Chrom baby problem.

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User Info: WonderMan09

3 years ago#1
I read that chrom gets his child on chapter 13, which is my next chapter. I was just playing the game natrually so he got married to sumia. Now the problem is everyone says the female should know galaforce to past down to the baby. Sumia is no where near to learn that. She's still a peagasis knight. Am i still good?

User Info: Tables

3 years ago#2
Don't listen to what people say on the internet.

It's nice if Sumia gets Galeforce to pass down, but FAR from necessary. Heck I didn't even know how inheritance worked in my first playthrough. It's really not a big deal.
"When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning." -Reiner Knizia

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#3
The child will be able to reclass to Dark Flier to learn the move. Her mother does not need to know it.

You don't even need Galeforce to beat the game. I didn't know about the skill at all until after I finished it. Just play as you've been doing.
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User Info: mudkip72

3 years ago#4
1. You don't need Galeforce or any skill, or even any of the children to beat the game
2. Even if you are hardcore min-maxing, it is only Olivia, Lissa, and Maribelle that must worry about passing Galeforce, since their sons cannot inherit the Dark Flier class.
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