Paralogue 22 (Fountain of Truth) was a rude awakening. *spoilers*

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  3. Paralogue 22 (Fountain of Truth) was a rude awakening. *spoilers*

User Info: SuperDavio

4 years ago#1
Haha, punny! But seriously, I had been coasting through the rest of the game relatively easy after I decided to start second sealing things into other classes to get great skills along with stat boosts. Then... this chapter happened. I mean, this is the chapter that showed my Gerome HURTS. A lot! And Cynthia was pretty ridiculous too. Did anyone else discover who the hitters in their team were through this as well?

Also, I had nearly beat it in one go, when Aversa went to challenge the last enemy unit. Their Severa... um... Aversa was no more. I mean, come on, NPC. Have some sense.
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User Info: Danger_Close

4 years ago#2
avatar+morgan tore through that chapter like it was wet tissue paper when i did it
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User Info: SuperDavio

4 years ago#3
See, I put the avatar as far up as possible at first, but then the computer focused on him with three units.

Just... ow. And I don't have many healers (yes, I'm scrubby, and I was trying to improve relations between fighters), so the damage was "permanent". Iunno, they seemed to be... pretty tough.
Ake: Davio is awesome, and that's a FACT.
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User Info: MyNameIsNotJen

4 years ago#5
Yep. I solo'd it with my FeMU x Chrom.

I guess I took the easy way out since I would only then challenge them.
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User Info: Tables

4 years ago#6
I managed this chapter first try on Lunatic (non-capped units), didn't seem too bad. Probably the biggest thing you can do to make it easier is adjust skills to ones which most benefit you and least benefit the opponent. Activation skills like Lethality, Aether and Luna are generally bad, because they make enemies dangerous without a significant enough benefit to yourself, while skills like rallies and galeforce are great.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#7
Last time I just breezed through it, this file I'm going to keep it unbeaten for now, so I can see if my SP team's good or useless.
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User Info: rpgking2006

4 years ago#8
I just used all my weakest units and chrom with brave sword (to make sure he can hit aether against the other chrom first). Piece of Piss. no idea how i'd go about doing it properly, I got owned when I first tried, but then again I didn't really get how reclassing works at that time.
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  3. Paralogue 22 (Fountain of Truth) was a rude awakening. *spoilers*

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