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User Info: Im_Cherche

4 years ago#1
chaos in the ylisse

The wind magic flowed spraying like into yarne's face but he was not intrested. The ylisse needed to be saved becuse an evil validar had created a walhart that culd destory it! yearn has a hard time getting into the dragons table where the man had a grima's truth.
"your too late," he smiled. It was an evil beard that he held the grima's truth with.
"No it's not too late YOU MONSTER! YEW GO EXITNCK!" and he charged. And he used his bunny to kill him. The ylise was saved from evil.
"Hooray I saved the lysise!" yarne shouted. "THE YLISS IS SAFE"

yarne goes home

But yarne found that on the way home there was no road. It was too late like the validar said. He had already destored the road and the shepards were trapped on the island that they were trapped in.
There was nothing he could do. So he went home and cried.

the end

and da sequel


The robot fight

It was been two yeers since teh valider destoryed the road. taguen now lerned to eb mor epowarfull to fight the evli!
So he bilt robot wyvern becus the wrold was in danger of a evil taegeul.
"You cans not be stopped!" yarne sayd "You arr my twin borthr sister!"
"Thats rite. Not even you can stop me!!!!" So they foughted an yarne's robot wyvern powerd its fire bread and blew up teh evil fe morgnan.

Auther's note: In chapter 2, the evil tanguel is not reely dead. It swa a trick!!

Surprise attack

yarne was ta hom eatnig breffist. He ate a carrat and carot with english carat and he had carot and Cap'n carrot.
He was also eating orange carrot a caroat and corat and a coorat piece but he also ate just carrot.
Hsi gilrfrend (Noir) was kiss him "BLUD AN TUNDRA!" say.
But evil femorgoon came out fridge and shotted "H-a-a-a-a-a-a-a! I will kill you yaren!"
Ther was no time for wyvern so he went right for the fight.
They punched the ceiling and flew to fighting in space.
"I am created by the evil valdiar" he sayd!!!!! "I will destoy all the roads and no one can go on them!"
"No! Then Shepahds are tarpped and tehy will be stuck!"
"Ha-ha-ha I do not care but you will die now"
They foughts for a long time until they were tired form the fight and yarne killed her with lethal blow.
"Impossible! I! Cannot be stopped!" Then explosion.
When good yarn came back he wanted find his girfrend but she leaved. It was too late.
"Noir! You moved to Valim too soon and I did't say bye!"
But she was gon.

Minerva says she still feels the Avatar is of this world...
Also that they smell delicious, but that's neither here nor there...

User Info: KingChickadee

4 years ago#2
needs more pink haired owain
Immortality can in fact be achieved. Just not the type of immortality that everyone wants.

User Info: acerola-orion

4 years ago#3
10/10, fanfic of the minute

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#4
Truly, this is a classic of fanfiction!

And truly, I am utterly insane for finding a DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD 1111 knockoff funny. XP
"What good is having friends if they don't put you in mortal peril every once in a while?" - Melody Muns, The Rithmatist

User Info: Spitz_of_TFF

4 years ago#5
I demand a triquel of this brilliant work!
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User Info: MrSaturn1

4 years ago#6
Very, very good read. BUT it is lacking the great Pink Haired Owain. So I'll give it a 9.2/10. In the triquel try to fit in some Pink Haired Owain. :3

User Info: Im_Cherche

4 years ago#7
due to popular demand I hope you like it


Capter 1: Deadly dropdown

Nowi was going down in a tailspin "I ma goinna crush" and she crushed into a caste'l "What is it noise" asked the wagon driver he was driving tageulmon to his house on the island.
"It is must be a dargon but it is frundly?" yarn checked out his in front of him and it wit all clear.
"Frorget about me I go on ahead" and Yaren did a jump out onto road but there was a fire.
"HELP ME A KID WAS RAPPED UNDER A CART" lissa said and tageul when running to savety at her "IT IS NOT A GOOD TIME FOR OWAIN TO DIED"
"Whoi s that tagulmon?"
He just barely lifted the cart and it was not enoulgh "I would need moch more strogth to lift all of it"
So he had to find a way. Meanwhile teh manket was allcrited and they all fell down from tremandoul thoroon blapst.
But little kid wasnfsafe form the cart which fell off the bridgled "MY TOMES IS IN THERE"
"Sorru LIsas but we have to be lucky that your daughter was not kirled."
"Yes that is true"

The next day yarne woke up wand went to get readyied for work but there was nockwat the door from a probably postman. "I will get the mail he opened the door and there was another mankettel"
"My mother is dead"
"My name is nNAahnaNAH and my mothon died because her dargon crashed" and the mankete wernt dargon mod and then shot a fireballs at digimon 3.
Yarne had to avoid ths shots so he did th esplits. If he had power to see the drago but he had to figure it out.
"Look you are behind the stairs" he said but it was a trick and when yanre realized he was not fooled taguemon did a butterfly rabbit kick and knocked off the dragonkete with gruesome attack.
"You kicked me in the invisible"
"That is a just start" Nd Tagemon punched so hard that manket went unconscious. Taguon felt licky that his bomb did not bomb the place.
"I have to find out why the nowai crashed" so tagelmmon and manakate went to the Shepards but they said they cant go in there "WHO ARE YOU TO DEMAND TO COME IN"
"You car not a TFGYelMOn you are not one" of the "YES I AM I am a new taguelmn but there is NO TIME"

Auithors notel taguelmon is a new tageulmon because there is not actual tagelmon that is called tagulemon he is a new one that I invented

So they brokened in with a timeful kick to the very door. The door crashled across the room so hard it flew across the room. Crom and the shepards tried to sopt him but they were trappebehind the door that flew.
"You cannot take the evidence" an Viroin shot at tagelumon but missed and hit nah so nha went mancat and took the virion dead. When tagrimon found the evidence it said that the dragon crashed because of mi sheapard experiments. "THIS IS BAD NEWS" said the plegias.
So it was all blowen high and wise.
"Now how will you get to your homela?
nd""I will have to fly there in my manacat but thanks for your help here is a tooth"

Chapteern 2: To help with the plegias

taguemon experienced a knock at his door but this time it was not alien attack it was plegian.
"Ot's okay to relax we are here to congratulate you for exposing the shepards"
So they had a dinner but officer Henri did not come because he was very busy.
Minerva says she still feels the Avatar is of this world...
Also that they smell delicious, but that's neither here nor there...

User Info: katella

4 years ago#8


-3 Taguel isn't exterminated
-3 Taguel is MC
-3 Yarne isn't a canon character, no one would reproduce with his filthy hypothetical parent.

Official Wife to the Anti-Existence of Video Game Fanservice ~<3
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