good...at least she is better then ricken (his lol 6 speed and no dark mage)

Miriel has good base stats, a lv 1 with 7 speed? Effectively 8 magic at level 1? Compare that to Ricken at lv 3 with 5 speed. Miriel's only disadvantage is that she has reasonable base stats for a level 1 character.

Miriel doesn't need to tank, she just needs enough speed to double. On hard mode she was pretty strong to me. It's only on Lunatic that her bases become a problem, but she shares that problem with most characters in lunatic.

If you aren't RNG screwed Miriel will likely have better stats than Tharja. Tharja does join 7 chapters later after all and starts at level 10. The only stat that Tharja will likely have a notable advantage in is defense, but in harder difficulties Tharja makes a questionable Nosferatu tank anyways due to her abhorrent accuracy.
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User Info: CaptainKatsura

4 years ago#22
She's rather bland to me,especially after seeing a few of her supports.She's just...eugh.I actually restarted after seeing her S support with Ricken.
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User Info: MasterTurtle

4 years ago#23
She's a hyper-squishy mage in a game where defense actually matters.

Also she's ugly and her personality is boring/annoying.
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User Info: Vegito15243

4 years ago#24
Cause her only use is Laurent
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#25
I like her trolling habits but Maribelle trolls harder than her.
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#26
Everyone keeps saying everyone.

The title should be Everyone except Jaricko. :P I hate no characters in this game. At least none of the playable ones. Not a huge fan of the twins.

User Info: Wandering__Hero

4 years ago#27
Shes too much of a caricture
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User Info: Externica

4 years ago#28
She is voiced by Tara Platt. That alone raises her awesomeness to infinite.
So yeah, I like her. Though Lute from FE8 was a lot more entertaining, because she seems to lack more social manners, than Miriel does.

Sure, Miriel is all "Research", which is a bit bland on the long run.

User Info: Lord_Xandros

4 years ago#29
I liked Miriel. She was a part of my main team, and I always paired her with that archer dude (still new at the game, don't know his name)

But she took one too many hits earlier and had to retreat, and since I'm playing on classic, my archer dude has lost his wife :(. One more to my steady list of dead people.

User Info: Shadow_FF6

4 years ago#30
I like her, to some extent. The kind of personality she has, that of the 'researcher' is very nice. It gets a lot of little bits right that many portrayals of such characters get wrong.

The problem is is that she has no personality outside of that. There's no point where she isn't studying, and I've yet to see a marriage support with her that doesn't feel forced. She's just far too one-dimensional.

As far as an army unit, though, I'm totally fine with her. she's done well in both of my playthroughs. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but that's hardly a problem.
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