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User Info: DynasticAnthony

4 years ago#1
Which is your favorite? - Results (79 votes)
"Here's how it's done!"
11.39% (9 votes)
"You're finished!"
6.33% (5 votes)
"Time to tip the scales!"
24.05% (19 votes)
58.23% (46 votes)
This poll is now closed.
We're back, baby! I loved this series so I'm reviving it! In these topics, vote for which of the topic's character's critical/skill activation quotes is your favorite, and let's see how many people agree or disagree with your choice!

Today, we'll rate the Avatar aka Robin aka YOU!

Day 1: Avatar
Day 2: Chrom
Day 3: Lissa
Day 4: Frederick
Day 5: Sully
Day 6: Virion
Day 7: Stahl
Day 8: Vaike
Day 9: Miriel
Day 10: Sumia
Day 11: Kellam
Day 12: Donnel
Day 13: Lon'qu
Day 14: Ricken
Day 15: Maribelle
Day 16: Panne
Day 17: Gaius
Day 18: Cordelia
Day 19: Gregor
Day 20: Nowi
Day 21: Libra
Day 22: Tharja
Day 23: Anna
Day 24: Olivia
Day 25: Cherche
Day 26: Henry
Day 27: Say'ri
Day 28: Tiki
Day 29: Basilio
Day 30: Flavia
Day 31: Lucina
Day 32: Owain
Day 33: Inigo
Day 34: Brady
Day 35: Kjelle
Day 36: Cynthia
Day 37: Severa
Day 38: Gerome
Day 39: Morgan
Day 40: Yarne
Day 41: Laurent
Day 42: Noire
Day 43: Nah
Day 44: Gangrel
Day 45: Walhart
Day 46: Emmeryn
Day 47: Yen'fay
Day 48: Aversa
Day 49: Priam
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User Info: SlashReturns

4 years ago#2
While I love "Here's how it's done!", "Checkmate!" is just far superior and sounds better
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User Info: PrettyTonyTiger

4 years ago#3
Yes checkmate!! I love how impactful one single word can be.
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User Info: Luminozero

4 years ago#4
Didn't we do this topic like 6 months ago?
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User Info: 7up1001

4 years ago#5
Luminozero posted...
Didn't we do this topic like 6 months ago?

We did a whole series of every single character.
We don't need another.
...In a sexual way.
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User Info: Phoslus

4 years ago#6
I really liked the female "Time to tip the scales!"
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User Info: zihark333

4 years ago#7
Checkmate! Sums up the avatar pretty nicely IMHO

User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#8
Can we do a quote vs. quote bracket thing like SF had after Priam's is finished?

Also, Morgan has five, with the fourth one depending on gender.
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