Those who love the game list your nitpicks/letdowns(Endgame too for the lols)

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User Info: Jeremiah4444

4 years ago#21



seriously though this is my only complaint besides maybe sayri tiki Flavia emmeryn and the likes lacking supports
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User Info: DominatedMind

4 years ago#22
Well at least the whole 'companion' thing is like a watered down FE4.

User Info: Zargerth

4 years ago#23
-No facial hair for your MaMu (a beard would've been nice, especially for build 3?)
-Can't choose to actually become Grima
-Unique classes for characters like Ike and Black Knight.

User Info: Endgame

4 years ago#24
pikachupwnage, where the hell are you?!

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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#25
Lack of options in general for MU. I wish there were, and this sounds silly, more generic hairstyles for MU. Some long hair, but nothing special (Like, say Cordelia) or perhaps separate bangs and back, pick the bangs you want, then the rest of it.

Also, the story feels like it had a few missed opportunities. Not just the narrative.
The locations that are references to FE2 things are all in the wrong locations! ASDJCSNKFSCD (EX: Mila Shrine Ruins should be further south. The northern part of Valm worshipped Duma. Speaking of, Demons Ingle "Dumas Remains" in the jp version) would make more sense with Mila Shrine ruins. There are many other examples x_x

Though, Walharts castle was in the same/close to location that Rudolphs was. (Rudolph was the main antagonist of FE2)

Warriors Tomb being in the same place as the village Alm lived most of his life in was nifty.
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User Info: Hyooz

4 years ago#26
Galwen posted...
ccaad5 posted...
-Magic was oversimplified. For the dozens of different tomes there were, Fire/Wind/Thunder/Dark magics were pretty interchangable, with Dark having the only neat effects and generally higher Mt. And since there's no magic triangle anymore, Dark magic just... is the best

1. The magic triangle was never important enough to have the player use magic users against magic users of the opposing tome group more than doing so situationally (if ever). Especially when considering the resistance of magic users.

2. The tome groups through most of the series have a habit of being either not that different from each other or having one that is worse than Anima (see Light Magic). Awakening isn't much worse than say, the Elibe games.

Ah yes, the Elibe games, those are very relevant when discussing nitpicks of Awakening. Obviously I can't find the magic system samey and boring because the Elibe games also had poorly done magic.

Sure, yes, I will agree that the magic triangle becomes pretty irrelevant lategame, like the weapon triangle, but boiling all of magic down to just "Tomes" means every magic user is pretty much the same unit. You don't have your harder hitting but often inaccurate and slow Druids or your accurate but weaker Light mages or even Lightning still doing effective damage to dragons.

Magic just... mushed together. Like too much else in this game.
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User Info: MalcolmMasher

4 years ago#27
Paralogue 4 is unlocked immediately after Chapter 9. I mean, it's fair that FE13 gives the player the opportunity to sidequest at any point, even between Ch9 and Ch10. But actually encouraging them to do so is kinda weird.
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User Info: Pepsi_Al

4 years ago#28
- Not enough Avatar customization
- Some missed opportunities in the story
- Cynthia's situation in her own chapter when she's Chrom's daughter
- Olivia not being pushed as Chrom's implied love interest in spite of having generally better supports with him than either party's other possible spouses (I'm looking at you Sumia!) among other things like Inigo
- Morgan should have gotten a custom Manakete outfit

And that's all my time is allowing right now.

User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#29
I'd post except I don't love this game nor have I even played it in months so WHAT-EVER.

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User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#30
Pepsi_Al posted...
- Cynthia's situation in her own chapter when she's Chrom's daughter

Since Cynthia technically never sees her father, it's still sorta understandable. I blame sumia for neglecting to tell Cynthia at least what Chrom looked like XD. It's still strange for her not to recognize that rouge fart isnt Chrom, but I guess it can still be explained.
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  3. Those who love the game list your nitpicks/letdowns(Endgame too for the lols)

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