Havent been past chapter 14 yet, I get a little overwhelmed..

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  3. Havent been past chapter 14 yet, I get a little overwhelmed..

User Info: Laughing_Cat

3 years ago#1
Love the game, no complaints there, its just the amount of characters available, then the children appear and it overwhelms me, maybe this game just isnt for me.. Ive done 2 plays and yes i should go past chap. 14 but doing the supports just gets too much for me..

TL:DR.. the amount of characters overwhelm me, how did you guys get over it/did it overwhelm you ?
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User Info: mudkip72

3 years ago#2
You simply have to accept that you cannot use all the characters on a single playthrough (w/o ridiculous grinding). Pick your favorites and use those. Mix it up on subsequent playthroughs if you want.

Though on my first playthrough I think I only had 4 pairs actually S rank and marry, so I didn't have too many children to recruit.

User Info: skytrot

3 years ago#3
What mudkip said. I was actually pretty sad that I couldn't give the other characters as much attention but oh well. There's always another playthrough.

User Info: Deathblade2009

3 years ago#4
i felt bad, i only used 3 pairs, Ricken, Lissa, Chrom, Sumia, MC and Maribelle. And the final chapter, since i was too op. I actually though in the beginning that you could only do 6 supports.. imagine my shock when i saw MC and Chrom have a A rank when Sumia and Chrom had an S rank... Now i am replaying, using different people, like THE VAIKE and the archer dude.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#5
While you can spend a lot of time grinding out characters in a single playthrough, that gets tedious. It's better just to pick out 12 or so characters you like and use them in battles, adding or taking away depending on the amount needed for a map. You can always try other characters in other playthroughs.
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User Info: Haruhiryu

3 years ago#6
I think it is overwhelming with all the characters...but if you're playing just for games sake, not for the convos, it really doesn't matter. For the first play through, just enjoy the game. If you really want to do all the convos, focus on that in a different play through(s). Don't force it. You really don't need all the kids to finish the main story.

In reality...if you really want to do all the conovs, you need at least 5 play-throughs+ALOT of time+a crazy amount of dedication+planning. Only crazies (like myself ^^;;; ) or people with EXTREME dedication (those who need EVERYTHING in the game to feel like they completed it) do all of them.

To wrap things up...just enjoy the game. Don't get caught up with pairing everyone together. You don't need all the convos just to complete the game.
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  3. Havent been past chapter 14 yet, I get a little overwhelmed..

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