about the ending *spoilers...duh*

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User Info: ccjeremy

4 years ago#1
So, i just finished the game, and i have 2 questions.

First off, i killed the darn dragon, and my avatar survived, so i was wondering, did she survive because i met some special requirement?, since Naga said something about having lots of friends or whatever i was wondering if for your avatar to survive you needed to have A support rank with many people, or you needed to get every character in the game alive, or something like that, because i did recruit every character possible (excluding dlc), and have every kid too, and also she had A support rank with quite a few characters and of course a husband. So yeah... did i achieve something there or she just survives anyway no matter what?

My second question!, since im too lazy to try it and watch the long credits again, what happens if chrom kills the dragon and it just goes to sleep? what changes in the ending?.

Just that, thankss.

User Info: CrunchSlamchest

4 years ago#2
There's no special requirement for that ending. That always happens if you "sacrifice" yourself.

IDK about the other question, never bothered caring after the first playthrough.

User Info: mudkip72

4 years ago#3
Nope, Avatar always survives their attempted sacrifice.
And having Chrom deliver the final blow just makes the characters happier in the immediate aftermath that Avatar didn't have to die. No other change aside from the fact that Grima may return someday.

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#4
Just to expand a bit on the Chom landing the final blow ending, each of the character say something different than they would if the Avatar sacrificed himself/herself. Also the Avatar's and child(ern) will say something to assure the Avatar that s/he made the right decision.
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User Info: ccjeremy

4 years ago#5
ah i see o-o boo what a letdown, i remember some of the older games had some "true ending" or specially happy ending if you had everyone alive at the end... i think... but yeah i wish there was some kind of reward for having nobody die in classic mode. It was hard! D=

Anyway, thanks for the responses!

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#6
Here is the true ending... As you may imagine, massive spoilers incoming.

First, your avatar has to be male. Sorry, that's just how Japan is.

Second, you have to marry Tiki and then rescue Morgan from the place beyond time or whatever it is called.

Finally, have Lucina kill the final boss with her Falchion and have Chrom finish it with his (getting an X strike with the two of them is critical, so pair them up and get some dual strike bonuses).

Now, to understand the true ending we need to know a bit about the dragons, which involved talking some about events in other games. Tiki is Naga's daughter, and Naga is the Divine Dragon. Divine Dragons are gifted with extraordinary powers, such that they are viewed as being like gods compared to humans. Specifically, Naga has the power of 'Space'. She can move things across great distances (like teleporting your team onto Grima's back) and she can make objects larger then they normally are (Chrom's Sword, Falchion, was created from Naga growing and then empowering one of her teeth. Yes, you stab people to death with Tiki's mother's molar, more or less).

Just as Naga has crazy awesome powers, so does Tiki. But rather than having power over Space, her power is over Time. Yeah, she's the one who sends Lucina back in time to change the past. You'd think she would know something about that, but her mother has always feared Tiki's power, feared that it would destroy the world. That's why she sealed Tiki's powers and sends her into deep sleeps whenever she can.

And in a sense, it kind of almost did destroy the world. By sending Lucina and friends back in time, Tiki exposed the world to Risen far earlier than it should have been. Had the player not intervened, we'd have time traveling super zombies destroying everything.

But they did. And now the heroes have two potent weapons against Grima's future return. For one, the divine dragon has a husband with dragon blood. Give Morgan some sisters so you have like 6 super cute dragon girls ready to kick his ass if he ever comes back. If you married Tiki, you already know how scary Manakete morgan is, so imagine having more of them.

Second, now that Tiki knows about time travel (having witnessed Lucina being sent back by her future self), she can work to perfect it. I'm sure you can imagine how useful a tool that would be, but at the very least it's a method to reproduce more Falchions. There's only supposed to be one, but imagine if you had like 20 of them. Well, maybe not 20, they're aren't that many people who can wield it, but regardless if you had a whole ton of those you'd never have to worry about Grima coming back because as soon as he sticks his ugly mug out you start catapulting crates filled with parallel falchions and kill him.

So yeah, the true ending is a return of the dragons and time traveling for fun and profit. Have fun :D
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