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User Info: Zeta8890

4 years ago#1
This running gag with kellam is the best lol partly cause i have a friend like him who barely speaks a word but if you start a one on one conversation with him hes one of the best guys ever.The one where everyone thought a ghost was delivering them drinks made me burst out laughing in public.

User Info: Im_Gregor

4 years ago#2
Running gag with who? There's a blank space where a name should be
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User Info: Zeta8890

4 years ago#3
Im_Gregor posted...
Running gag with who? There's a blank space where a name should be


User Info: Taiphlosion

4 years ago#4
I'm afraid I don't know this character, and I've beaten this game over 20 times! How do you get him?
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User Info: Jariu

4 years ago#5
Are you trying to tell me that it wasn't a ghost the one placing the drinks?
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