My Unit Asset/Flaw for Tharja Marriage?

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User Info: PiersKun

4 years ago#1
Sup, guys. Bought this game a few days ago, started playing but then kinda said "going to restart this in order to take full advantadge of the pairings and what not", since I got far enough to get a good glimpse of the system. Got things pretty set already, but the one thing that's kinda bothering me here is My Unit's/Avatar's Asset/Flaw combination, and which one would be ideal for marrying Tharja? And of course, how would this influence Noire. I know Morgan is pretty much great regardless, but having the option to go for any class with Noire, what are the most favorable ones in general?

I'm playing Hard/Classic if it matters, but given how much grinding you can put on in this game, I guess aside from prologue/lunatic stuff there isn't too much to worry about, lol. Thanks in advance. - My Twitter account, also known as the place where I blog about videogames and anime.

User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#2
nothing and nothing

don't waste MU's premium manseed on first generation units
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert
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  3. My Unit Asset/Flaw for Tharja Marriage?

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