Help understanding marriage and children

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User Info: minimidgy89

4 years ago#1
I plan on having my male avatar marry Maribelle. This will give me Brady, correct? How then do I get Morgan?
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#2
MU/FeMU can have two children depending on who they marry.

MU/FeMU will always have Morgan no matter who they marry.
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User Info: Czar_Yoshi

4 years ago#3
All the 1st gen women who can marry someone other than Robin have a child tied to them, along with Chrom and Robin. Robin's child will be opposite of his/her gender, but all the other children are fixed. Because of this, Chrom will always have two children (unless he marries a generic maiden) and Robin will have two children if he marries a woman with a child, or if she marries Chrom.

All children inherit all class options from both of their parents, with exceptions for Chrom's Lord class on everyone not tied to him, and some gender-exclusive classes, which get swapped around. This includes Manakete and Taguel, so if Robin marries one of them then Morgan will be a Manakete/Taguel as well. Because Robin's class selection is so gigantic, all of his/her offspring will be ultimate and there's very few characters who can give them something they don't already have (Chrom can give RK, Lucina can give Lord Skills, the Spotpass Paralogue characters can pass along any unique skills they get, and Taguel, Manaketes and Villagers pass along their classes). Out of those, the two I'd recommend most are Nowi (effectively two Manakete Morgans) and Lucina (because it alters the plot a bit).

Once you've watched an S-rank support and two characters marry (unless they were children, and after you've beaten cht.13) a Paralogue will open up where you can recruit their child from the future. The child's stats will change slightly depending on the parents, and they will actively inherit the last skill equipped on both parents. If one of the parents has a gender-exclusive class that won't be on the child, you should pass down a skill from that class (most importantly Galeforce on Olivia, Maribelle, Lissa, and Robin-F), but otherwise just give them the best thing you have. The skills to be passed down are determined when you enter the paralogue, not when you watch the S support, so you can go back and change them up until recruitment.

For additional reading, go here:

There will be slight endgame spoilers there, though.
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User Info: minimidgy89

4 years ago#4
I'm really confused now. If Maribelle and Robin marry, will the child be Brady or Morgan? Also, how do I get both Brady and Morgan?
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User Info: asdfDan64

4 years ago#5
You will get Brady and Morgan. Once the characters get married you have to complete a chapter (paralouge) to recruit them.
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User Info: Orihime

4 years ago#6
Brady is recruitable in Paralogue 7 (talk to him with either Maribelle or Chrom). You can recruit female Morgan in Paralogue 12 (talk to her with Robin or Chrom). Female Morgan will start off as a Troubadour if you married Maribelle, so she can't attack in this class. You may want to consider bringing someone who can use a Rescue staff and immediately rescuing her on Turn 1, so Morgan is out of harm's way.

User Info: Kaosorer

4 years ago#7
You get both Brady and Morgan. You simply have to do their paralogues after chapter 13.

User Info: duh1177

4 years ago#8
Pairing up MU will get you Morgan, regardless of who you marry. If MU marries someone who has a child linked to them, you'll get that child as well.
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