CYOA: Eastern Sun Part 2

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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#141
Well, I rushed my tally a bit, so someone may want to double check this, considering how stupid I am at counting things. But here's the updated list.

Walt/Taika B 5
Dan/Claudia A 5

Haley/Wendy X 3
June/Fumiko B 3
Rosalin/Cecil C 3
Mary/Paen C 3
Fumiko/Doran C 3

Alyssa/Syrene A 2
Rain/Doran B 2
June/Mary B 2
Haley/Mary C 2
Haley/Agni B
June/Wendy B
Agni/Praven A
Paen/Claudia C
Mary/Cecil C
Fumiko/Charon C
Rain/Paen C
Wendy/Dan B
Saul/Rosalin C
Doran/Rosalin C
Dan/Holland B
John/Saul C
Taika/Praven A
Charon/Rosalin C
Claudia/Doran C

You guys can argue about which of the 2-votes to drop, but I might just write them all, if I get in the zone. It'll be a while though, I finally got my hands on MGS1, and I don't know how much longer I can resist its siren song.

User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#142
Lets's take out RainDoran and Haley Mary.

We don't need a Hail Mary while it isn't raining cats and dorans.

Yeah yeah that was terrible...
I could use some readers for my CYOA. /shamelessplug.
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User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#143
I'll say June/Mary, June has enough supports. And then... Alyssa/Syrene, I don't wanna gimp Mary twice.

I want Rain/Doran to work out any possible issues going on...
My way is the high way. You'd have to be lactose intolerant to not learn to love it.
Ha! Cheese puns.

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#144
No, by "2-votes" I mean among the choices with 2 votes. So 1 among

Alyssa/Syrene A
Rain/Doran B
June/Mary B
Haley/Mary C

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#145
C_D_M posted...
No, by "2-votes" I mean among the choices with 2 votes. So 1 among

Alyssa/Syrene A
Rain/Doran B
June/Mary B
Haley/Mary C

In that case, just June/Mary. Same reasoning as before.
My way is the high way. You'd have to be lactose intolerant to not learn to love it.
Ha! Cheese puns.

User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#146
I agree, June's got enough.
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User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#147
Walt/Taika B
Dan/Claudia A
Haley/Wendy X
June/Fumiko B
Rosalin/Cecil C
Mary/Paen C
Fumiko/Doran C
Alyssa/Syrene A
Rain/Doran B
Haley/Mary C

Looking at the votes, you guys can't decide what to do with Rosalin, Cecil, Saul, Doran, and Charon. Well, you'll have plenty of posts for arguing, this is the last chapter of ES. After your organization thing at the end, feel free to run wild with arguments. I've had enough dying in MGS, guess I'll start writing.

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#148
"Haley?" Wendy asks. "Have you decided what you're going to do once all this is over?"

"Hm... Well, I was thinking of asking the archbishop if he could pull some strings to keep Ferris on as a permanent Holy Knight mercenary type of thing. You think he would do that? He seems really nice."

"I'm sure he would, but..."

"Is something wrong? Oh, you wanted me to ask what you were doing! OK, then. Wendy, what are you and Bud doing later?"

"Well, Bud's been talking about rebuilding Hearthstone. I think he's got his heart set on it, really; moving back in to his old home and reopening the farm. But, I can't just leave the Holy Knights, can I?"

"Why not?" Haley asks, cocking her head.

"Because! ...I can't just renounce my oath, you know. What's the point of oaths if people just break them left and right?"

"Life on a farm, hm? I bet you'd really enjoy that. And to just abandon your husband? Well, I suppose if you got a permanent assignment to Trine, it's only a three hour trip every day." Haley switches her head, cocking it to the other shoulder. "Hmm..."

"Haley? What's that look? I know that look, Haley. What are you plotting?"

"Oh, nothing," Haley says flittingly. "I've got to go, I'll talk with you later."
Fate's course has been altered...
"Haley! Come back here, Ha-" Wendy calls after her, before tripping over a poorly-placed sleep roll.

Haley bounds off, slowing to a stop when she's put most of the camp between her and her pursuer. Before she can seek out her husband, she notices a shadowy figure sitting in the corner.

"Hey, Mary, what are you doing all on your lonesome?"

"I'm reading the tome we found in that underground vault. The one a dragon almost ate us over?"

"Aw, don't be such a Grumpy Gus. That book'll still be there in the morning! Or afternoon. I'm kind of losing track of time with all the spelunking we've been doing lately."

"I'm not grumpy, and my name's not Gus. This book could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Doran entrusted it to me, and I can't let him down."

"Aw, don't you think he'd be disappointed if he knew you were letting it get in the way of you making friends? I mean, part of the reason you joined up with us was to meet new people, right? How are you going to do that with your nose in a tome all the time?" Haley continues her assault, not letting up long enough for Mary to respond. "Oh, I know! Why don't you come take a ride on Fare?"

"We can't exactly fly around with this sandstorm raging..." Mary points out.

"Oh... Well, raincheck. Er, sandcheck. If you want to experience new things, you definitely have to add flying to the list! The wind in your hair, the feeling of-"

"Alright, alright. I'll go with you sometime. Just promise you'll take it nice and easily, no showing off or anything. Fair enough?"

"OK, deal! I'll hold you to it!"

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#149
"So, Gloomy, found anything useful yet?" a deep voice asks. King Paen clanks up to Mary, crouching down beside her.

"I would be doing much better without you standing in my light, or the constant stream of people coming to interrupt me."

"Is that any way to speak to your king? Even if you live in Sefa Forest, you're still in Carcinan borders."

"You are not my king. My village was destroyed under your father's protection-"

"You would judge me for my father's failures?"

"I would. More than that, my adoptive mother was treated as a slave in your country, under your rule." Paen's smile quickly fades into a full frown. "Don't pretend you didn't know it was going on, the laguz slaving."

Paen remains silent for several minutes. "I knew that some of the nobles were keep mysterious... pets. Every time I tried to investigate, the animals would mysteriously disappear. Do not presume to speak to me as if I did noth-"

"Save it. Whether or not you tried, you failed. I will not forgive you just because you put forth some token effort." Paen begins several sentences, ending them all abruptly. Finally, he sighs and begins to walk away. "I'm about a quarter of the way through. It's taking me a while to translate this script, and riding on a bouncing wagon didn't help. I'm picking up the pace now that I can sit and see it clearly. Let Doran or June know, please." With that Mary, no longer acknowledges his presence.
Too tired. Can't keep writing. Every writing/re-writing of Rain/Doran has come out terribly. Need time to think.

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#150
Walt is setting up his sleeping roll as Taika sneaks up on him. "So, how's my favorite Holy Knight?" Walt stops for a moment to look over his shoulder.

"Oh, it's you again. Here to tease me some more?"

"Well, I was thinking about it, but that right there took all the fun out of it."

"Well, that's for the best," Walt says, finishing his task. "So, what were you really wanting to talk about?"

"Oh, I was just going to ask if you minded if I slept over here tonight. It would make me feel so much safer having a big, strong knight in case anything happened."

"Oh, hang on. Give me a minute," Walt says, holding a finger up for quiet. "OK, um... Ah, I've got it! Only if you'll help me pitch my tent."

Taika stares at him in stunned silence for several seconds, before turning away.

"No, milady, I'm sorry, I meant no offense, I was just... Ah, pretend I never said that! I shouldn't have been joking with a lady like that..." He notices her shoulders are twitching. "Er... Lady Taika? Are you alright?"

She turns back around, obviously trying to hide her laughter. "Snrk...! I'm sorry, it's just... Oh, gods. You shouldn't make jokes like that. It sounds so horrible coming out of your mouth." After she takes a few seconds to calm herself. "Ah-ha... But in all seriousness, I was going to ask to trade shifts with you for night watch."

"Ah, of course. That's perfectly acceptable. Just... In return, promise you won't tell anyone I said that."

"Oh, that's no fun. Well, fair enough, I suppose." With that, Taika excuses herself with a flippant wave.
"Your eyes are like two black pools of... tar," Dan says, hesitantly.

Claudia bows her head. "That was atrocious. If you actually spoke to a woman like that, she'd either run, or stab you in the stomach."

"I don't see why you're so obsessed with this," Dan answers in annoyance. "I was fine with the general etiquette lessons, but why do I have to practice complimenting people?"

"Because, you've got potential. You're a diamond in the rough, so to speak. A knight should be able to hold his own both on the battlefield and in court. And a large part of dealing in the court is kissing people's a-"

"I don't see what flirting has to do with that."

"It's good practice! If you can keep a clear head dealing with a beautiful lady such as myself" - Dan snorts, and Claudia gives him a piercing glare - "you can deal with the royal pains you'll meet as a knight. Besides, aren't knights supposed to be all heroic and romantic?"

"Maybe the knights of lore, but us real knights are more concerned about not getting killed in combat. How'd you get so good at this, anyway?"

"King Paen trained me personally. Well, he was still a prince back then, but he convinced the royal family to take me in, and raise me like one of their own. He never has told me why he took such a risk on some beggar girl, but... Why am I telling you all this?"

Dan shrugs. "No clue. But now that you mention it, I really don't know much about you, aside from the rumors that go around."

"What rumors?"

Dan shrugs again. "Things that the common soldiers tell each other. Most people call you the King's violent little shadow."

"Oh, do they, now?" Claudia laughs lightly. "Not the worst nickname. Well, speaking of nicknames, let's get back to it."
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