I hope you all voted Tharja

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  3. I hope you all voted Tharja

User Info: Darth Xelleon

Darth Xelleon
4 years ago#41
Tharja vs Aerith? Totally unfair!
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User Info: Karin18

4 years ago#42
Timbermaw posted...
People have been growing out of final fantasy.

Edit- and i only voted tharja because of this pic:

That's a good picture. If she looked like that in the game I may like her more. She's just so ugly that I really have no idea why she has such a huge fan base. I don't get it.
Black Mage: Dammit fighter, White Mage doesn't like me because you're a rotten friend.
Fighter: I'm horrible!
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User Info: GrimDeity

4 years ago#44
Doesn't really matter who voted who, Draven's gonna take this whole thing.
I used to think Vlad was a vampire... but then he assured me he wasn't! Boy was I mistaken!
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  3. I hope you all voted Tharja

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