Where does this game fall in your Fire Emblem rankings?

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User Info: CaptainBang

4 years ago#31
In terms of my favorites?

In terms of what I think are the best?

To explain, I see the flaws in the first list, but they don't bug me much as a player
The other side has me considering those bugs as a bigger part of the game and whether or not they'll ruin the game for others. Thracia is just a weird game and such.
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User Info: DespondentDeity

4 years ago#32
This game is my favorite in the series.
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User Info: Flygonite

4 years ago#33
(I probably shouldn't say that out loud, though. Thank goodness for inner monologue.)

User Info: tact_coyote

4 years ago#34
9> 13> 12> 5> 4> 8> 7> 6> 10> 11> 3> 1> 2
Yes I did put Sacred Stones over 7, Come at me bro.
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User Info: Majora787

4 years ago#35
tact_coyote posted...
Yes I did put Sacred Stones over 7, Come at me bro.

Eh, people'd be madder at me. I put Shadow Dragon over 7 in enjoyment AND quality, and whenever I play Sacred Stones I'll probably put that above it as well.
I'd take Other M over Super Metroid, Skyward Sword over OoT, FE11 over FE7, and fresh molten crap smeared all over my face over Persona 2. Come at me.

User Info: HeoandReo

4 years ago#36
tact_coyote posted...
Yes I did put Sacred Stones over 7, Come at me bro.

I actually really liked Sacred Stones. Granted it was the first FE I ever played, so maybe it's a bit sentimental but I think it holds up pretty well.

Out of the very few I've played, it's 6 > 13 > 8 > 7 > 9 > 11. Haven't played 12 enough to put it in a particular place, and it's not much of a difference between them for me. And even though I liked 11 the least out of all of them, it's probably the one that I've played the most. There's a surprising amount of replay value in it.

User Info: ShikanRaider

4 years ago#37
Out of the ones I've played.


User Info: NeoElfboy

4 years ago#38
I like 13 a lot, but I think pair up was a somewhat poorly playtested/balanced mechanic, and I hate ninja reinforcements to the point where almost any FE that has them will rank below the ones that don't, to me - I find they significantly impede the game's strategy. 13's still by far the best game in the series that has them, though.

10 > 7 ~= 9 > 8 > 13 >> 6 > 12 > 11 > 4

Haven't played 1-3 or 5. (FE4 convinced me that old FEs were not for me, since most consider it the best of that bunch.)

10's the best. Gives you reason to use loads of units, lots of fun maps. Is about the only game in the series that doesn't do goofy things with shops, which I really appreciate.
7 I enjoy the map design and character balance of, but the way the game handles a few polish issues (such as shops, and Merlinus) is painful.
9 is the opposite; very polished, but too easy/unbalanced.
8 is somewhere in the middle. For some reason I like it a bit less than the other two.
13, as mentioned: good game with some annoying flaws.
6 has the same core mechanics from 7-10 which I love (fast-moving gameplay, solid map design, the rescue command). Unfortunately it feels very rough around the edges. Lots of weirdness involving side-chapter and good ending requirements, bosses who are ridiculously durable midgame and total scrubs late because they stay at 8-12 speed/60 avoid the entire game, dumb reinforcements, awful weapon/unit balance, some maps are way too big.
12 has most of my complaints about 6, with a much more primitive system. No shove/rescue hurts. Marth needing to visit every village and seize every point hurts. Also plot, which is never a strong point, drops to hilariously bad at this point.
11 is 12 with even worse balance and some weirdness involving needing to kill off lots of your units.
4... ugh. I do not like its huge maps nor its cumbersome interface.

As a series I really like them, though. 4's the only one I wasn't able to finish; the rest I have finished twice or more. I focus on what's wrong in the above because all the games get the core strategy RPG gameplay so, so right.
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User Info: BlueswordsX

4 years ago#39
I just started but so far it's feeling great and it fixed some issues I had with the earlier games, such as showing hidden treasures on the map so you can actually strategize who was going to go collect them, instead of scouring the map randomly or relying on a walkthrough.

I'm glad to see that it seems most of you still embrace it. I heard on the other board that Awakening used to be much loved and considered one of the best but suddenly the attitude on the board turned to hate as people overplayed it to the point of boredom and grew sick of it, and one person who gave it a 10/10 review and played through the game repeatedly over and over until they got tired of it even went and changed the review to 4/10.
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