Final Classes for these units?

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User Info: yoshiboy333

4 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm thinking about the final classes for these units before getting them to plot out their class path. Here are the characters:
Henry!Cynthia - I'm thinking of either Dark Flier or Sorcerer. Dark Flier because of movement and Sorcerer because it's Sorcerer which is arguably the best class, but Dark Flier is one of the best classes as well.
Lonqu!Severa - Sorcerer, Hero, or Dark Flier? Again sorcerer because it's sorcerer, and it's actually pretty well suited to LQ!Severa. Hero because of stat caps and good weapon triangle diversity. And Dark Flier for movement once again.
Stahl!Yarne - ... Yeah Yarne, I have never really used him before much. I'm actually not too sure about him at all. From what I've read up it seems to be Berserker, Taguel, or Assassin
Sumia - Yeah already got her, pretty much done with her. I've just got to decide whether I want Falcon Knight or Dark Flier. I will probably do Falcon Knight because she is not too offensive.
Maribelle - Already got, about done, thinking about valkyrie or falcon knight. She is somewhat offensive, especially magic-wise, but I don't like frailness and she probably won't be in the front lines. So I'm thinking falcon knight for high movement despite no magic. But then Valkyrie still has good movement, albeit a little lower, but has magic.

User Info: Blobs_

4 years ago#2
War Cleric for everything.

nah blobs is a complete waste of human life cool mang

User Info: mudkip72

4 years ago#3
Henry!Cynthia - Dark Flier or Sage, based on the movement of who Cynthia will be paired up with.

Lon'qu!Severa - Both Hero or Sorc work, depending on playstyle and need for physical/magic units (Hero's more offensive, Sorc for Vantage/Vengeance and ranged Brave weapons)

Stahl!Yarne - Berserker. Yarne has little reason to do anything but Dual Strike with axes, so max attack power.

Sumia and Maribelle - Dark Fliers. They won't help out as well in Falcon Knight with their lower Strength. If you are in need of Staff users, then Sage or Valkyrie will serve a better purpose than Falcon Knight.

User Info: fawful_X

4 years ago#4
Blobs_ posted...
War Cleric for everything.


Better: Cleric for everything.
I'll get my science team to invent a combustible lemon to BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!
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User Info: Franzise_D

4 years ago#5
Valkyrie Maribelle because pink.

Stay classy.

User Info: tohrin

4 years ago#6
Taguel Yarne for beastbane
or if you hate to be not able to attack 2 range, then berserker.

Valkyrie Mariabelle Yes because pink.
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