My Chrom married ... (spoilers?)

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User Info: Tables

4 years ago#11
Maiden is really not that terrible. I've been told (but haven't confirmed) that Lucina inherits 50% of Chrom's stats as a result, as well as 50% of his growths (instead of the normal 33%). You miss out on a skill, which doesn't really matter, and class access doesn't matter much in game, since you won't go through more than two classes anyway.
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User Info: soma2035

4 years ago#12
CrumpledPaper posted...
I knew I should have made my PC a girl...

Bad idea. Avatar has a child of his/her own, and Chrom's stats suck. And since Avatar's child will be male (opposite of avatar's gender) Chrom is forced to pass RK, which is pretty useless on Avatar's child due to his/her extensive skill set.

Best to pair male avatar with a female that already has her own children, and stats you want on Avatar's child. That way you get two children both with huge skill sets and good stats. For instance, +Magic/-Strength Avatar paired with Sumia gets you two amazing tank sorceresses, with Sumia's great speed and neutral magic complimenting your avatar's great magic and decent speed. Or +Speed/-Strength Avatar paired with Tharja gets you two slightly worse sorceresses, but gives Noire access to Galeforce which she normally doesn't get (not that useful on a tank sorceress but lots of people like it).
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  3. My Chrom married ... (spoilers?)

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