marriage choices you made... [possible spoilers]

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shiningpikablu252 4 years ago#21
Went with a "rookie optimization" setup in my current playthrough (still on my first go-round). Made these pairings:

Lissa/My Unit

It was around there I ran out of "optimization room", and subsequently went with these not-so-optimized pairings:


Lon'qu, Gaius, and Gregor were my "forever bachelors"...
I am a die hard Pokemon fan to the most, including the traditional hate of Yu-Gi-Oh.

User Info: Rose_Mage

4 years ago#22
Chrom x Avatar
Frederick x Lissa
Donnel x Sully
Ricken x Miriel
Henry x Sumia
Libra x Maribelle
Gregor x Panne
Lon'qu x Cordelia
Kellam x Nowi
Gaius x Tharja
Virion x Olivia
Stahl x Cherche

Gerome x Lucina
Owain x Noire
Inigo x Cynthia
Brady x Severa
Morgan x Kjelle
Yarne x Nah
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  3. marriage choices you made... [possible spoilers]

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