does anyone actually like Chrom?

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  3. does anyone actually like Chrom?

User Info: FireStorm533

4 years ago#31
Masajub posted...
While it's true that many of the FE Lords don't exactly have award-winning personalities written for them, I think Chrom honestly takes the cake for blandness. All of the other Lords tend to have one or two [trivial] traits that make them just a little unique.

Lyn, Eirika & Lucina are bland but the fact that they're women makes them marginally different to the rest. Some of them even have hair of a different shade of blue!

Eliwood & Roy had hair that wasn't blue.

Ephraim used Lances, how exciting.

Hector actually had a personality.

Ike was the King of personality compared to the other Lords. Yes it was illogical and unrealistic, he acts as if he's never met a human being before, but at least they tried something. He's also not a royal which makes him special.

Marth was bland but he was also the first so meh.

Chrom is just absolutely nothing and a poor unit to boot. He has nothing going for him.

Glad someone gets it.

Although I really can't decide who I hate more. Chrom of Lyn
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User Info: Yuki_No_Haku

4 years ago#32
No. Which is why it sucks he's gonna be in Brawl because Sakurai can't into character polls.

... wait he was actually at the top for males? Oh isn't that grea- JAPAN WHY DON'T YOU HAVE TASTE?!
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#33
Chrom's best is...

Chrom x FeMU -> Morgan (M) x Kjelle.
Master of all things Fire Emblem Canon.
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  3. does anyone actually like Chrom?

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