CYOA: Let Sleeping Gods Wake

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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#1
First and foremost: AZN, YOU SNEAKY SNEAKY BOY!

Anyways, with that out of the way, Recap/Summary thing People can use:

In The World of Terial, there are two active continents. On those continents, a massive story is taking place. Caro Tekinen is escorting the Princess of Magic, while Mina Keresky is fending off poison in the same area. On the same continent, Ariana Terensta and Sarisa Reina Teriko have ran way to start an adventure, while Tarra Rechara is currently knocked out after having her airship crash. Vergel Merzarick is going off to finish the job he's been assigned to. Not far from him, Mikayel Terecho is cast out at sea in a lifeboat after witnessing a ship being plunged in fire. On the other continent, Soujoro Muerchardo is resting to deliver a mission to the Lord of Gerido, while Sierra Delnos is currently unconscious after chasing after something that stole her sister. Far south of them, Morigan Gerino is passed out in a town, with Rose Flowina and Kale, a mysterious stranger, looking after her.

They all have two things in common: Creatures called Abominations are looking for them, and they've all received the same dream: A message to go to Verria Island. Accompanying most of them are various members of the Colourna Family.


So, we must now view the second day. Whose eyes shall we look upon first?

A. Caro.

B. Soujoro.

C. Vergel.

D. Ariana.

E. Morigan.

JK. The Rock.
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User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#2
Rocks are the best POV.

Uhh, I mean E?
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#3

Also, Horses can totally be their own units. They may be a bit skittish, but have you ever been kicked by a horse? Ow. Just ow.

It could also add another layer, lending people mounts, etc.
I could use some readers for my CYOA. /shamelessplug.
Saxon/Palazzo 2016

User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#4
So totally E. Just E. I like Morigan. She reminds me of Morgan.
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User Info: SwordMasterEX

4 years ago#5
C- Vergel must continue his quest to get into Yellonda's pants!

also it's time I finally Update! (Takes off Spikaya Mask)
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User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#6

Actually, C.
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#7
Wow, C,huh? Vergel must've done something to please you greatly... despite the fact that most of his day was spent expositioning!))

Vergel wakes up in the inn. He remembers that the mayor told him and Yellonda to get out. He had to go get that mission done anyways. He opens the door and bumps right into Yellonda, who grabs him and begins tearing down the stairs. "Whoa there!"

"Two people washed ashore! One of them's one of my sisters! Vergel, it's Bludera!" Yellonda says, turning around and showing tears. She is clearly worried, so Vergel bolts off, this time with her.

They arrive quickly, and Mikayel and Bludera are both passed out.

"Who's the guy?" Vergel says, kicking Mikayel.

"I dunno. He has the look of a Pirate... but then again, so does my sister..." Yellonda says with a frown, pushing on Bludera's chest. "That can't be it! Sis was nice! She wouldn't dare have turned to that!"

"Don't judge her too much. C'mon let's-"

"'EY! There you two are!" A brown-haired man with a headband says, running up to them.

"Boss man Jake!" Yellonda says, jumping a little.

"Come now, just Jake'll do. Any luck on Anna? Find a lead fer 'er?" Jake says, putting a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it.

"Boss man Jake, you gave us the day off yesterday. Actually, you gave all of the crew the day off." Yellonda says, going back to her sister and slightly slapping her.

"Yeah... about that... They left. They all just wanted a free ride!" Jake says,kicking a bunch of sand.

Which happens to hit Mikayel straight in the face, causing him to sputter and wake up.

"HUZUWHA?!" He says as he bolts up, standing up and looking around. "The hell's goin on here?!"

"Calm down! You and your friend there were found drift ashore in a rowboat. Who are you? What were you doing? Are you running away?" A little kid says. Mikayel simply pats his chest, both to assure himself he still had the talisman he got, and to show confidence.

"I'm Mikayel, a fierce Pirate!" he says, rubbing the little kid's head. The little kid slightly moves, not liking that one bit.

"Very well Mikayel, but what were you doing?" Vergel says, splashing Bludera with water.

"I'm a pirate. Bludera and me.. our ship was attacked by a guy who wanted our treasure. Mutiny and everything. He summoned these... things. Abominations, he called him." At this, Vergel perks up, but doesn't move. "They were masquerading as half our members!"

"Abominations, you say? Funny, we had to deal with a few of them ourselves."

"No kiddin, eh? Anyways, our shi-"

Bludera's eyes open, and she sees Yellonda right above her. Seeing this, Yellonda collapses on top of her. After some I love yous and missed yous, everybody is standing up.

"As touching as this is, C'mon you two. We've got to find Anna." Jake says, walking away.

"I'm not leaving my sister!" Yellonda says, planting her feet.

"Okay, then her and the other pirate can come with us. We need more working hands anyways." Jake says over the shoulder. "But we gotta go now, I had just gotten a lead."

Sighing, Vergel begins walking after him, Mikayel, Bludera, and Yellonda all following.

"So, what did ya find out, Jake?" Vergel asks.

"The location of Anna, hopefully. An Anna in town saw her pass right on by here, something about a map and needing to find a green haired girl."

"You can tell Anna apart from other Annas?" Mikayel asks, unbelieving.

"It's not that hard" Jake says.
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User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#8
"Really?" Yellonda asks.

"Yeah, really. For instance, they smell and kiss differently, eat their food differently, and even go to the ba-"

"TOO MUCH!" Bludera says as everyone else chuckles.

"So therefore, it's easy-peasy." Jake says. "Now come on, my Annadar says she's that way!"

Hours of walking later, the five are in a vast plain, the wind blowing gently. "Now... My Annadar says... south!" Jake says, pointing and leading them.

"Er... Jake? That's north." Mikayel says, laughing. Jake promptly turns around and sighs, slightly red from embarrassment, but still walking.

They spent about half an hour just walking south and arrived at the remains of a burnt forest.

"Wh-what happened here?" Yellonda says, grabbing her spear.

"Whatever it is... I don't like it much." Mikayel says, brandishing his axe. Bludera does the same as Vergel draws his sword. Jake pulls up his hammer, ready to fight if it comes to it.

"Let's proceed with caution." Vergel says, walking ahead and looking.

"Whatever did this... it means business." Mikayel says with a grin. "Too bad it ain't dirty business, eh?" He says with a chuckle. Jake just shoots a glare at him.

Ten minutes later, they came across quite the scene: Ruins of a town, ash still recent.

"W-whoa..." Vergel backs against a tree.

"What the hell? This ash... it's still recent. Hell, it's kinda hot. Not that I'm into that, or anything." Mikayel says, elbowing Bludera, who laughs.

"GODLINGS! GODLINGS! NEED... GODLINGS!" A man screeches, rising up. He's impaled on a spear, and his eyes glow green. "Eh-hehehehehehe!"

"WHOA NELLY!" Mikayel says. Vergel darts in front of him


"B-but he's human!" Yellonda says.

"Right, because that's what glowing green eyes and a SPEAR STICKING THROUGH YOU means: You're human." Bludera says, prepping her axe.

"GODLINGS?! GODLINGS! NEED THE GODS! COME NOW, NOW EVERYBODY! GODGODGODGODGOD!" The man appriaches a mount with glowing red eyes; a Mauthe Doog. Five others get up, mutter something about Gods, and join him, all but one on Mauthe Doogs. The one that's left out has a Mogall.

"We got trouble! Jake, what do we do?!"

Abominators: 4 level 5 Cerberus Riders, 1 level 5 Mogall Mage, 1 level 10 Cerberus Rider.
Yellonda, Vergel, Bludera, Mikayel, and Jake- level 5 Blacksmith: Weapon: Blacksmith's Hammer.

A. Pair up and protect me! -specifics needed.

B. Let's focus on the leader!

C. Someone (choose who) Take that Mogull out!

D. Custom Strat.

VJK. Throw Jake at them and run!
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I'm Insane! Who keeps shooting me every time I talk?! *shot*

User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#9
B, I'm thinking.
I could use some readers for my CYOA. /shamelessplug.
Saxon/Palazzo 2016

User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#10

... B.
Are you calling me an awkward mutant of a person?
I'm calling you one fourth of an awkward mutant of a person!
- The Runaway Guys
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