What should be changed on FE's next game

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User Info: LORDDRAGON1995

4 years ago#1
I find that a couple parts of the FE:A design provide some lack of balance, and that should be modified in next games. Opinions?

1) Galeforce. The skill is, seriously, OP; and other than in Apotheosis and multiplayer it is a gamebreaker (Unlike Limit Break, which even if DLC, is available to all characters). The skill needs a replacement. (Aether and Rightful King, while powerful, are limited to the Lord line, which makes 1-2 characters out of 16 a must, but it's FE standard that the Lord unit is above average at minimum)

2) Fire magic needs something to make it stand. Even if the ultimate non dark magic in game is fire-related, with the free bonus box, thunder and wind magic are far better, due to the first's higher baseline damage and the second's bonus damage against fliers.

3) The Skill keeping mechanic is nice, but if classes that mostly serve to provide skills before reclassing out of them in comparison to their generally stat-wise better counterparts (Dark Knight to Grandmaster, Wyvern Lord to Griffon Rider, Hero to Swordmaster partially, Berserker to Warrior sometimes, etc)

4) Lethality can't stay the way it is (Right now the only way to make it useful is getting it into a FeMU-fathered Lucina, and that makes it 22% tops). Needs a rebalance, yet again. Sothe's Bane skill from Radiant Dawn seems like an easier skill to balance.
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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#2
No pair up. Takes all strategy out of the game. Seriously.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
4 years ago#3
I'd be hoping that the next FE is absolutely nothing like FE13 and doesn't use it as a base at all, so none of the things that you've mentioned will still be around to be a problem.
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User Info: Majora787

4 years ago#4
shadow chao 10 posted...
I'd be hoping that the next FE is absolutely nothing like FE13 and doesn't use it as a base at all, so none of the things that you've mentioned will still be around to be a problem.

So it has zero qualities of any Fire Emblem game, since it would have absolutely no qualities that Awakening has, including the basic standards in the Fire Emblem series such as characters, plot styles, medieval themes, turn-based tactical genres...

I don't know. I don't think I like that plan.
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User Info: FullMetalBox

4 years ago#5
Reinforcements. Just. Please...

It's so annoying for units to die when 15 units spawn right next to them and kill them with chip damage >.>
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User Info: Sea_Wyvern

4 years ago#6
imthestuntman posted...
No pair up. Takes all strategy out of the game. Seriously.

Alternatively, keep the Pair-Up, but put more restrictions on it, like returning the Skill and Speed penalties of Rescue. Seriously, it makes no sense that my Pegasus would fly faster while I have a General of all things with me just because they had a brief stint as a Swordmaster. Rather than do something as drastic as halving those stats though, why not make it so the class of the one you are paired up with determines the drop you suffer.

Perhaps return the Weight and Constitution stats to help calculate this.

Also, maybe allow enemies to pair up too, but limit it so that they gain less advantages than you (they'd be running you down early in the game if they were equal to you), or that only named enemies can do it, like, say, some chapters having "Defeat Boss" as the victory condition, where there are two bosses who stay Paired-Up and truly stand on equal footing with you on game mechanics.

It's a good mechanic, it's just the way FE works means it breaks the game.

Archers should, at the very least, gain the ability to use an emergency weapon when under attack at melee range so as not to be completely defenseless. Perhaps make it so that you can give them a close range weapon that they can only use as a counterattack.

Also, give them a good passive skill that boosts something they actually need, rather than something their job description requires them to have plenty of.

I liked the Anima WT and the General Magic WT, so why did they take them out? Put them back in please.

Better map design. Por and RD had some pretty solid map designs (dessert levels notwithstanding), so why retrograde it? Give us more maps with wildly varying terrain where the elevation difference actually matters , and more maps with chokepoints, and more defensive maps too, victory condition variety, etc.

In short, things that earlier FE games had but were strangely absent from this game. I have a suspicion that the game was simplified in this manner in order to make it more accessible for the new players, as the point of the game was to try to save FE from getting axed.

So, IS, mission accomplished. With flying colours. Can we get a more complex FE now, with the same attention to detail given in this game?
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User Info: davidledsma

4 years ago#7
Fire magic used to be the best in RD and PoR...
Galeforce could just be made into "use an extra action while glued to the spot". You know, so you can equip a different weapon, heal(yourself or others) or something.
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User Info: Galwen

4 years ago#8
1. Make player mechanics apply to the enemies as much they can (so more Mastery Skills for enemies if available, enemies can use Pair Up if available, etc.).

2. Merge Armor Knights and Generals into one class.

3. Have no Jagen characters.

4. Don't have characters such as Rolf, etc. who are units who get by on babying and don't even have a vastly better performance than units in their class who have better bases, etc.

5. Have more content linked to character deaths (different routes, different characters, etc.)

6. Have lower Defense caps and/or Defense growths for units not meant to hard nuts to crack. Instead, you'd end up using items, reclassing, promotions, equipable shields and something equipable that would raise Resistance, and weapons to raise Defense.

7. Have Dismounting with different weapon ranks when Dismounted or not, and stat changes.

8. Shining Force's Growth system.

9. 1-2 range weapons that aren't magic can't double.

10. Have all skills either be passive or able to activated. With a gauge, and/or stat penalties, and/or charge times, and or cooldown times

11. Berwick Saga's magic system. MP and all.

12. Replayable chapters. That can be done with only generic units.

User Info: Margisame

4 years ago#9
I would just change the pair-up and support system a bit.

-The follower can also be commanded.
-Followers can also use staves.
-Followers can also be hit.

-The game should detect if two characters are related in any way, and prevent S Support.
-All characters should have supports up to S, no matter what, with the only exception being if they are related. (Same-gender S Support should be removed if you can have children.)
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User Info: emblemmaster99

4 years ago#10
enemy strength scales with your units(to prevent grinding units to OP levels compared to the enemy)

maps with features that would impact your strategy(like elevation, etc.)

skills balancing

if avatar+ reclassing is used, have the player pick 2-3 class trees at the beginning instead of having access to all classes
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