Chrom gained automatic S support with Sumia

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User Info: PhoenixWroggi

4 years ago#1
Then sex, then baby.

So, when I beat the game, will I get those support conversation I missed in my library, or do I need to "do it again", so to speak?

Also, general support related (and unrelated) questions.

1) Is there a limit to how many support conversations you can have, like in previous games? If so, what is it?

2) Exactly what buff does support give character? I can't find it anywhere in game

3) So whenever 2 characters attain S support, sex and baby?

4) What's the logic to what buffs partnering up bestows upon a character? Is it based on that characters stats, or its class or both?

5) I made Lissa a pegasus knight, I think that was dumb

6) Does Virion ever get useful? He's level 16, has 13 strength and 14 speed. Can't do damage, can't hit double. Can't take damage either for that matter.
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User Info: Misha-Heart

4 years ago#2
1) They all go up to A, but only one S. If you try and get all As, some supports will be unfinished so start a new playthrough for more S supports.
2) They all give a fixed support bonus, but different classes give higher pair up bonuses, swordmasters give high speed bonuses for example.
3) The paralogue for their kid will open up so you can pick them up. They probably don't get funky in bed right away.
4) Class and support levels.
5) Pegasus Knight Lissa sucks. She should have promoted first, then go to Dark Flier instead.
6) Virion's a poor-ish unit with a mediocre class set. You can dump him for better units, or keep using him since you put in effort into training him.
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User Info: Czar_Yoshi

4 years ago#3

There's your game mechanics.

If it's on-camera romance you crave, sorry, but this game is rated T. The best I can say is Summer Scramble DLC, and if you like conversations in that vein that are painfully awkward to watch and can be personality wrecking balls, look at Olivia's battlefield marriage with Chrom, Nowi and Gaius's supports, and Nowi and Tharja's Harvest Scramble support. I want to mail a boot stuffed with rotting fish to whoever is responsible for those (probably the same guy who did TTYD's Peach Scenes, 8 years down the road), but maybe you'll like them. Who knows.
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