Those who love the game list your nitpicks/letdowns(Endgame too for the lols)

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  3. Those who love the game list your nitpicks/letdowns(Endgame too for the lols)

User Info: pikachupwnage

3 years ago#1
-No parasol weapon for mariabelle
-No glasses option for avatar
-No listening to music from DLC in sound test
-Not enough supports/marriages for Spotpass and Anna/Tiki/Say'Ri
-Not enough save files. Should have had at least 6.
-Valm arc kinda felt like filler from a story standpoint even though it did kinda tie into the story.
-Needs more CG cutscenes. Several scenes that didn't should've had it.
-No online multiplayer. Skirmishes online with others would've been great.
-Not enough voice acting. I wish every bit of dialogue was voiced though its understandable given the massive cast and stupidly huge amount of dialogue. Would've been very expensive to record the tens(if not hundreds) of thousands of lines of dialogues.
-Difficulty curve could've been a bit smoother
-SHOCKSTICK has only one range...and can't be purchased.
-Manakete Morgan wears nowi's stripperric outfit instead of Nah's much more classy outfit.
-No enemies using pair up. I think certain special enemies and bosses should've used it. Would've been cool.

This is a work of a demon isn't it? Demons here, demons there! It's all so....demoning.

User Info: FelurFalas

3 years ago#2
Needs a Harem option.
More unique support conversations for the children and their parents.
Better legendary weapons.
More voice acting.

That is all for now.
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User Info: Hyooz

3 years ago#3
- The pair up mechanic was sloppily implemented. Sure, it's basically a combination of Rescue and Support from previous games, but holy yeezus it didn't need to be as good as it was

- Magic was oversimplified. For the dozens of different tomes there were, Fire/Wind/Thunder/Dark magics were pretty interchangable, with Dark having the only neat effects and generally higher Mt. And since there's no magic triangle anymore, Dark magic just... is the best

- The child system, while fun to play with, was bizarrely implemented as well. The paralogues they appear in were typically of notably higher difficulty than the story missions, which meant you weren't going to start collecting child characters en masse until mid/late game, when getting a glut of undertrained (but high potential) characters just means grinding to get them up to snuff. The mechanics of skill/growth passage weren't well explained either

- The class change system, which I did like to play around with, had a side effect of blending all the characters together into a samey goo. I like choice in how they can promote and such, but older games were able to put a lot more character into the designs and animations of particular classes because they were more limited. There was a rush of excitement when a unit promoted because you wanted to see what they looked like in their new duds and (in later games cases) what skills would show up.

- Lunatic/+ was poorly designed, which is a shame because outside of it the game is just too easy.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#4
-Non-unique parent-child supports.
-Non-unique sibling supports.
-Needs many more unique paired endings.
-No Canto skill.
-More map variety
-Needs more 1-2 range swords.
-No male manaketes.
-Nowi's outfit (if only to shut certain people up)
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User Info: Bagel_Bear

3 years ago#5
- Not enough customization for MU
- Spotpass characters are just MUs with different portraits
- Morgan's Manakete model is a reused from Nowi
- Not enough unique looking variations of classes for each character

User Info: Faellin

3 years ago#6
Wrong art for the bonus characters. How hard would it have been to make one similar to the normal characters for them?

Black Knight from PoR / RD looks like a generic unit. DOESN'T EVEN HAVE BLACK ARMOR!

Bonus characters should have been able to support with other bonus characters from the same game.

More weak and disposable units would have been nice. But not to the level of shadow dragon. (Where 1-2 units joined EVERY SINGLE MAP and most of them sucked)

User Info: DominatedMind

3 years ago#7
- Wanted facial hair, mask/glasses/face accessories/scar options for avatar besides the build 3 MaMU and build 2 FeMU; also want a darker shade of hair option, the blue and brown don't cut it as black.

- Recruitable Mustafa.

- ChromxCordelia support for an awesome Severa.

- For Swordmasters/Berserkers to be as good as in past FEs and for bow users besides Bow Knights to be useful; I miss Shinon and Rolf.

- Stronger storyline and more mature themes. I know it has been discussed and the game needed to reach a bigger audience though so no more FE4 like themes for us I guess.

- Oh man..that sorcerer outfit.

User Info: pikachupwnage

3 years ago#8
"Needs a Harem option"

This is a work of a demon isn't it? Demons here, demons there! It's all so....demoning.

User Info: LORDDRAGON1995

3 years ago#9
Recruitable Mustafa and Cervantes
Cherche trades off Priest for Peg. Knight
FE: Awakening Cherche fanboy
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User Info: DOTBHDD

3 years ago#10
I wish female MU was able to have 2 kids and not just one besides (ChromxMU). I also wish the second half of the game was a little more exciting than the first half. Although near the end was my favorite part of the game. I kinda wish there was at least one staff in the game that was able to attack enemies and heal. And lastly I wish the time travel part of this game was more part of the story and not just a way to bring kids in the game. With that being said this is by far one of my favorite handheld games!
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  3. Those who love the game list your nitpicks/letdowns(Endgame too for the lols)

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